Canon 7D DSLR Body Huge Discount – Daily Deal

Canon 7D (body) just popped up on Daily Deals this morning - NEW CONDITION. It's almost $400 dollars cheaper than anywhere else online. It's going to move fast for sure. Cheaper than what you could find one in 'used condition'. Listed as NEW with 1-Year Canon U.S.A. Warranty (not Grey Market). Advertised by eBay themselves, and ranked as Top Seller. With eBay and Paypal protection, it sounds like a solid deal to me. Check it out following the link (click here).

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find-price-button Canon 7D DSLR Body - Daily Deal

14 thoughts on “Canon 7D DSLR Body Huge Discount – Daily Deal

  1. @Hanna. I have the 60d & the 7d. Have to have two if you plan to do interviews. Works great having one close crop and one wide. Or pick up the Canon s100 to run for a cut to camera. Wanted to chime in here. Sold my 7D and went with two 60d since there was a hefty price difference. While the 60d is a sweet little camera, I feel its got very little on the 7d. The screen, and the fact all buttons can be accessed using your right hand. Sounds like you made the same decision I did with that screen winning you over. Sure its certainly nice to have time to time but the 7d is the way to go. Duel processors, buttons you can actually feel (HATE the mushy buttons on the 60d) joystick is much easier than the directional pad of the 60d, big big part is if you shoot both photo and video you have to twist the dial all the way around past those silly dummyproof shooting modes to get to video where as on the 7d click bam your there, and of course the frame rate. May not seem like much of a difference BUT it is!! 5fps to 8fps is a huge jump. Saw this deal and jumped on it. Came in the mail today and sooo happy to have a 7d back in my arsenal. Ok, trying to keep this under 5 pages. Hoped it helped some!!!

  2. J Hanna

    So I was going to take your advice emm until I used my friends 60d. While MOST of the time I use external audio and monitor...that swivel screen just WON me over.
    sigh, where's the great deal for the 60d!!!?

  3. Rob

    By the way, I didn't post twice. That's another Rob at top. From here on in, I shall be known as Rob S. !

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - ??? It's listed with "1-Year Canon U.S.A. Warranty" card. Reputable seller on eBay.

  5. Rob

    It's a pretty amazing deal but I bet it's a grey market camera. Warranty could be dicey, which is why the shop offers their own warranty.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Earl Studios - It was advertised by eBay and they are classed as a top rated seller. You're also backed by Paypal for protection. Looks totally legit, but I think they have a limited amount.

  7. Earl studios

    I want to pull the trigger but it seems to good to be true. How can they sell this for this cheap?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @J Hanna - The 7D has slightly better video quality, and more weather resistant. The 60D has the swivel screen, manual audio levels. If you work with external monitors and audio recorders, I would go with 7D (dual digic processors).

  9. J Hanna

    Hey Emm,
    Question for ya.
    From a purely video point of view...what's a better buy. 60d or the 7d?

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