BlackMagic Cinema Camera BMCC Shipping

Above is one of the most popular BlackMagic Cinema Camera examples from OneRiver Media comparing the BMCC to the popular 5D Mark III. In the last few weeks it appears BlackMagic has ironed out production issues on it's long overdue Cinema Camera and has been shipping out the BMCC. The first Cinema Camera shipping has the Canon EF mount followed up by a Micro Four Thirds mount Cinema Camera to be released a few months after. I'm just curious as to how many people have ordered this camera?

find-price-button BlackMagic Cinema Camera with EF and MFT mounts

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  1. Fredrick

    I would ignore anything you hear from Phillip Bloom. He's an over hyped asshat who frequently is found to be incorrect. He sits at the bottom of my list for reliable information and the top of my list for pompous jackasses.

  2. Levi

    I've been waiting for my BMCC for a while... and by "waiting" I mean "waaaaaaaaaaaiting"....

    Should I be concerned that I've been waiting for several months???

    I could probably swim to Australia and back in the time that I've been waiting...

  3. It was xmas in January. The "Perfect Storm" I got my Redrock Micro Wireless FF, Lanparte Battery and Pinch, camera dolly, segway, wireless director's monitor , and my two BMC's today.

    My friend Michael purchased a BMC about 2 months ago from a person who could not wait and got a Red. The images are spectacular. Did a little shootout with the C300, 7d, and Gh2 Apocalypse hack in December. We shot a little music video for USC film school project about 2 months ago now. The images, workflow ProRes, color correction, ease of use, made this camera a pleasure to use.

    Someone wanted to know how many cameras were ordered out there... I can tell you my 2 were cued in the low 20's. I ordered the second day after NAB last year. B&H supposedly has in excess of 800 orders. Take that number and add the rest of the US and the rest of the world and I think they must have 10-20k pre orders conservatively. I think that as B&H put there order in the first day and they ordered a lot you still have a good chance of getting yours very soon. BM said they would ship to distributors in order of the way they preordered, and that first day only B&H and 1 other company had placed orders.

    All I can say is you will be very happy getting this camera, whenever it comes.
    I have a lot of photos of the 4 rigs I built for the camera, on a dolly, on a steadicam rig, etc. I also have 2 nice clean GH2 rigs you may be interested in copying the setup. They each have cages, Zacuto Evf's,and BlackMagic hyperdeck shuttles..which are wonderful to record to bypassing the SD cards and the pain in the butt AVCHD. If you guys want me to post them let me know. I used the Cheesy Cam, steadicam rig idea of a Glidecam 4000 & a Steadicam vest and arm. That combination seems to work well. I only ran around the house with it last week and the big screen was a God-sent. I did't have to use an additional monitor. Although I did not shoot backwards , which could be a problem...but a small evf or monitor placed backwards would solve that problem.

    Happy Shooting

  4. Wild Giles

    I plan on buying the M43 mount version, will be brilliant with adapter for bolex lenses that I have a bunch of + Zeiss Super16 prime lenses and zoom that were for an Aaton Super16 camera. I can't wait. I loved shooting bolex and now I can use the same lenses for DIGITAL.

  5. @Liethof
    Prores only 1080p 24 or 30fps
    By my side, for my needs, i find it's a big bad
    Move to buy a 1080p camera in 2013!!

    I shott 1080p since early 2006 in 422 100mb/s
    i will not buy a camera to shoot 1080p!
    minimum 2K...

    The black magic problem is that it's take more
    Data to shoot 2.5K raw than the red epic at 5k raw!!!!!

  6. Matthijs Liethof

    Don't forget @seaborn @Tristan the BMCC can shoot in Prores and DnxHD which are both wonderfull codecs, and in these shooting modes it still resolves more detail and has better DR then the 5d Mk3.

  7. S

    Why are they comparing it to the Canon as if the Canon is the best DSLR for video? Compare it to a hacked GH2 at least(BMCC will still win, but not by as much).

  8. Murad

    Guys can anyone explain me, i've been reading different reviews and everyone seems to confuse me more and more. Does this camera works ONLY with Mac systems or it can be used with Windows too?

  9. Aries

    I wish they changed the sensor size to better match EF lenses but it's far cheaper and easier to change the mount.

    If you have MFT lenses, the sensor is an appropriate size. If you have EF lenses, you will be reaching for your most wide lenses a majority of the time.

    Unfortunate, since more people including myself, have EF lenses.

    At least there's a choice.

  10. 5_O'Clock

    Yup, for those of us w/ single-camera established kits based on the Mark II who are trying to decide what to transition to... tough call. For budget and practicality, for those of us not keen on switching to Nikon, looks like a Mark III or wait a few months for any big surprises elsewhere. This BMCC looks like an awesome and affordable addition to a big kit at a mid-size production house. Or for the part-timer who loves to shoot but isn't shooting low budget with a deadline.

  11. Andreas

    Already preordered. And as I have a bunch of Canon glass EF is the version to go for me.
    What I don't get from all the uhh ohh so much storage uhh ohh sayers. The cam shoots PRORES too! If you can't handle raw just shoot in Prores and get a great image with tons of dynamic range that blows every DSLR away...

  12. @Seaborn, I totally agree with you. I think that people are seeing the price and hearing 2K and falling in love with this camera. I was very excited when I first heard about it and have done some research. I felt like for where I am at in terms of cost, time, workflow, image, and reliability that the Mark 3 was the way to go. I get what this dude is saying in his video which is really well done but he really glossed over some important points like cost of storage, time for processing RAW which is more money for a better computer etc. These are just my thoughts, below is another review from Philip bloom take a look.


  13. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I think the M43 mount will end up being more successful just due to lens compatibility.

  14. Simply love the image from the BMCC, but i can't help but wonder about the pains of using this for most of my event shoots that i do. Internal battery and a hassle in memory storage are my main worries. lol

    Other than that, the image is simply stunning.

  15. I pre-ordered it in april 2012...
    still waiting, i don't expect to get it before march!!
    They did not say that they go for shipping, they re-start the production...
    EF version first and mft after...

    2.5K raw=500GB per hour of footage
    2.3X crop factor
    no audio vu (firmware update??)
    no high speed capacity from this sensor
    24p 30p
    need external power system

    i dont know if people realize how it coast to handle 2.5Kraw in real world production and post production..

    since the delay of shipping i'm close to get someting else...

  16. It's on my to-buy list (as soon as I get some "to-buy" funds). Hey Emm, do you see any advantage in getting the EF mount over the m4/3 mount, since with the m4/3 mount you can use the great m4/3 lenses like the Voigtlander but also the EF lenses with an m4/3 to EF adapter?

  17. I ordered it, so you guys will be seeing a lot of work from Just Basl Productions using this camera. I only hope that they upgrade the fps to 60 on the next firmware update!

  18. Brian

    I'm sold was going to look into a used 5DMKII in a few months but now may instead decide to save for a BMCC, stunning.

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