Azden Pro-XD 2.4 GHz Wireless Lavalier Microphone System just $199

The PRO-XD is Azden's first 2.4GHz digital wireless lavalier microphone system available at just under $200 USD. The lightweight compact kit uses rechargeable batteries that can be charged over USB with a run time of up to 11 hours.

The Pro-XD kit is designed to work directly with cameras and comes with additional cables to be used with Smart Devices that require a TRRS connection (phones, tablets, computers). A great affordable tool for those looking to capture better audio on popular services such as Meerkat or Periscope when live streaming video from smartphones.

The transmitter accepts either line-in or mic input, and has the option of transmitting both simultaneously. A single transmitter can also be synced to multiple receivers, which is a great option for sending audio to multiple cameras for multi-angle shoots. The receiver also offers a headphone output for monitoring audio which is helpful when using some cameras that don't offer a headphone out (such as Canon 6D, Panasonic G7, etc.)

The audio is will not be as high quality as systems that costs several hundred dollars more, but for just $199 the Pro-XD Wireless Lav Mic system sounds better than trying to work with the in-camera microphone, and is far more convenient than trying to sync audio in post.

With the growing number of people working with smaller point-shoot systems or smartphones for video, I see this a great wireless kit option to consider. The ability to sync to multiple receivers means you can even shoot Multi-Cam angle interviews when covering events with clear audio using just iPhones.

The Pro-XD is available now and you can see more specs over at the product page at B&H (found here).
azden pro-xd wireless lav mic system
VIEW-ITEM Azden Pro-XD 2.4 GHz Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

28 thoughts on “Azden Pro-XD 2.4 GHz Wireless Lavalier Microphone System just $199

  1. Ben

    Hello Emm ! First thank you for your reviews (from France, a lot of people know and appreciate your site). Personnaly, I often listen to your reviews and trust them. Today, my question is (I didn't found any answer on the internet) : Is the aspen stereo lavalier mic compatible with this azden wireless system (to optimize the lav of the kit) ? Thanks in advance for your answer !

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Harold - Sounds like you are trying to use (2) transmitters to (1) receiver. The Pro-XD can work using (1) Transmitter to Multiple receivers (not the other way around). So you would have to look into a different system, but I don't suggest sending two audio channels and mixing them together. If you have the audio on separate tracks, when one person suddenly gets louder than the other you can't fix it in post.

    Typically you want to send each audio channel into it's own track. Then you can fix that one track if you have to. Other problems happen with wireless too like Interference. If you had everyone on the same track and experienced interference from one person, it would ruin the entire track. If you could separate the one track with interference, then everyone else's audio would be fine.

    So what you should do is have two different wireless mic kits, and record them to two different tracks. A Zoom H4n or Zoom H6 is a good audio recorder for this. If you really don't want to use an extra audio recorder, then you can record each microphone into the GH4 by splitting them with a small adapter. One audio will go to the left, and one will go to the right channel. In post you could split the audio and then adjust for each person.

    If you're working with a Wireless Mic kit, then it's 'powered' so you can use a simple adapter like this: You will be able to input two microphones into your GH4 and control the volume of the input for each person.

  3. Harold

    Noob question here. I'd like to have two actors wirelessly mic'd, each with a transmitter sending to the Azden receiver recording into my GH4. I went to the Azden site and it says:
    No. Unfortunately the way the PRO-XD works limits it to one channel or one transmitter at a time.
    So, do I need a more expensive system to do what I am trying to do? Thanks.

  4. Brian Murphy

    You didn't mention if another mic could or could not be used in the body pack. Is the trrs plug due to phantom being supplied to the Azden mic? Would the Rode trrs mic sound better?

  5. Zack

    Thank you for the reply emm. I found the sound quality from the system quite satisfactory, though maybe a little inconsistent.
    Maybe a better mic would be able to settle this.
    Thanks again.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Zack - Normally my camera settings are at the lowest and I use the gain in the mic system.

  7. Zack

    Rob, thanks for the information. I guess that doesn't help with the level playing field then. I also agree on the Mics on the G3 being quite unsatisfactory. I guess a lotta people change those and then notice a substantial improvement in sound quality.

    Emm, I downloaded the manual, and I noticed that the mics actually have settings for input gain (which actually looks like a volume control for listening).

    "If you are able to set the microphone recording level on your camera, it is generally best to keep the camera’s gain level low and set the output level of the receiver very high. This is because the preamps in most cameras tend to be of low quality and will add noise to the recording if a lot of gain is used. The output of the PRO-XD was designed to provide a strong audio signal to a camera so that gain levels on the camera’s microphone input should not have to be turned up very high. Follow these steps for optimal recording levels: 1. Turn on the transmitter and plug in the microphone. 2. Turn on the receiver and make sure it is paired with the transmitter. Press the plus (+) button on the Volume Control 6 times to set the output volume to maximum. 3. On your camera, go to the microphone gain settings. As you speak into the microphone to test levels, observe the audio meters and set the camera’s gain level so that your audio peaks are slightly below the max output level (avoiding distortion). If you can monitor your camera’s audio with headphones, listen to make sure no distortion is audible. 4. If you’ve reduced the camera’s microphone gain as much as possible and you’re still getting distortion, press the minus (-) button on the receiver's volume control until the audio is no longer distorting."

