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Well questions about a Canon 60D Timer Remote / Intervalometer are coming in. The camera is a hybrid of T2i and 7D bits and pieces. The Canon 60D uses the same battery as the 7D but uses the connection type for the Timer Remote as the T2i. Shown in this video:, this mini jack connection appears to be exact same one to be used as a simple remote shutter cord or get you started on your Canon 60D Timelapse Photography. When I get home from my drive i'll test it out to confirm with a video, but i'm pretty sure it's the right one. In fact if you click on the image below, the seller is already posting compatibility with the 60D.

canon 550d timelapse timer remote
find-price-button Canon TimeLapse Timer Remote Intervalometer for Canon 60D / 550D / T2i / G12

21 thoughts on “Canon 60D Timer Remote Timelapse Photography

  1. Marcus West

    Save your money and use Magic Lantern its free and I just took 4100 pictures on an 16GB SD card for my canon. Got a nice sunset and shot one picture every second. You can change the settings for more time.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @chris - You don't need to remove the battery completely from the unit and pack it separately. Just turn the battery around. It takes less than a second and probably might be better than an on/off switch would could sometimes get triggered if you pack it in your bag.

  3. chris

    Does some one knows if there is a model with On-OFF switch on the market. If not, you better prepare yourself to buy a lot of spare batteries.!

  4. chris

    This is the first time that I see a product with NO - OFF AND ON button, you have to remove the battery each time don't commend

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Simon Craggs - The one I had fit on both the T2i, 60D, and in the G12. It can take unlimited images when set to 00. It takes a small watch type battery.

  6. Simon Craggs

    I am looking at buying this (or another) remote for a G12. A couple of q's
    1: What are it's limitations? i.e. How many shots can it take in total? What are the preset intervals?

    2: Will this fit straight into my G12? or does it need an adapter? I see it's microjack not minijack???

    3: What batteries does it take?


  7. Leksbeat

    @Brock Did you receive a new one? Almost bought it from the same person until I read your comment. I'll probably look elsewhere now.

  8. After a recommendation from a friend I ordered the timer for the 60D from "Linked Delight" on eBay. It came straight from China and took about 2 weeks to arrive. I got it today and it doesn't work. Tried a different battery, same result. Nothing.

    I just sent an email to them and will see what their customer service is all about. I would be cautious buying this if you need it immediately.

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  11. Emm

    Post author

    You can set your camera on 'bracketing' to do multiple exposures, but if your subject is moving quickly, the images will change.

  12. Colby

    Are you able to do like 3 different exposures so you can do a HDR timelapse?
    Or do you have to do them in RAW when change the exposures manually?

  13. elbee

    I recommended the Godox C1 timer over the Apurture brand. Takes two AAA and works flawlessly. Can't say the same for the Apurture timer.

  14. Martin

    By the way, I had no problem getting my defective Timer Remote replaced by the seller (Link-Delight) recommended by Emm.

    I just received the new one and it works fine. It is sometimes tricky to press the wheel without changing the value but I'm getting better at it... 🙂

  15. I just bought an intervalometer for my 5D not realizing it wouldn't fit the 60D, so I ended up doing the hack at this site I don't have my 60D yet so can't say if it is going to work on that, but it still works with my 5D, so that's a good sign. It wasn't hard to do (as long as you can solder) but the one thing I noticed is the colors of his wires were the opposite of the colors in my remote, so I had to re-solder them the opposite way.

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