BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera MFT Active Mount

blackmagic design pocket camera cinemadng

The new BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera was announced here at NAB2013. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
sports a Super 16 size 1080HD sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range. They are saying that the images look virtually identical to the current BMCC EF mount cinema camera. Featuring a Micro Four Thirds™ lens active mount so you can use low cost lenses, but also Super 16 cine lenses via an adapter.

blackmagic cinema pocket cinema camera

A small and attractive design with built in stereo mic's, LANC, micro HDMI with overlays for monitoring, solid grip handle that holds a removable battery and built in recorder to SD cards. It records lossless CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ). The BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera is available for pre-order and should ship in July 2013 (pre-order now here)

BlackMagic Pocket CinemaBlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera
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56 thoughts on “BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera MFT Active Mount

  1. Blackmagic Pocket vs Panasonic GH3 for my secondary camera?

    im using mark iii for my main camera. will the Blackmagic Pocket footage will bland together with my 5D in my editing?

    i really plan to purchase this gorgeous camera....

  2. MN

    For a few hundred bucks we all have access to gear that Kubrick and Leone would have loved to use as their Acams. Will we make anything half as good or just complain about specs and wait for the next big thing?

    What we talk about when it comes to tech really says more about us than it does the gear.

    You can tell a good story with a friggin iPhone if you've got the skills. Otherwise it just sounds like a lot of fan-boy bleating from people that want to rationalize their financial and emotional investment in the stuff they use. Or, they're too afraid to use something that's not the latest and greatest for some reason.

    Get your hands on something... anything...and create with it. Be productive. Yapping about sensor size when you got access to all these crazily good imaging devices, regardless of specs, is insane.

  3. BlooBoy

    thanks paul!

    I don't know if this is a re-post I found this link on another forum or somewhere, just comparing the digital cinema camera with canon mark II and III. I am guessing the dynamic range will be similar in the portable cinema camera.

  4. MFT has many available adapters you do loose aperture control. My Nikon lenses worked well but besides being difficult to focus I found they didn't perform all that better than dedicated MFT lenses. You can find adapters on Ebay for cheap but I would suggest spending money for a quality one as focus alignment is critical.

  5. BlooBoy

    The micro four thirds mount, is supposedly a highly convertible mount, the choice between the ef mount or the mft mount, what are people choosing? And also, does anyone have experience with converting lenses to mft, if so, what do you need to give up in terms of lense features, i.e. auto iris control, image stabilisation etc


  6. For this price you get 4:2:2 and 13 stops, combine with Lumix 12-35 2.8 and you are done 🙂
    People look at final movie not the sensor size ...

  7. Archie

    Which 1 will you suggest someone for an A camera
    1) 5D Mark III
    2) Panasonic GH3
    3) Blackmagic Pocket

    I already own few Canon Glass (4 lenses) and a T3i

  8. the shopping tags at the bottom for amazon (us and uk) dont really point to the camera (not on their site yet).
    wondering if BH can take european pre-orders with only a small downpayment. last i checked they wanted a paid in full for overseas orders, which we dont even know they'll be able to fulfill in due time.
    still want one very bad:)

  9. Enrique


    Absolutely. I mixed up with the crop factor between m4/3 and 35mm sensors. Sorry, folks, for the mistake. And thank you, Marc, for the correction.


  10. #27 Getem, why did you post that opening scene from City of God as a DEFENSE of a Super 16mm sensor? It looks like ass. They can't get an angle wide enough for a steady establisher, and everything else is so shaky, zoomed in, and erratic that it looks like incoherent ass. If yer gonna defend 16mm, why not find an example of stuff that doesn't look terrible?

  11. Stephen

    @ The Idol

    I was at NAB too and also noticed how hot it was. But if you think about it, hundreds of people were playing with the camera, and you have to take into account that it's got no fan inside.

    However, if it does get hot very quickly I wonder if it'll affect recording times at longer durations depending on which SD card is in it. I also noticed the battery ran out fairly quick, but that's understandable since they were using third party Nikon batteries, and the cameras were early prototypes.

