Canon G1X Features and Specs


More specs available for view about Canon's latest G1X camera. With a sensor almost as large as the Canon 7D and ISO noise rumored to be better using the latest High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor with DIGIC 5 Image Processor (up to 128oo ISO), this will be an interesting camera when you don't want to carry an interchangeable lens camera or something as stripped down as a pocketable point and shoot.

Canon G1X Lens Adapter Filter Speedlite Underwater Housing

58mm filter thread available on the lens, optional lens extensions can be mounted (i.e. wide angle), hot shoe to accept external Canon Speedlites, and a waterproof housing will be available also for some underwater action. I was pretty impressed with the video quality on the pocketable S100 with Digic 5 processor, but the S100 does not have an imaging sensor as large as the G1X. I can't wait to start seeing some samples. You can check out the long list of features on the recently available Amazon pre-order page (click here).

Canon-G1X-LCDCanon G1X Electronic Dial
find-price-button Pre-Order Canon G1 X 14.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera Image Stabilized 1080p

6 thoughts on “Canon G1X Features and Specs

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason H - Too bad. I was hoping it would have better video, but they do seem to be pushing it more as a stills camera. Same like the Fuji X10. Great photos, but video not so good..

  2. DPpreview just posted example videos from this camera and they look absolutely terrible. Aliasing and moire with soft detail/poor resolution. This is a pretty big fail for Canon video-wise.

  3. Mark

    Canon says it will be available in Mid-February.. .why does Amazon say that they'll have it at the end of March?
    Also, what is the item needed for the wide angle and/or macro tube that's mentioned?

  4. @defiant

    at $800 it's a little steep for me for a point and shoot . It also doesn't do 1080 at 30 fps just 24fps. I thought that was a little odd.

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