Canon Announcement – The Story Begins


Been keeping up with the news? Canon has scheduled an event in Hollywood on November 3rd to make some big annoucements. Of course we all feel like many of their professional DSLR cameras are overdue for an upgrade like the Canon 5D Mark III, I doubt we'll hear anything about that this early. Who knows, it could just end up as an announcement for a new mirror-less camera lineup. More speculation about the latest announcement is towards a high end professional 4K video camera that will compete with the RED EPIC, which sounds more fitting for a Hollywood reception. They did already have a 4K prototype available at the shows one year ago. Either way, i'm staying glued to the internet on November 3rd to keep up with the news.

9 thoughts on “Canon Announcement – The Story Begins

  1. Jason

    I haven't followed camera announcements/roadmaps as closely as I have other tech, so I dunno the history..but Im used to getting let down at these big announcement type shows..Although Im really looking forward to this and I hope for a really cool announcement in the camcorder those sony camcorders with interchangeable lenses..I'd love a full fledged canon camcorder (4k maybe?)that uses EF lenses...I dream about that every time I setup and then pack up all my gear & accessories..ha

  2. Musouka

    November 3rd is culture day (文化の日) in Japan. No direct relation, just thought I would mention that 🙂

    I will also be traveling to Japan on that day (hopefully), so I will kinda miss the live announcement, haha.

  3. Austin

    Been thinking of upgrading to the 5D but would rather wait for the Mark III so lets hope we hear something about it, of course a 4K camera would be cool too (even though I could not afford it).

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