BlackMagic Cinema Camera Rigs

Out of the box the BlackMagic Cinema Camera was not designed to be used handheld. There is also the issue of additional accessories that need mounting to this camera, so it will require some type of Rig as you begin building on the BMCC.

I've looked at a few BlackMagic Cinema Camera rigs via B&H (seen here), but they are either expensive or the design just doesn't fit my fancy. From that list, I think the closest one I would consider would be the new Chest / Shoulder rigs from the Shape company (seen below)

Shape BlackMagic Cinema Camera
find-price-button Shape BlackMagic Cinema Camera Chest and Shoulder Rigs

Tilta has stepped up with a few BlackMagic Cinema Camera Rig Bundles (found here). This is the rig I currently have my eye on. If you're not familiar, Tilta is an overseas brand but receives very high remarks from even top video professionals about their build and quality. Just because the equipment comes from overseas, don't expect this to be 'cheap', but it is 'cheaper' than what other top Rig brands are currently offering.

Black Magic Cinema Camera Rig

Tilta offers bundles from small Hand Held kits to larger Professional Cinema bundles that include their dual Cinema Follow Focus, Carbon Matte Box, and more. Still out of my price range, but one of the best looking customized rigs i've seen for the BlackMagic so far. Check out more photos and details about the new Tilta BMCC Rigs via eBay (Click Here)

Tilta Black Magic Cinema Bundle RigTilta BlackMagic Bundle Rig Top Handle
find-price-button Tilta BlackMagic Cinema Camara Rig Bundles

12 thoughts on “BlackMagic Cinema Camera Rigs

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Brad - The BMCC lens is perfectly centered to the body (unlike a DSLR which sits slightly to the left). All of the ports are located on the sides and the SSD drive needs plenty of space to slide out. The Tank Cage with 15mm rods will work around the BMCC.

  2. Christian

    Rigs are highly subjective due to different needs and wants. But these prices are downright out of control. Perhaps not a big deal if you're rolling in cash from big productions. But a rig that costs as much as the BMCC seems a bit off. I do agree a good rig is indispensable. And may cost you more than initially expected. I personally like the edelkrone modula 7 as a good balance of price and design. It's simple and elegant yet highly configureable and in the context of the rigs mentioned, not that expensive. Build quality is solid. Using this now for my 5Dmk2 but can't see it not working for the BMCC when it arrives. Agree that a solid top handle design is desireable.

  3. Well, I beg to differ with David. If you want to get right down to it, these rigs are a bunch of rods and connectors. Some better thought out than others, some, as Emm would say, "overengineered." I've seen Cinevate's rigs, they have an excellent reputation, and their customer service is very responsive, whenever I asked them for info. Unfortunately they were always out of my price range, as I am an events shooter, shooting with multiple DSLRs. I learned about the Gini rigs here, in Emm's blog and those were the only ones I could afford. I can't imagine any rig, even the expensive one made in North America being better made than Gini. I don't have any ties to the company, but their quality is impressive and they are quite affordable. Are there other rigs out there, more functional, more tailored to the latest cameras? Possibly, but at a huge price difference. But I can't imagine there's a camera out there that a Gini rig, maybe with a bit of customization and a magic arm or two, won't be good for.

  4. Hdog

    Why is a bunch of metal rods and medal plates more expansive then the Black Magic Camera? I am assuming that the Black Magic sensor, touchscreen interface, casing, glass, software, battery, etc.. is harder to manufacter then metals poured into a mold, yet this medal is $3000?

  5. If you want a cage Gini has the new Alpha cage that they recommend for the BMCC. $299 plus shipping. A top handle $59 plus shipping. They're not as sexy as the expensive rigs, but for my money, sexiness in equipment costs. If I can get a good quality, functional rig for this price, who cares if they're not super sexy.

  6. I have to go with TikTak on this. Gini has quite few inexpensive options, and I have yet to be disappointed by the quality of anything Gini makes. Their new Ezekiel baseplate, while somewhat pricey at about $145 shipped, on paper (haven't ordered one yet) looks like the most full featured, well thought-out baseplate out there. Between their regular rigs and their rigs for Red there's gotta be one that works reasonably well for the BMCC around $600 or so.

  7. El Camino SS

    And when you have to buy the filter stages, the equipment, and tools, and do all the post production, the Canon C100 is looking better every second.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @TikTak - When operating the bmcc you will quickly find that those rigs may not be the best solution. Every bit I add to the rig has to be functional. In my opinion, a good top handle and cage should be the core of a bmcc camera.

  9. looks great and solid but the prices, whoa! a $3000 camera with a $3000 rig, damn! why wouldn't you adapt a $350 gini rig with FF to do the job? with a nice matte box, that's still well under $1000.

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