CAMETV 8000 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Supports Large and Heavier Camera Systems

The physical dimensions of the smaller CAMETV 7800 Gimbals mean you can't fit a Canon C100 or Blackmagic 4K camera, so the CAME-TV 8000 frame was designed from the ground up to support physically larger and heavier cameras.

CAME-TV Heavy Camera Larger Frame 8000 Gimbal

The new CAMETV 8000 also incorporates 100% tool-less adjustments to quickly get your camera balanced perfectly. A QR plate system lets you do quick adjustments as well as quickly mounting and dismounting your camera from the system.

came-tv 8000 quick release balance gimbal

Here's a little video showing the CAME-TV 8000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer.

The CAMETV 8000 Gimbal comes with a molded carrying case that adds enough protection for casual transportation, but I would not suggest using it for airline check-ins or if you plan to stack equipment onto it.

The balance stand works very well with independent feet that can be adjusted to level the stand. Though you need tools to disassemble the stand if you plan to put it back in the travel case. The battery for the CAMETV 8000 is a standard 3S Lipo 11V (similar to the 7800 gimbal), but because it needs to hide in the top handle, you must make sure you are using one with the same (or smaller) dimensions if you plan to buy spares.

cametv 8000 gimbal battery

In terms of build quality, the motors are powerful, and the Gimbal Controller is the latest 32 Bit Basecam (Alexmos). There is almost no exposed wiring for a clean look and balancing is extremely quick. I think the threaded handles could have been designed differently, but shouldn't be a problem unless you're doing some pretty wild movements.

Even though it is intended for larger cameras, you can still tune the system to work with smaller and lighter cameras as well. I still have to find the time to take the system out when the weather is better, but should you have any questions about the CAMETV8000, leave your comments below.

If you haven't already seen their company demo videos, there is some additional information, photos, and more videos at the website (click here).

came-tv 8000 gimbal stabilizercametv 8000 gimbal
find-price-button CAMETV 8000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer BlackMagic 4K RED EPIC

For USA customers that are looking for a local retailer, B&H from New York will now be carrying the CAMETV Gimbals (found here).

cametv 8000 gimbalcametv gimbals
find-price-button CAMETV 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer - via B&H

13 thoughts on “CAMETV 8000 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Supports Large and Heavier Camera Systems

  1. chaouchnabil

    hy,i just buy a came tv 8000 but the problem its when i finish balancing the came,i turn it on and the came start to make "bip bip bip bip bip bip........" and it seems like the motor try to move but he can't
    please help

  2. magetv

    I am with Scott...I am also interested in the use of the arm and vest with the gimbal machine thing...

  3. Scott

    The thing that I'm finding most interesting about this post is the use of the stabilizer arm with the gimbal. Emm had a post last year that showed the use of an arm with the Came-TV 7800 (I think). I've looked at the Atlas/EasyRig type options but I imagine myself getting tangled in an over head lamp or the top of a door frame with one of these, so I'm holding hope that some type of stabilizer arm could serve as a better solution. In the video that supports the first picture there is a point where the gimbal is used for the high shot but the arm is not being used, and I'm guessing that the underlying reason is the fact that all of these gimbal designs place the camera about 10-14" below one's hand as compared to a mechanical gimbal. Although possibly a ridiculous idea (since it is already so light) maybe the Nebula 4000 design would work well with an arm? I would be very interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this.

  4. What is the weight of this monster. If it is the same as a DJI Ronin then is there any reason we should get this CAME TV gimbal instead? Would be awesome to see a side by side comparison, or comparison chart between all the gimbals you have now.

    The picture up top with the stedicam vest and arm. How practical is that setup and have you tried it?

  5. Jim

    The shipping weight if this gimble is 12kg = 26.45 Pounds
    Minus the case & Stand...
    I'm guessing the Gimble alone is very close in weight to the DJI Ronin, DJI Ronin Gimble alone is 4.20kg = 9.26lbs.

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