Bluetooth Module and Winbook 7″ Tablet for Configuring SBGC Alexmos Gimbal Controllers

I want to say more than 80% of HandHeld Gimbals on the market right now run off of the Alexmos SBGC Controllers. This includes the CAMETV 7500/7800/8000, Tiyaga, and Varavon Birdycam2 stabilizers. If you don't already have it, adding a Bluetooth Module to your SBGC Controller is super convenient when you want to change PID, RC, or Follow Mode settings. The Android software can also remotely control Pan, Tilt, and Roll if you want to work with Dual Operators or if you have your gimbal mounted to the end of a long Crane / Jib.

Of course the software is limited and at times you may want to upgrade or downgrade firmware, Export your Profiles, or Load other Profiles that are saved on your computer. To do this you'll need the full desktop version of the software. Instead of lugging a laptop around, this 7" Winbook for around $80 dollars (found here) runs the full Windows Operating system so that you can install Java and the SBGC software. The tablet is small, lightweight, and slim and can be extremely handy out in the field. For the price, it's something that can easily fit into my gimbal case that I won't be without.

7 inch winbook full usb sbgc software
find-price-button 7" Winbook Windows Operating System with Full USB Port

To get the SBGC Software working on your new Windows Tablet with Full USB, download the SBGC software (here), which will prompt you to Install Java, and finally install the Windows USB Driver (here).


Touching back on the Bluetooth Module that some of you may want to add-on to your gimbal systems. It's very easy to install as there are only 4 connections that go to the side of the SBGC controller. Once it's installed you simply pair your smart device and launch the software. There is of course TWO THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW about adding a bluetooth module.

First thing, to be compatible the BT Module should be set to the Baud Rate: 115200. Now if you have a BT Module, you can change it by connecting it through a serial interface adapter to your windows computer and reconfiguring it. I won't go into details because you'll just end up spending more money on an adapter and wasting time. You're better off buying one that is already configured properly. Here's one i'm using and it works flawlessly for just $13 dollars (found here).

DYS Bluetooth Module Alexmos SBGC
find-price-button Bluetooth Module For Alexmos SBGC Controllers

The Second thing that may be just slightly confusing (if you don't read the manual) is the the RX input on the board connects to the TX of the BT Module, and the TX on board connects to RX on BT Module. Some BT Modules don't have the pins in the same place, so you end up having to cross your wires. If you don't connect this properly you'll get a 'serial corrupted' error message. Other than that, pretty straight forward and should only take a few minutes to throw on.

Connect Bluetooth Module Alexmos SBGC Gimbal Tiyaga CameTV Varavon
Wiring up Bluetooth Module to Alexmos SBGC Gimbal Controller


11 thoughts on “Bluetooth Module and Winbook 7″ Tablet for Configuring SBGC Alexmos Gimbal Controllers

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - As far as I know, the bluetooth module only works with the Android app. There is only one baud rate setting that should be used, and the BT module should be set to the same.

  2. Emm,

    Got my Mini Gimbal up and running. I bought the bluetooth module that you linked to in this article and hooked it up as your supposed to tx-rx, etc and I can't get it to connect through gui. I can pair it with my laptop, tablet, and phone but can't get it to connect to the gimbal. I have also played around with parity and baud rate.... to no avail.

    Any ideas?

  3. Anx2k

    For anyone who does do this, here's two different DIY controller options that I made that work better (IMO) than using a tablet - of course they take a bit more work to make. 😉

    This is the latest, it's a kinect/motion controller, so it controls the gimbal based on the orientation of the controller:


    This is the original one I made, which uses a game controller - it also has a bunch of additional features beyond just moving the gimbal:


  4. Amir

    Perfect! I been looking around for that and just could not find it for the life of me. I guess I was using the wrong search terms. Thanks Emm!

  5. Amir


    I was curious about that as well but I was referring to the Winbook, I am looking at solutions to mounting it to the 15MM rods but I am having difficulty finding a hard case I could Velcro or glue onto a 15mm clam on the bar.

    The closest thing I can find is this:

    Thanks for think link on the case.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Amir - Are you talking about attaching the BT to my board? I just soldered the wires to directly instead of using pin connectors because it saves on space. Those damn connectors need too much room. There is actually enough room in my box to lay the bluetooth module over the control board or even off to the side.

    This is the 2.49" x 3" x 1" project box i'm using

    Project Box to Cover SBGC Gimbal Controller

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