BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera $1000 OFF (now $1995)

The BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera drops down to just $1995, that's $1000 dollars off it's initial release price. This is really an amazing deal on a camera capable of shooting RAW video and available in both Canon EF and MFT (micro four thirds) mount.

find-price-button BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera 2.5K RAW EF / MFT Mount

If you're looking for a perfect lens to match, the new Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 (world's fastest zoom lens) would be one to look in to. I've been dying to get this lens on my BMCC for a test, but Aron Nanto beat me to it. Here he's showcasing the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera + Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 Lens

The new Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 will give you a fast wide aperture through it's focal range. You can move from wide to zoom without changing exposures and maintaining a very shallow depth of field. The Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 lens is available in a variety of mounts from Canon, Sony, Sigma, Pentax, Nikon, etc. (found here).

find-price-button Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8

23 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera $1000 OFF (now $1995)

  1. Tom S

    I am not sure why someone thinks sensor size decides how film-like the footage will be. It is true that it is easier to get a shallower DOF on larger sensors, though with the right lenses, smaller sensor cameras can be right up there with most cinema lenses on larger sensor cameras. As an aside, the alexa sensor is smaller than the 5D mk3 (or any full frame camera), so by that account it should be far better than the alexa to capture movies....

  2. Tom S

    SteveChase, I think you need to look past particular examples seen on the web. Bmcc can look every bit as film-like as the canon depending on lenses, set up, settings used and grading in post. In fact, before the 5d3 raw hack the bmcc was far more suited to fulfill your artistic vision. Now they are pretty much equal.

  3. Neil

    @stevechase careful there Steve or you'll have a certain Mr. "Get 'em!" (ironic name choice btw) on your case. Remember, it's not about story, it's not about creativity. It's about RAW and pixel resolution - nothing else matters. Mortgage your home, sell your children, make a deal with the devil, do what ever it takes because to be successful and be cool you must only shoot BMCC or RED. Your success is directly in proportion with the number resolution of the sensor you shoot with. Apparently...

  4. getem


    You really have no idea what you are talking about, 5D filmic?

    When was the last movie you seen that was blobs of out of focus.......

    Film is associated with Colors and Dynamic Range, many Film Producers, Directors and Dp's have all mentioned that Arri as a digital cam is the closes to 35mm film. Also they have said that the closest digital camera to match Arri color science is the BMCC.

    13 stops dynamic range of the BMCC can only be topped by the 14 of Arri or more of actual film.

    You tell me the 5D looks better than the BMCC , it's not even debatable

  5. Editwizard

    BMCC, bah! I wanna try this Sigma on my Canon EOS-M, which I can fit in a pocket. Well, as long as the EF adapter and the other lens is in another pocket.

    At least at 1.6 crop you still get some of the wide end around 29mm equivalent. Love the f/1.8 too. Sigma is really coming out with some amazing lenses.

  6. @getem @Neil I don't even shoot with a Canon! All I'm saying is, every video I've seen posted using the BMCC or BMPC have been not only boring, but really flat-looking (for internet delivery anyway). I agree totally with Neil, in fact I'd rather watch an interesting short shot with the lowly Panny TM900 than these dreadful videos with no imagination shot on the BMCC. Granted, solely as a test of the lens/camera combination, the video serves a purpose I guess, so I shouldn't be so harsh on him.

  7. getem


    You simply cannot be this lack of intelligent can you? High horse? What?

    If 1 + 1 = 2 then no matter what you think it's 2.

    A Raw format at 2.5k resolution is a higher quality better format than any dslr that shoots at 8 bit color in h.264 compression. That is all I'm saying, nothing you say will stop 1 + 1 from equaling 2

    That's like someone saying a Canon T2i is better than a Red Epic, I mean you can argue all day but facts are facts.

    Finally all I currently own is a Panasonic GH3, but I have used Red Epic Arri, and most recently Black Magic and I can tell you there is a big difference as there should be.

    This ends here, as the best tool for the job has nothing to do with the one you can afford. That's like saying I'm going into the Kentucky Derby Race with a Toyota Corolla as that's the one I can afford.....

