CAME-TV Updates Batteries for ARGO and MINI 3 Gimbals now 18650 w Battery Case

There's been a recent change with the CAME-TV ARGO and MINI 3 Batteries. These stabilizers have now moved to 'Battery Cases' that hold popular and easily available Samsung 18650 Batteries. This is a big bonus for many as you no longer have to purchase a proprietary battery if you want extended run times. Here's a video of what it looks like, and what's included.

The one thing CAME-TV has mentioned is that it's important to remove the 18650 batteries from the battery cases when not in use. Otherwise it's possible the batteries can drop down below a voltage that most chargers see as a possible bad battery. Then you'd end up having to replace the Batteries. This is common for many types of batteries as it could be an indication of a bad cell, or bad battery. If the battery is good, it's more like 'sleep mode' and it's possible to recover a good battery from this if you know how (i'll let you do research on that).

So if you're looking to stock up on extra power, here's an example of these 18650 Batteries that customers seem to have positive reviews with:
18650 samsung battery cells
Learn-More-sm Samsung 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

And you can find additional information about the CAME-TV ARGO and MINI3 Gimbals at the CAME-TV website (here).

came-tv-mini3came-tv argo gimbal
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV ARGO and MINI3 Gimbals

3 thoughts on “CAME-TV Updates Batteries for ARGO and MINI 3 Gimbals now 18650 w Battery Case

  1. I bought the Came-TV Mini 3 gimbal 18 months ago. The connectors in my battery case are burned and I need a new one. Came-TV says they haven't carried parts for this gimbal for 1-2 years and can't help. Any idea where I can get the new battery case you describe?

  2. Good news ! I bought 2 "smart" batteries and one is already dead, so I hope CAME-TV is going to make the new battery adaptor available to buy as accessories for customers who bought the older version .... Hello CAME-TV ... Do you hear me ??? 😉

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