Battery Inside of a Tripod Plate – Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

One of the major downfalls to any of the BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema cameras is battery life. For the newest 4K and 6K models, you could choose to add the Blackmagic Design battery grip, but the addition will not allow you to use most Cages. We've also recently seen batteries built into Rig Handles just to keep cameras and accessories powered. But now here's another interesting external battery design that incorporates batteries inside of a tripod plate (available via eBay here).

Tripod Plate Battery with USB

This plate sits under your camera even if your camera sits inside of a cage. This Tripod Plate Battery says internally it's using 6pcs of Panasonic's highest capacity NCR18650B batteries. With a total capacity of 20400mAH (or equivalent to 5.5x Canon LP-E6 batteries). Listed at 70wh if you were to compare it with v-mount specs which means you can travel with these batteries on-board most flights. It offers just under 11v output and also a 5V USB out, which could be useful to keep small Sony cameras powered up through USB.

What do you guys think? Is this something you would find useful, and should more companies offer batteries into a metal Tripod plate that to sit under a camera? You can check out the Tripod Plate Battery via eBay (following the link here).

Tripod Plate Battery with USB

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