    Anyway, I think this will be a great camera for the price and value Black Magic put into the tiny body. A lot of people at the show complained about form factor, but the way I see it, any cinema camera is going to start off as a body/brain and become modified into a rig anyway. This will be lighter on the operator with a rig and be more accessible for run-and-gun shooters like myself.

  12. The Idol

    I felt this camera at NAB and it was running very hot. Running from external power and without a card in it fed to an external monitor only. I was surprised it was that hot.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Apsotolos - it will render what the timeline is. Some people can easily detect the difference, others cannot.

  14. Hey Emm:

    Quick unrelated question. If you mix 24p and 30p footage in a timeline, say from a GH2 and GF5, can you tell the difference? If it's a 24p timeline it will render the 30p footage, but will you see a difference in motion?

  15. Derek

    Yeah the more I think about this camera and what we "should" be able to do with it the more I want one in my hands ASAP. I can't wait to see some footage from it.

    Pre-ordered it is! Looks like it's finally time to spring for those wide lenses and MFT lenses.

  16. getem

    This is a Filmmakers dream, on any level.....

    Forget about crop size, full frame has NEVER been a standard to measure too. Think about cameras like the Sony EX1,2 ,etc. with chips that are a lot smaller.....

    People just don't get it, but they will.........

    Get in early before it's too late, the World is about to change.

  17. Efex

    @Emm, when paired with your gh3, will this become your A cam.
    I have a gh2 and a two week old gh3 but this blackmagic looks promising.

  18. scottrellwi

    Another great thing about what Black Magic is doing is forcing other companies to innovate. These turkeys (Canon especially) don't want us spending money on dslr's for video. They see it corrupting their video line.

    Nikon simply want's a piece of the pie Canon started with the 5DmkII. At this price point, it has to make the other guys sit up in their big leather chairs in their ivory towers and start acting.

    Competition = good!

  19. Daan Gray

    Some people here are forgetting something! This camera will be virtually able to use any 1" C mount lens like the Cosmicar or Tamron zooms. These lens provide beautiful images.

  20. Derek


    It's not the sensor that I think isn't pro. I know about half of my favorite films where shot s16 over the last decade.

    For me it's more about the 1080p and the usability for my day to day production business. Will I get my hands on one as soon as possible? Yes. I just don't see myself using it for commercial shoots. For one of the indie films I'm developing I am sure I will use it for some stuff but I highly doubt it will be my main cam. Well see though, maybe we will all love it.

    I just wish the strengths of all the companies could be combined in an affordable solution at this point. The Dynamic range of the BM, the frame rates and stability of the Sonys, and the ease of use and color of the Canons. I guess that's why I'll likely have one of each in my kit by year end.

  21. Paul

    It'd probably be good to keep in perspective that this camera really is made for the low-budget indie filmmakers, and not so much for videographers who shoot commercials, events, and one-mand band type of shoots. Keep in mind that production footage of this isn't out yet, so this is all theory until then.

    Dynamic range can be much more important to a film production that takes the time to properly light each take, so there's no question about which is more important in DR vs low-light capabilities.

    And for most film sets, you can own a camera that does not shoot 60 FPS. Many movies don't require slow motion, and if you're on a film set, it's not uncommon to rent an extra camera (for a few days) for the specific applications like slow-mo. So owning a camera under a grand, to shoot 90% of the movie and renting a camera package for effects and what not is not unreasonable.

    And having uncompressed footage can be require a lot of maintenance, but if you're worried about having to capture, transcribing, logging, and a long post-production workflow, you're likely not doing the type of work that this camera was intended for. So why not celebrate the fact that we're moving toward a future where we have a multitude of choices to realistically own different cameras for different needs and applications?

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Joshua - Haha, i know what you mean. But i got my BMCC very early as I preordered very early. Very happy with it, though it has some minor quirks. From what I hear, it took time to get the process of building a camera organized along with some if the issues that they needed to sort out. Now they have a better manufacturing workflow so we will see what happens next. Should be available in july.

