Canon 40mm F/2.8 Pancake STM Lens – Focus Noise

A few days ago I received the latest Canon 40mm F/2.8 STM Pancake lens. The lens runs under $200 dollars on B&H (here) and delivers some stunning images. A little dark around the edges on full frame cameras, but it's very nice and lightweight for traveling photographers. A few people have commented about using it for video, and there's focus noise that you need to account for.

If you're shooting with an external audio recorder, or even a remote wireless LAV, you need not be concerned. I'm usually aware of in camera noise that gets picked up, especially when shooting with the loud Image Stabilization motors on the 24-105mm F/4L. The 40mm F/2.8 noise is heard in auto focus and even when the lens is switched to manual focus. If you're planning on using in camera audio, then check out video.

11 thoughts on “Canon 40mm F/2.8 Pancake STM Lens – Focus Noise

  1. Steve

    @Diesel I've got a T2i and the only time I had it overheating was when I had to shoot a whole conference: it overheated after 40 minutes of continuous recording (ML). I never had any problem with more "regular" stuff (10-15 minutes clips).

  2. Diesel

    @Scotty..Hmm, that's interesting. Maybe it's just a T2i thing.

    @Seenematic...That was going to be my next attempt at a solution. I've read that the battery may be a big contributor.

    @madfx...Two points for the battery next purchase. It seems logical to me.

    Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated!

  3. madfx

    I've been shooting with a T3i running magic lantern and never had an overheating issue. Just shot a parade in full sun in the 90's. I do use a battery grip with mine.

  4. Doug

    @Tony : Technically this is priced at the consumer, granted an advanced consumer, but still the consumer level. My Mom buys at this level, she is not going to hook up external audio. To me this seems like an enormous blunder on Canon's part.

  5. Tony

    Wow... who even uses the in-camera mics? One any person new to shooting quality video realize the importance of good audio, in-camera mics arent even an option. Just knowing the physics of tiny sensitive mics (now TWO of them) on the t4i hard moounted to the body should lend any hopes of using them wasted time. Even if the noise was over 1/2 less...would it still be useable? No. To not purchase this cheap wonderful lens because it causes focus noise on the in camera mics is mind boggling o_O Keep reading and learn.

  6. Scotty

    @Diesel - I have the T3i and have never once in the year that I've owned it had it overheat, and I've been out in 100° weather for hours shooting with it.

  7. Diesel

    Emm...or anyone with who has the new T4i...Did Canon address the overheating issue that plagues the T2i? Does the T3i overheat? I've had issues with mine (T2i) overheating. I've developed the habit on shutting it off whenever I can during a shoot but it can still be an issue. Thanks!

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