Canon EOS 550D / T2i Cheap Aftermarket Batteries

Updated: Here's the new link for a seller that's selling the exact same batteries I use.

I talked about these batteries a little while back when I placed my order on them. I've been using China shipped aftermarket batteries for years on my Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D (same batteries). I use aftermarket battery grips for both of those cameras also. Since i've been using them with absolutely no problems, it was a very easy decision for me to try out the 550D / T2i batteries coming out of China. I'm very happy with them. They work like normal Canon OEM batteries. They seem to last just as long, and unlike my other batteries, I can charge these on the Canon OEM charger. They also display the battery life indicator on the Canon EOS 550D / T2i. With shipping you can get them for as little as $10 bucks each. I was a little skeptical at first, but the T2i videos seem to blend in seamlessly along with the other cameras and is now seeing just as much, if not more, use during the gigs. It's never been used for any photography, but as a third video camera, it rocks! These batteries are a big help on long jobs. These aftermarket batteries for the Canon EOS 550D / T2i rock! You can purchase the batteries by clicking here.

Updated: Here's the new link for a seller that's selling the exact same batteries I use.
click image to purchase aftermarket batteries for the Canon EOS 550D / T2i

24 thoughts on “Canon EOS 550D / T2i Cheap Aftermarket Batteries

  1. manie fernandez

    Do you know where I can get cheap and well made battery grip for a Canon 60d.I saw a few on ebay but I don't want to pay 200.00 for it. Any suggestions?

  2. John

    Update from my post on August 3rd, 2010.

    These batteries do not report their status. They go from full battery to red/blinking dead. There is no gradual decrese in the battery indicator bar. This is a little annoying, but not a huge problem, there is just no warning at all.

  3. John

    Thanks Emm

    I will most probably do that mixture then - at least saves me the hassle to buy 2 aftermarket battery

    One last question
    aftermarket grips between Phottix, OEM and Meike
    does anyone know which is better to recommend?

    Thanks again!

  4. John

    Hi there,
    I own a 550d, and I plan to get an aftermarket battery grip

    Currently, there are Phottix and Meike, and not after reading your post, OEM too

    Some mentioned that Phottix battery grip will get a little bit loose when using it and I was offered a Meike instead

    Quick question

    If I were to use my battery grip (aftermarket), can i slot in ONE original battery, and one aftermarket battery in it?

    Will the mixed blend be bad?


  5. John

    I just purchased a battery from the seller linked in the article, "digitalworldca".

    The battery has apparently been changed. It has different labeling. It says 1400mAh instead of 1120mAh. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but it may have different characteristics than the battery that was reviewed.

  6. Matt B

    Any one try out the Power2000 batteries (7.4v 1500mah) for the T2i? I ordered 3, one appears to be defective(won't charge) but so far the other two are fine. The item description said 7.2v but the battery said 7.4v. That made me a bit nervous. Is the voltage variation an issue?

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  8. James

    Thanks for updating. I'm asking for my money back from that seller and going with the updated one. Hopefully this one goes well. Thanks again.

  9. admin

    Post author

    Thanks for sharing, i've updated the article and posted a new article about the batteries.

  10. James

    So I don't know if anyone else did this but I clicked on the ebay link and went ahead and purchased one set of two batteries. Looked like everything went fine. They accepted my payment and everything. Then I got a ebay email from them that was riddled with spelling errors and bad english saying that they had a bad batch of batteries so they couldn't send my order. It also said they were raising the price (which they did, $33!). Now I don't know if I can get the batteries for the price I paid or I have to pay more or something! This is bogus. I'll post more when I find out.

  11. admin

    Post author

    The biggest difference to me is money. I enjoy saving money wherever I can, and I post my findings and review items that others are searching for information about. Many people want to buy aftermarket equipment, but until they see an actual person using it and reviewing it, they are hesitant.

    Hopefully the things I share on this blog are helpful and insightful to those looking for more information on these aftermarket items. If you have no problems with price, I suggest you buy OEM when possible. Thanks for reading the blog!

  12. Aaron

    So you'd recommend using an aftermarket battery grip for the T2i as well? Are there any disadvantages to that vs the "real" Canon ones?

    If so, would you recommend a specific seller or store? Thanks!

  13. admin

    Post author

    The 3x or 2x means quanity of 3 batteries in that auction or 2 batteries in the auction. Also I have not run into any problems with my aftermarket equipment. I just posted a blog a few minutes ago about the Canon 5D Mark II battery + grip. I purchased an aftermarket grip for the 7D also, luckily they both use the same batteries.

  14. joel

    i noticed the picture says 3x and when you click the link its a 2x. does that number determine battery life length?

    also, a bit off topic but i noticed you're using aftermarket grips on the 7D and 5D. Have you run into any problems at all? Im thinking about getting one of those aftermarket ones on ebay to try it out. Thanks!!!

  15. admin

    Post author

    I will have a video up soon about aftermarket batteries for the 7D and Canon 5D Mark II. Should be up in about 30 minutes. Thanks.

  16. admin

    Post author

    I have been using Chinese aftermarket batteries on my 5D Mark II and canon 7D for a very very long time. And boy do I shoot alot of videos. The only problem with these batteries (unlike T2i aftermarket) is that they do not display the battery life on your camera, and
    'You cannot charge them with Canon OEM Chargers'. You can really damage the batteries or possibly your Canon OEM charger. The ones on eBay should come with the battery chargers. I guess I should blog about them.

  17. I'm looking for some extra batteries for my 7D, do you recommend any of these Chinese ones, and can they be charged with a canon charger?


  18. admin

    Post author

    Great! Post up a review too when you get one, i'll share it with others. Thanks for reading the blog, link back if you can!

  19. Jeff

    Thanks so much for the report, I was wondering how well they performed compared to the more expensive ones (3x) you find here in the states. I personally bought one battery from B&H for $60 and was holding out for more user reviews on these cheaper batteries. Looks like I'll be selling my other one and investing in these. Thanks!

  20. admin

    Post author

    Hi, i'm using Canon OEM battery grip for the T2i. I'm using aftermarket grips for Canon 5D Mark II & for the Canon 7D. The batteries inside the Canon 550D / T2i are aftermarket. Thanks.

  21. Todd

    Where did you buy the after market battery grips for the T2i? Are you happy with those also?

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