Canon 550D / T2i DSLR Body Price Drop

find-price-button Canon EOS T2i 18MP HD Video DSLR Camera (Body Only)

Looking to get into DSLR videography, or stepping into DSLR photography for the first time? The Canon T2i is no slacker, but the recent release of the Canon 60D for a few dollars more did steal some of that thunder. Well right now the Canon T2i has dropped even lower putting some spotlight back on this little work horse. You'll have to go through the steps of adding it into your Shopping Cart before seeing the final price, but if you're looking for a first time DSLR, or another backup DSLR the Canon T2i at this sale price should meet your needs. Student film makers and photographers might need to hit up the folks for an early gift. Sale price following the link: Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

8 thoughts on “Canon 550D / T2i DSLR Body Price Drop

  1. Jose Mario

    O'Ryan, I also thank you for your goog idea of using a portable TV with an A/V input. When you plug it into the camera the image on the display goes automaticaly off? I'm writing from Brazil where temperature problems are frequent. Thank you!

  2. O'Ryan

    @xlerate, here is the link to the 7inch TV I used(looks like the price went up) but, I'm not sure I would recommend it. I left a review on B&H of my experience with this particular product:

    Basically any portable TV with an A/V input will work. The Canon DSLR's all output 480 while in record mode anyways. So if you can find a well price TV that supports that resolution or higher, you should be golden.

    One downside to using a consumer TV as a monitor though is the color is likely to be pretty off from what the camera is actually capturing. But they work well for framing and focus.

  3. xlerate

    I think the temp has more to do with what O'Ryan mentioned.
    I got temperature warning on my T2i when shooting in Manual and had the camera on for more than 30 minutes straight.

    @ O'Ryan, can you tell us more and/or give a link to the 7" TV you used?

  4. Sidney, you are likely having trouble because you are shooting at 60fps. I OCCASIONALLY get over heating at 60fps, but never, not once at 24 fps.

    I have recorded at 24fps for well over an over at 3 separate events and have never got the temp warning.

  5. O'Ryan

    @Sidney, So get an external monitor. The reason it gets hot is the LCD circuit. Having the on board LCD on makes the circuit get hot, and because the body is so small it also overheats the sensor. Hot sensors give degraded quality images.

    I bought a $70 7inch portable TV with A/V in and ran my T2i for close to 6-8 hours in full 90 degree sun. I only saw the Temp warning once because the camera body was hot because of direct sun. Gave it a breather in the shade and never saw it again.

    Also the battery will warm up as well. Getting a battery grip will solve that bit.

  6. Sam

    Overheating happens also to 7D and 5D, is a common issue due to video being very demanding in terms of hardware. dslrs are very small and they lack fans or air ventilation systems. Actually, I filmed a music performance with 2 dslrs ( 7D and the T2i) for 2 hours and the 7D overheated quicker (1 hour before the T2i). also, cheap generic batteries makes it go hotter.

  7. I want to say i have the T2i and i have the 18-135 lens and the camera is a decent camera but the problem with it is, if you keep the video on for 30 minutes, it will start to get hot and cut off. Thats the only thing I dont like and the reason why I would prefer anything above this.If you haven't gotten the hot signal, try leaving it on for about an hour and watch it get hot on the back and then a red thermometer signal would appear. NOT GOOD! I sent it to the shop and they said they fixed it but they didn't fix it.

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