  23. I'm considering preorderi- what? People still haven't gotten there preorders of the cinema cameras from last year? Nevermind.
    With blackmagic a horrible track record of last year of preordering, I'd rather wait tell it comes out, IF, it does this year.

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @scottrellwi - There are already more lenses available for this format than there is for Canon (because you can adapt). Even just the Panasonic lenses i'm using are very sharp and fast, with excellent image stabilization. The best part about these BlackMagic Design Cameras are that you have the option to shoot RAW. You don't have to, and can choose ProRes which can be edited right away and is a better codec than most DSLR Video cameras on the market today. I'm pretty sure this will be a popular camera this year (if it can be released).

  25. getem


    I cannot fault you, only tell you that you need to be more informed.....

    Countless video cameras with sensors smaller have been used in professional productions. s16 as in 16mm film has been used in many many movies for years.

    Just google the list of movies shot on 16mm......

    Finally for only $1000 with 13 stops of dynamic range you will soon understand why the world is going to change.

    @ guy01

    Don't worry about the size, place it on a rig a a pro lens and when clients see the footage al doubts will be gone.....

  26. Steve

    Man there are a lot of tool bags posting ignorance here. More s16 hate. I love FF and s35 as much as the next guy, but saying the sensor size is a limitation is sheer ignorance. You can adapt the MFT mount to C-mount and literally have a massive array of lens options in a lower price bracket.

    Remember, before the DSLR/digital revolution, everyone shot on 35mm and for those more budget conscious shot on s16. Some of people's favorite shows/movies was done on s16. The Walking Dead? The Hurt Locker? All of DA's films. That's s16.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - It shoots Cinema DNG, that is the raw file. It is such a compliment to my GH3 and lenses it is worth it for me to get this cam.

  28. MN

    Black Magic might not be completely "changing the game!" But I'm pretty sure they're moving the goalposts.

    Wait, isn;t that kind of the same metaphor...?

    Anyway, any competition to kick Canon and Sony into a higher gear is welcome.

  29. guy01

    I'd be hesistant to say it can out perform any dslr. The specs look great, don't get me wrong. But there is more to IQ than just format. We haven't seen the test footage yet.

    However the pocket camera + metabones speed booster is easily near the top of my buy list. I am looking to mount these to cars to replace my gopros and dslrs.

    The only downside using this as an A camera, for any sort of professional shoot, is that it is tiny and looks like a point and shoot.

  30. all I care about is image quality. thats it. you can make the camera out of an old shoe box with a sensor the size of a tic tac, but if the dynamic range is there, with little more and aliasing, then i'm in. and at barely under a grand, i'm in like the flynn.

  31. Derek

    I'm not saying it would be impossible to shoot a feature on or anything but for my needs it doesn't make too much sense. First the crop factor on this is crazy right? My FF lenses really won't mesh too well.
    Additionally I have used DSLRs for productions and while they work they are not ideal. Not having 60p and only shooting 1080p is great for most productions but not all.

    Not many shows and released movies have ONLY used DLSRs. They work as Bcams and pickups but they aren't production cameras.

  32. Ricky

    No brainer, pre-ordered. I love how a company can put out an amazing camera like this and people will still nitpick it. I actually saw someone complaining that it didn't have an articulating screen, and some other jackass complained that it didn't have 60fps. Just be really happy that a company is listening and creating.

  33. getem

    Why can't you shoot a feature on this? Also why all the crying about 60fps?

    Countless MOVIES and TV SHOWS have used the Canon 5d Mark II for years......

    Most films are shot at 24/30fps this camera will provide a Better image than ANY Dslr out on the market.

    This is truly a revolution, Black Magic is changing the game!

  34. omar

    just pre-ordered one!!! This is an amazing deal for an awesome camera! The form factor is so small that you can bring it anywhere! I just hope BMD doesn't fail on the shipment dates.

