BlackMagic Design Video Assist 5″ LCD HDMI 6G-SDI Monitor Recorder In Stock

BlackMagic Design Vdieo Assist Monitor Recorder

The BlackMagic Video Assist Recorder / Monitor has been on pre-order status since it's announcement back in April. A 5" LCD Monitor with Histogram that can record 10-bit 4:2:2 video from HDMI and 6G-SDI inputs up to 1080p60. It records to inexpensive high-speed U1 SDHC/XC memory cards using industry-standard Apple ProRes (HQ, 422, LT, or Proxy) or Avid DNxHD codecs.

VIEW-ITEM BlackMagic Video Assist 5" LCD HDMI 6G-SDI Monitor Recorder

Note: This is also a perfect addition for those looking to invest in the new Micro Cinema Camera as part of the design is intended to control the camera.
blackmagic design micro cinema camera

A 5 inch screen is a perfect balance between a small EVF and a large 7" screen. Today I have news that pre-orders are being fulfilled. If you're looking to grab one right now has advised me that they have only about a dozen left. No waiting - In Stock only a few left. See more photos and Read more specs about the BlackMagic Video Assist 5" LCD HDMI 6G-SDI Monoitor Recorder (HERE).

video assist monitor recorder blackmagicblackmagic design monitor recorder
VIEW-ITEM BlackMagic Video Assist 5" LCD HDMI 6G-SDI Monoitor Recorder

37 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Video Assist 5″ LCD HDMI 6G-SDI Monitor Recorder In Stock

  1. Garry Lee

    Hi there, Which are the best cables to use to link the video assist to the GH4 & Sony A7S?

  2. Felix

    Hey,i think this is a great product. am wondering if i can use it on my Atem 1ME...that is recording my final output on this recorder.

    Thanks for your response

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Hmm, that sounds pretty tricky. Does the 5DM3 output audio over HDMI? I can't remember. If it does, then it should just work automatically. Maybe try a different HDMI cable?

  4. Alex

    Hey guys

    Can anyone offer a solution as to how I can get audio from the canon Mark iii onto the black magic video assist? I have just purchased the black magic video assist and cannot seem to get the audio from the camera via HDMI. Is there another way? Thanks


  5. Hey Emm, No, when I'm in CINEMA mode it's 24p. I tried to change the location to Africa, but still no luck. I'm in California right now, so that's how It's set. Before I reset the camera I didn't check to see where the geo location was, so maybe that's why 24p(23.98p) wasn't showing up in NTSC, if it wasn't set to CA. I had to reset the geo location after reset, so maybe that's what triggered the 24p to show up in the menu.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @slugshot - Hang on, when you're in 'Cinema Mode', are you still on 25p? Because if it does not work in PAL, then your CINEMA mode (if in 25p) still won't work. I am using NTSC 23.98 and when I switch to Cinema Mode, i'm on 24p (not 23.98). Perhaps you need to change the geo location of your camera so that Cinema Mode is 24p?

  7. Hey Emm, thanks for getting back to me… I just got 24p working on NTSC frequency, by hitting the "Reset" button in the Setup menu. For some reason, there were no 24p option in .MOV or MP4 when set to NTCS, but after reset, they appeared. My VA still won't work if the GH4 is in Cinema mode or PAL, but at least the 24p is back. Maybe I need to do a reset in Cinema and PAL mode. I'll try and get back. Thanks a lot for your help!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @slugshot - The trigger does not work with the GH4. Mine does not work in PAL, but it certainly works in NTSC and CINEMA mode in all framerates up to 60p. If you are toggling back and forth, make sure you are going back and double-check your HDMI output settings. Just because you change it once, doesn't mean it's the same when you switch from NTSC to Cinema.

    This is my BMVA displaying the menu from my GH4. I can see the videos just fine with NTSC or CINEMA mode.

    blackmagic video assist cinema mode 24p
    blackmagic 59.94 ntsc mode works

  9. It's on 1080p, and still nothing. The trigger doesn't seem to work either. I wonder if I could have some other setting wrong in my camera? Or if there's a way to reset the VA?

  10. Hi Emm,
    I just got the VA to use with the GH4. For some reason I'm not getting a signal when the GH4 is in 24p. It works fine at 30 and 60p, but as soon as I switch the frequency to 24p, the signal to the VA is lost. I've tried different hdmi cables, changing to mp4 and mov. It's really weird. Any ideas? Thanks!

  11. Johnson

    Hi, Emm I just get my blackmagic video assist am having problem getting signal with my Gh4 with hdmi output but am getting signal with my blackmagic production 4k camera with the SDI what I what is your setup with your Gh4 hdmi output thanks

  12. I'm wondering if it can also be used for an HDMI to HD-SDI converter for something like the GH4 running into a blackmagic atem.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul Kristianne Hidalgo - I'm sure there will be tons of complaints about what it 'doesn't have', but BlackMagic Design has been known to do firmware updates all the time. I've used almost every camera they came out with, and even years after they still had firmware updates for them. It might just be a matter of time before we see peaking in the BMVA, but I can live without it for now, and it's the cheapest 10bit 1080/60 recorder-monitor on the market.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul Kristianne Hidalgo - Let me see if I can answer a few questions. Yes it can only record 1080/60 Max and NO it can't down convert a 4K signal. I don't think you can even see a 4K signal, has to be a 1080 signal.

