BlackMagic Design Product Camera 4K – Update and Sample Footage

BlackMagic 4K Cinematic Camera Cinema Production

Want some 4K footage from the (not yet released) BlackMagic Design Production 4K Camera? There's information about the camera's status, but they've uploaded almost 10GB of footage for you to download and color grade. Head on over to this link where Grant Petty has an update:

BlackMagic 4K Footage

9 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Product Camera 4K – Update and Sample Footage

  1. Looking forward to people comparing this footage to that of a C100. Hard to tell without seeing them side by side, but I see plenty of things I'm not happy with in the BMPCC footage.

  2. Doc Hutch

    I can't wait till I go to NAB 2014 next year and Black Magic announces some new camera they have scheduled for a summer release. I am gonna walk straight up to them and say "BULL SHIT!". I am so sick of their delays with lack of public update. Great products when you can get them but a terrible company.

  3. Gabe.H

    For the sake of variation, BlackMagic should've released some closer focal distanced shots. Not all on infinity focus.
    Theyre all impressive, nevertheless, but some shots of a subject with some DOF background would be nice. We'll wait.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Phil Hover - Great job, nice recovery on the sky they purposely clipped earlier. Amazing to watch 4K on my screen. You should consider Vimeo and allowing other to download the original file as I can see some compression from YouTube.

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