  35. I have mixed feelings about the pocket camera. Still reading about it. From what I understand though, Emm, it does not do RAW at all, only Prores 422. But are people on the BMCC waiting list seriously complaining about this 4k camera, who may very well be the best thing for cinematography since... the invention of the shutter? So, cancel your old order, and get this awesome (at least on paper) camera! I mean BlackMagic does ΕXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what Canon does (or Sony used to when it dominated the prosumer video camera market), which is to milk the same sensors forever, putting them in marginally better cameras for years, and you're complaining? Come on!

  36. Mark

    the reason why they cant do 60p is because of the size factor it will overheat. i confirmed that at the booth yesterday because i too really like the 60p features that is on my fs100

  37. J Hanna

    I'm coming into this convo late. This camera looks nifty.

    @Derek, why can't you shoot a whole production on this?
    I shot a feature on the 60d and I am being asked to shoot another feature (I'm trying to do it on a 6d this time).

    Does this camera have some sort of hindrance I'm not aware of?
    Because this looks pretty bitch'n to me.

  38. Derek

    I am really interested in this as a B or really C cam for when I need to get a shot with that extra DR but You couldn't shoot a whole production on this like the BMPC. Will be keeping my eye on the test videos. There are so many options now which is great.

  39. scottrellwi

    So nobody is talking about the drawbacks of this camera. Is there any reason to continue using dslr's for video? Will the dynamic range capabilities outweigh the loss of low light performance?

    How much less are the lenses for this compared to Canon lenses?

    How good is the lcd screen on the back for pulling focus?

    Is the use of RAW going to slow down my post processing times?

    Usually when something seems too good to be true, it is. (I hope not though)

  40. I was one of the fortunate ones, and I use that term loosely, I ordered my BMCC in Sept 2012 and still havent gotten it! So I was able to cancel my order and preorder the 4K version. Man I hope this one doesnt have the terrible ship times as well!

  41. i'll be honest.

    i'm waiting for this product since EVER!
    i'm in love with it and hope it'll be as good as it's on paper!

  42. buster

    It needs atleast to shoot in 60! What is wrong with these people.... neither camera can shot in 60!?

  43. oh @TheObijuan really... quite aside from the raft of films shot on super 16 and the lenses that are designed for that format you are complaining about a camera for under £1000 shoots raw, prores 422HQ in camera! and is so small you can take it anywhere and barely notice it!
    Pre-ordered. This is such a no brainer those specs, that price and the form factor.

  44. guy01

    Blackmagic just doesn't want my money. Their cinema camera is just coming out, and they announce this and the 4k big brother. I cancelled my order.

    Couple perks of this pocket camera spec wise:
    -Records on sdhc/sdxc cards (probably saves power, and most people probably already have this medium.
    -Slightly smaller sensor (bmcc has 15.81mm x 8.88mm)
    -ACTIVE m4t mount
    -No 2.5k but RAW 1080p
    -1/3rd the price

    This + a metabones adapter is most likely a better option than the bmcc. Your losing a bit of resolution, but the price makes it much more appealing.

    The 4k production camera is only 1k$ more than the bmcc offers 4k, and super 35 sensor. Did anyone else notice the new dng COMPRESSED raw. I have been hearing people talking about bmcc raw being a huge file compared to red's compressed raw format, this might be a big deal.

  45. TheObijuan

    The extremely small sensor size: 12.48mm x 7.02mm is a major detractor.

    Super16 is way too small. Oly/Panasonic lenses on this format would have the photog feeling like when they use FF glass on mFT.

  46. Emm

    Post author

    @mako - It can use panasonic lenses with OIS. It is not difficult to get steady footage with these new panasonic image stabilized lenses. We have been using several GH3 cameras for our coverage and often go handheld.

  47. mako

    With so little mass, it will be difficult to get steady footage with it hand held. Adding support to it takes away from it's "pocket" quality. Since it doesn't have 1080/60 it will have Jello issues ... well the 1080/60 would at least help in that regard. Since it doesn't have slow mo, it takes away from it's use as an action cam.

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