    Also as far as the 'bug' with 60p goes, i'm assuming they are all using either a Sony A7sII or a Sony A7rII. The problem may be with the camera, not the BMVA. When you set recording to 4K/24 and select 1080/24 HDMI out, the Sony camera does not do 24p out - It does 60p. So I think the problem is with the Sony. When you select 1080/24 'recording' on the Sony, and then set 1080p/24 out, it will go to 24. I have confirmed this by trying it on my Atomos Shogun recorder too. The problem is with the Sony cameras.

  15. Paul Kristianne Hidalgo

    Also, weird that it doesn't even have focus peaking. You would expect that basic feature in any monitor that came out this year.

  16. Paul Kristianne Hidalgo

    I've been reading on forums, that this does not downconvert a 4k signal to 1080p. You can only MONITOR 4k footage.

    Max you can record is 1080p 60fps from the camera and into the BMVA.

    I was really hoping that you could down convert from 4K too. Also, some users have found a bug where the camera feeds in 24p footage into it, but the recorded files from the BMVA is always at 60p for some reason.

  17. JKP

    @Emm - Thanks for the info!
    I just ordered BOTH micro and the mini --> HDMI cables.
    I order the short coiled ones from Atomos, Im sure those will work fine.
    I can't wait to get it! Hopefully it comes in by the end of this week! 😉

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @JKP - Any standard HDMI cable will work with this monitor. For many cameras it's either Mini-HDMI or Micro-HDMI.

  19. JKP

    I am personally going to use this on my...

    1. Gopro Hero 4
    2. Canon 70D
    3. Olympus OMD-EM5 mkII
    4. Canon EOS-M3
    5. Canon EOS-M
    6. Sony RX10
    7. RX 100mk4

    Now I need to get the proper cables to feed the BMD Video Assist Monitor! Anybody using it on these camera models? I don't shoot 4k so I hope this monitor does what I need it to do. I mostly shoot web commercials, real estate, cars (for sale videos) not making movies.

  20. life4eva

    @Rob S.

    This recorder from Blackmagic is 1080p screen and can record up to 1080p 60fps, the Ninja Blade is a 720p screen and max recording is 1080p 30fps, making this device from Blackmagic much much better.

    While many cameras have gone 4k now the majority of the work is still delivered in 1080p, I will definitely be buying this to go with Sony A7s + Blackmagic Micro.

    Make no mistake I will defiantly be buying a 4k recorder as well such as the Ninja Assassin, but for $499 I believe this is the best monitor/recorder ever released!

  21. itsjohnny


    Yeah I know but at this time I have no clients wanting/paying for 4K footage. I'm happy with my 5D3/Ninja2 combo. Save my money for 2016 gear. Hopefully 5D4 is promising. If not shop a different brand.

  22. krys

    i was thinking of getting this but i still may save for pix e5.

    aside from 4k, video assist doesn't have all the features (false color, focus peak, + many more.

    + build quality of pixe5 glass/body is bangin!
    im in the facebook group page and no real complaints from anyone so far

    weight of monitor/memory isn't a real big of a difference.

    Can you guys help me with reasons to get video assist over pix e5?

  23. aj

    @itsjohnny ah ok, seems like the only canon slr that supports audio over hdmi is the 7d mk 2

    im honestly fed up of canon always trailing the pack, the reason a lot of people still have them is because theyre heavily invested in their lenses etc.

    sony's are giving them a good run

  24. itsjohnny


    5D3 HDMI out does not have audio. I use the headphone out from 5D3 to connect to the Ninja2 Stereo Line In along with HDMI.

  25. Simon

    Just ordered one and wondering if it will be a handy way to screen ProRes footage from a Sony XDCam?

    Does it have actual waveform or just a histogram?


  26. aj

    why cant you use the 5D3 with this? i was considering using this for 5D3 also, please advise

    i see it has a mic input jack & audio should be carried via the HDMI/SDI anyway not so?

  27. JKP

    Thanks Emm, I just ordered mine!
    I thought I had to WAIT, but DVE hooked me up!
    Hope mine got in before the last one sold!
    No4K4me! Im (and my clients) are good with Full HD!

  28. Rob S.

    It's going to be pretty interesting since Atomos dropped the price of their Ninja Blade to the same price. SD cards will help to keep the weight down on this.

  29. itsjohnny

    Can't use it with the 5D3 in recording audio like the Atomos. I emailed BMD if the SDI Audio in can record at the same time with HDMI recording....received no answer. Sticking with my Ninja2.

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