BlackMagic Pocket Cinema – Switronix PocketBase + Kamerar MagView

Here's a couple of handy products to help make shooting easier with the new BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. First up is a new external power solution from Switronix called the PocketBase.


The PocketBase allows you to power the camera up to 5hrs with two LP-E6 type batteries, while simultaneously charging the removable internal battery. By keeping the internal battery inside the Pocket Camera during operation, you can then hotswap the attached LP-E6 batteries within the PocketBase for continuous camera operation. The Switronix PocketBase is available now (found here).

find-price-button Switronix PocketBase for BlackMagic Pocket Camera

Next product is a must have when working outdoors or when attempting to pull focus from the little LCD Screen of the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The new Kamerar MagView is an affordable LCD ViewFinder solution that attaches to the back of many different cameras. One model will fit the BMPC specifically and shares many of the same high quality features found in the Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder. Should be available this month, estimated price under $50 US.

Magview copy 2
Kamerar MagView LCD View Finder

22 thoughts on “BlackMagic Pocket Cinema – Switronix PocketBase + Kamerar MagView

  1. valdi99

    Kamerar QV-1 works with BMPCC, but:
    - originally, the VF frame is positioned too much to the left side of the BMPCC LCD screen. So you can’t see how much battery power left (expressed in %)... Here is the trick to make QV-1 work much better with BMPCC!

    All you need to do is to unscrew 2 of 3 screws at the bottom part of the viewfinder mount. But only these 2 by the sides – DON’T disassemble what holds the middle screw! Take out this disassembled part, turn it upside down, then screw it back where it was - but in upside down position. After turning upside down this part (that holds a tiny thing that clips into the magnetic socket of a baseplate) it will allow you now to position whole VF more to the right, so it will cover almost all screen (except 2-3mm on both sides) including battery icon and its power in %. It helps because the tiny thing is non-symetrical, so without that trick - the VF can not be positioned symetrically to the screen of BMPCC.

  2. hey,
    so does the Kamerar qv-1 work with the blackmagic pocket cc? For those who haven't caught on Kamerar released news they are discontinuing development on a pocket cinema camera edition of their viewfinders so I would like to know how their current qv-1 works with it.
    go to kamerar's website and you'll see the update.

  3. Flaaandeeers

    I'm also interested in this loupe, but unfortunately Kamerar sent me an e-mail saying that they don't have an estimated time for the release.
    The only one available now for the BMPCC is the Kinotehnik one, but a bit expensive at USD 165.
    Kamerar sound ideal. I guess I'll have to wait for it.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Dennis - The BMPC screen is usable especially with the green focus peaking lines, but impossible when there's too much light on it. If you just want to work very lightweight, any loupe will do great. I am not sure when this item will be available but i'm guessing late November?

  5. Dennis

    Hi Emm! Do you have any updates with the Kamerar MAGView for the BMPCC? I've been waiting for its release and the version from Zacuto but so far not a single company has released any products yet. The BMPCC is just begging for a loupe or a viewfinder to be marginally useful especially when shooting in day light. How did you find your prototype of the Kamerar Viewfinder? Thanks

  6. Gusto


    I'd be very keen on the NP-E3 battery pack setup if it made it to production. As long as it was easy to twist the body to swap out SD cards.

    Looks good and solves the lens mount clearance problem as well.

    Make it and I'll buy it!

  7. this is great. just watched a video describing the need to turn the camera off when idle due to poor internal battery, this may solve that.
    however with these add ons and the fact that I have EF and EFS lenses I am still debating if its worth the extra thousand to just get the regular EF black magcic 2.5 camera.

  8. Austin

    The only issue I would have with the project grip would be the screw on/off when changing SD cards. We wouldn't have to change SD cards too often but when we need to, we'd like to change it quick. Hopefully the pocket Switronix has a quick release like it's big brother, the PowerBase 70. Maybe that's why they made it look like a block?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - The Pocketbase outputs 12V, the GoPro needs 5V via USB. I don't see that happening with the PocketBase.

  10. Steven

    Would one be able to use the Pocket Base to power a gopro? Looks like a great solution for those long time laps shoots.

  11. Austin


    I haven't seen that project grip(Canon NP-E3 battery), it looks pretty good.

    Thanks for sharing,

  12. Tron

    If this loupe becomes available with a bracket that mounts to the Contineo cage, I'll be first in line.

  13. getem

    HORRIBLE design, how in the world are we supposed to hold that? Switronix must have molded that design with another camera......

    No matter how useful it is in theory it does us no good with a design like this.


    *I am a Pocket Owner and will just continue to use batteries until a better solution is available.

    @Emm that battery grip concept looks nice and EXACTLY what we need!

  14. Max

    My dad always told to measure twice then cut once.
    Guys at the switronix didn't even measure once for cutting this battery pack. LOL
    It looks like this thing is made of some ABS hobby box from RadioSack.

  15. Alex

    I think the battery pack is a very cumbersome way to get around a design flaw (isn't it like 20min batteries? huh?) i the camera. Makes it useless for anything other than use on a rig as its now the size of other cameras. I realize that its needed,but it could've been much better designed.

  16. Austin

    I think Switronix could've done better with the ergonomics but stayed to that classic block look. If it followed more of the contour of the bmpcc's grip, it would've made for pleasing aesthetics and handling. If it's on a rig, no problem, but for traveling and handheld shots, I rather just replace batteries as I go. I don't know how this new battery feels though, it might be comfortable?! It might work well with a cage.

  17. Brandon

    My only reservation with this is how well it will stay on. What I like about the VF-3 and 4 is that they have their own base so it made it impossible to accidentally knock it off. But with this no matter how strong the magnet is there is potential for that to happen. Do you think they will just make one with a base that will fit the BMPC that is something I would be worth attention.

  18. kdunk

    Glue on viewfinders are useless ALL of them fall off after a period of time and leave a sticky residue. If they make a version of their standard viewfinder for the BMPC I will be first in line but otherwise forget about it.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Joseph Rose - A metal frame adheres to the back of the BMPC. The MagView has magnets built in that snaps it quickly to the metal frame (adhered to the BMPC). These types of view finders have existed for several years and these magnets are completely safe around digital cameras.

  20. Joseph Rose

    I'm almost afraid to ask.. but how does the MagView connect to the back of the Pocket Cam?

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