Canon 5DMKIII vs Nikon D800 Audio – New RM333 Preamp

Robert from Juicedlink just uploaded a video showing some of the Canon 5D Mark III audio features along with the Nikon D800 audio features. Towards the second half, he introduces a new Juicedlink RM333 low noise pre-amp. We've run a few audio tests running a microphone into the Canon 5DM3 and there's no doubt using an external preamp will still yield better results. The internal amps of the Canon DSLR aren't very good.

RM333 Low Noise Preamp Juicedlink JuicedLink RM333

The new Juicedlink RM333 preamp looks like a good small solution, and it was pretty smart to add in the backup audio that had been attenuated (reduced volume). There's times when your subject gets a bit excited and starts talking a little louder than expected, so a lower recording can save you from clipping. When the RM333 becomes available, you'll be able to find it over at Juicedlink's Website (click here).

6 thoughts on “Canon 5DMKIII vs Nikon D800 Audio – New RM333 Preamp

  1. James Goodman

    Excellent product that I use with my Nikon D800 with one small bug on Nikon's part. When no HDMI monitor attached the camera's audio meter shown on camera display in record mode but when a HDMI monitor connected the audio meter disappears as soon as you hit the record button. Have told Nikon and hoped they would fix but not in the latest firmware update.

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