Benro Video Tripods with Leveling Half Bowl Column

Over at WPPI Benro displayed some of their new Benro Video Tripods along with their new S2, S4, and S6 video fluid heads. The unique bit about each video tripod is a half bowl leveling base that sits above the center column. Much like a bowl mount tripod, this gives you the ability to quickly level your shots without bending over and fussing with individual legs. This feature is much appreciated when you have a heavy rig thrown on your tripod. The benefit to the Benro design of course is to still retain the raised center column that gives you extra height without adding overall length when the tripods are folded up.

Benro Leveling Tripod KitBenro Leveling Tripod Fluid HeadBenro S2 video tripod

These new Benro leveling tripods look pretty good, but unfortunately according to Benro the new Video Tripods come as a kit and can't be purchased separately from the heads. Of course, if you wanted to achieve this leveling base with your existing tripod, you could add on this Manfrotto 438 compact leveling base (found here).

The new Benro Video Tripods are already available in both Aluminum or Carbon Fiber legs found via B&H (click here).

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14 thoughts on “Benro Video Tripods with Leveling Half Bowl Column

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - The calumet adapter works with the 501 plate, and will work with one of the benro heads.

  2. I've finally gotten around to using my S6 I bought over a month ago. I was about to shake my fist at you cause the two Manfrotto plates/adapters I bought were to big but just looked back at my order and realized I got the wider 357PL plates and not the 501PL 😛

    So got two new plates to order [I have two 357pl if anyone is interested 😉 ]

    The tripod is fantastic. Right now I have the Kamara tank on top of it, the 357 between the camera and the cage so I can flip to monopod or steadcam and a few adapters for mic, lights, etc on the cage. Thanks for the consistant advice!

  3. This looks like a pretty awesome tripod. I'm having a hard time finding an affordable tripod like this that also has the quick release receiver available separately so I can put it on top of the weildy stablizer or a monopod. Any suggestions?

  4. Benro is innovative and a great value compared with Manfrotto. I'm not thrilled with the finish (paint) on some of their products though.

  5. BaZa

    You also have the center column with the half bowl leveling base:

    I have the Benro S6 video head. I still haven't tested right, but for now I only have 1 complain, the pan control it's too sensitive, there's not enough drag, I can move it with my nail. On the other way, we can control the tilt drag and it's great.

  6. Lainol

    Nice tripods, I like the S6 model. Since you've had in your hand, is it worth the carbon fiber?

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