CAME-TV 8000 Heavy Duty Gimbal Finally Available Ready to Ship

After months and months of waiting, the CAME-TV 8000 heavy duty gimbal is finally available for order, in stock, and shipping. For anyone who shoots with a Canon C100 sized camera or larger, your choice for a gimbal under $2K had been limited. The 8000 is now available for just $1980.

While the new CAME-TV 8000 was designed specifically to handle RED, Canon EOS Cinema C100/C300/C500, or BlackMagic Production Cinema Cameras it can still be tuned to work with smaller DSLR systems. Here's a recent video showing it's stability with a Canon 7D DSLR.

Unlike the 7xxx CAME-TV gimbals which share similar parts found on other kits, the 8000 has been exclusively designed completely from the ground up. New product photos have replaced the prototype version on the website. The new images show a completely encased system with no exposed wiring, battery, or motors.

A huge step for CAME-TV gimbals is now the addition of fine tuning tool-less adjustments for quick and accurate balancing. A 15mm rod clamp on the system allows for mounting accessories to your rail set (such as a follow focus). The CAME-TV 8000 unit ships with a Gimbal Stand + Hard Case as well.

Available now for $1980 and additional information can be found at the 8000 3-Axis Gimbal Product page at

came-tv 3 axis gimbalCAMETV 8000 gimbal
find-price-button CAME-TV 8000 Heavy Duty 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

5 thoughts on “CAME-TV 8000 Heavy Duty Gimbal Finally Available Ready to Ship

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Josef - I think the site isn't updated yet, but I heard there may be a stand and a case. You're right though that Ronin is a killer deal right now.

  2. Josef

    This looks like a good gimbal, but the Ronin being available for $2,500 right now, with an extra battery worth $200 makes me indecisive. the Ronin ends up being only "$300" more...
    It also seems the CAME doesn't even come with a case, a remote, or a stand. So I would actually dare to say they're pretty much the same price.
    Both look like great options though.

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