    There's a reason Films are shot on Arri's and Master Primes, yes you have many shot on Sony Ex 1, Canon Xha 1, etc. but if given choice no DP would choose a lesser camera and there's a reason for that.

    So now instead of arguing here like people with no sense how about you show me some of your work and the people.

  8. Neil

    @getem you've just proved my point.

    As for which cameras I've used, I've pretty much used them all from Arri 35BL's to Panaflex's to everything made by RED. Get down off your high horse, take a breath, relax and get back out there making quality movies and quit picking on people who don't agree with you about the second coming of the messiah aka BMCC - it's a camera, and like any camera it has qualities and weaknesses which make it work for some on some jobs and not work for others on other jobs.

    I'll say again, the best camera for the job is the one you can afford. If you can afford the BMCC and can get images out of it that make you happy, good for you but that doesn't mean those of us who choose not to purchase one are lesser cinematographers.

  9. getem

    @Neil No dslr in the world will output the quality the BMCC does, facts are facts.

    The talent of a Cinematographer is not about the camera and more so lighting, framing, lenses, etc.

    13 Stops Dynamic range and 2.5k resolution in Raw format is only matched by comparable cameras, period.

    Sure a world class race driver in a Honda might beat someone in a 911 Porsche, but place that world class driver in that Porsche and the level is unmatched.

    Finally the reason I say this is because any and everyone talking about sensor crop and this and that used Canons and have never even used a BMCC, If you have you would be singing a different tune.

  10. Neil

    @getem - why does every internet post about a camera have to descend into comments like this and ridiculous conspiracies about people "probably working for Canon"?

    As with any camera technology (even an iPhone) the best tool for the job is the one you can afford. A talented cinematographer can make any camera produce pretty pictures.

    I wonder how many people with little to no talent or experience have been convinced to drop thousands of $$$ on a camera because of people obsessed with pixel-peeping? Learn to use the camera you can afford folks. Oh, and learn how to tell a story too. If I see one more pretty video of buildings, clouds drifting by or blades of beautifully lit grass swaying in the wind, I'm going to buy a proaim rig purely to poke my eyes out with it! 🙂

  11. getem

    Everyone speaking here bad about the camera has never used one...... More than likely y'all work for Canon or something.

    Anyone who has used this camera knows it is leaps and bounds above any Slr camera ever created . The image quality produced from the BMCC can only be compared to Red Epic & Arri Alexa quality.

    At $3000 it was an awesome deal, at $2k no camera under $10K produces the image quality this does. This will rest my case......

  12. Johnny Wu

    Same situation here. My clients are yet to ask for more than 1080 resolutions. And i have a feeling they will drop the price more once 4k is out. The delays has hurt their credibility a bit.

  13. John Polson

    You mean wide to telephoto, not wide to "zoom" - a zoom isn't necessarily telephoto. Come to think of it, on the Blackmagic camera, it isn't really a lens that goes from "wide" at all - more like you can zoom it from normal to telephoto (with the crop factor of the sensor size considered).

  14. Brian

    The BlackMagic new price point will definitely get some people to consider. I was on the fence at its initial release and then the trouble people had getting a hold of one sort of made my decision for me. I don't necessarily have a "need" for this camera right now as my clients are generally more than happy with the 1920x1080 I'm producing right now. Likely would end up shooting a lot of ProRes with it to speed the post time...

    In all seriousness, if it had variable frame rates, or even up to 1080/60p, I'd likely be swayed enough to bite.

  15. efex

    Wow! That deal has got me second guessing the recent purchase of the GH3.

    @EMM -Whats, the catch with wotking with 2.5k files?
    Need faster hardware?
    Longer transcoding time?

  16. Jerry also

    It's worth remembering that the crop factor of the BMCC is about 2.3, the sensor is Not APS-C. The adjusted focal range of that Sigma would therefore be apx 42mm-71,

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Buster - It's for APS-C sensors (not full frame). I think it would still work great on a GH3 with an adapter, though it would be stuck wide open at F/1.8.

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