Can you modify a Steadicam Smoothee?

Steadicam-Smoothee (1 of 2)Steadicam-Smoothee (2 of 2)

I want to say when these things were first released they were over $200 dollars. Ridiculous pricing if all you plan to fly is a cell phone. They have since dropped down in price, and while they are listed at about $180 dollars elsewhere, this month they're on sale at B&H (click here). Not bad if you could possibly do much more with it.

[Update] here's the video

With one of the smoothest Gimbals on any stabilizer ever, I decided to pick one up and see if it can be pushed to carry much more than a small GoPro. So far the Gimbal is made with a metal bearing, and the frame is mostly a lightweight metal. If it's possible to modify the frame to add more weights, then you're looking at an ultra smooth Gimbal on a Merlin-like stabilizer for almost 5 times cheaper than the Merlin itself.

[Update] It's been Modified here:

find-price-button Steadicam Smoothee for GoPro and iPhone

find-price-button Original (more expensive) Steadicam Merlin Camera Stabilizer

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark T - That's a pretty decent sized camera. I would say go for a Glidecam HD1000 or this XCAM Sabre httpss://

  2. Mark. T

    Thank you for the quick reply, Emm. I am a noob to DSLR video, so I have one more question. From your experience, what would you recommend for a medium size DSLR (725g body only - Canon 70D) :

    1) the modified Smothee
    2) the Opteka Steadyvid Pro

    I like to take my DSLR on long hikes / backpaking treks, so the weight of the rig is also important. I incline towards the mod of the Smothee from this point of view.

  3. HD-tography

    Perfect! The foam it comes with looks pretty dense too... by the looks of it there is still room to cut out another section of foam for the added weight slider used in the cheesycam mod.

  4. HD-tography

    Emm, could you PLEASE measure the precise size of the packaging foam it comes with (in cm please)? I think I'm gonna grab one but would like to order a pelican case for it at the same time... if I grab one I'll be sure to buy it from the link here on your site!

    Thanks Emm!


  5. DL

    fwiw, the Flip Mino version looks like it's regularly at that price anyway. Granted, you get an extra degree of adjustment with the GoPro mount, but if the idea is to put a heavier unit on it anyway, you might as well just buy the Mino unit and fab your own quick-release plate with a 1/4" stud, a wax mould, and a tube of epoxy.

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  7. Emm

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    @elph - I'm going for gold today, and already started tearing it apart. LOL. I have completed my task and have successfully modded it to fly any camera. Video will be up in a bit. It's late and I have to get back home tonight..

  8. I first saw them at CES and I ask if I could use it with my Sony HX9.

    The guy at the booth told me that he drill the bottom plastic plate and added a bolt to hold extra spacer for heavier camera.

    I know you own a HX9, I hope it will work 😛

    good luck

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