    Did you test the system with the camera mic levels at their lowest and the mic levels on the Azden set to high (est?).

  8. Rob S.

    Zack, I did buy an Aspen to try it out. You can't go wrong with $25. To my ear, it's okay. Very good for the price and far better than other cheap lavs I'd tried. But the Rode lav, not the Smart Lav, is pretty much a pro level mic. I like it a lot better than the ME2 mic that comes with the Sennheiser G3 wireless.

  9. Zack

    Rob, I disagree. Have you tried the Aspen, the Mic-J 44 and the Giant Squid lapel mics. They all offer great audio and each costing under $50, thereby still getting you a good setup for $150 less.

  10. Rob S.

    I bought a Rode Link and think the mic alone makes it a worth buying over the Azden. The Rode mic alone is a couple hundred bucks and sounds great. I've seen other reviews and it sounds like the stock mic is the weak link for the Azden as it is with most other cheap wireless kits. Buying a decent mic here would bring the price closer to the Rode Link.

  11. kuban

    Yeah, would love to have a low down on this and how it stands up against the Rode kit, judging by the looks the Azden seems plastic and perhaps not strong enough or robust, as you have both Emm would be great to know how this all stacks up.

  12. Zack

    Thanks Emm. Eagerly looking forward to more tests. Considering the price point along, this has potential.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Zack - Yeah when I have time i'll try to use a different mic and try to adjust the gain settings. Maybe add a small preamp.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Luis Santiago - There could be a few things I can try to see if it makes a difference. First a different microphone, second a preamp to the camera so that I can lower all the settings in camera and in receiver.

  15. Luis Santiago

    My only question is can the hiss be removed by swapping out for a different Lav Mic or is the hissing a problem with the transmitting unit itself?

  16. Zack

    Hi Emm. Thanks for this superb discovery. Could you review this with the MIC-J 044? Could you try this system with better mics? Do you think it would have beyter quality? Also, could the mic signal be pushed to manual and to the lowest, to avoid the hiss. This is like a seriously affordable system. The only question how good can it get I guess.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @James Davis - I don't think the line in offers plugin power for another mic. You would have to use a powered mic for the AUX input.

  18. OldCorpse

    Amazing price point from Azden - for a wireless system this is truly affordable. Of course, the sticking point is the audio quality you get out of this. The Azden name does not have a good rep in the sound production world, but we should always have an open mind, since things can and do change. That said, it's of no importance how cheap it is, if the sound quality is not acceptable.

    It's hard to tell from these samples. In the studio the recording is OK-ish (Emm's video) and very decent (Azden's video), but out in the field it's more of a mixed bag. That sample recorded on the tablet in the park was very, very poor. The distance test one was acceptable.

    I suppose it's all about what you use if for. If you're just doing shorts for yourself, I think this might be a consideration, since for such no-budget hobby projects you don't expect to use expensive gear, so traditionally wireless audio was out - but now with Azden, you can actually afford it. But for more ambitious productions or narratives, I suspect this is a non-starter.

    Still, it's the pricing is a step in the right direction, considering that you'd have to pay 3-4 times as much or more for even the lower level pro wireless solutions. Now, if only they can somehow deliver better quality, their 2.0 version might be a huge hit.

  19. Hello Emm, this lav mic looks great and I like the price point very much. I see that this has an extra aux input and as you mentioned that you can have another mic plugged in into the transmitter simultaneously . I have a sony lav mic right now, you think I can hook up the sony receiver to the extra aux input on the azden so I can have a 2 person interview using in one camera? So setup will be Azden receiver on camera - Azden Transmitter on subject A - Sony receiver plugged into extra Aux on Azden transmitter - Sony transmitter on subject B. OR Can this do one receiver with multiple transmitter? Thank you!

  20. J

    Ordered. Shipped.
    That was fast.
    So, if I understand correctly... we can attach other types of mics to the pack to transmit to the receiver?
    That's pretty damn cool.
    Thanks for always spotting the good stuff emm.

  21. Jeff

    Hey Emm !
    Would you rather buy the Azden or the Rodelink quality wise ?
    It sounds like there is a lot of noise in the Azden..

    Thanks !

  22. brian

    I realize this is not in the same ballpark as the RodeLink system, but does anyone have comparisons in terms of functionality, usability and quality?

    Using multiple receivers with a digital unit is what is most intriguing and something that the RodeLink system does not natively support at this time, unfortunately.

    Per the FAQ, There is a 4-unit limit for using at the same time, FYI. I believe this is just for TRANSMITTERS and not receivers.

  23. krys

    does this have the azden 2 yr warrantyyyyyy?. am afraid of internal batteries dying /cant replace them. but then these are still very inexpensive!!

  24. JC

    Hi there,
    I own a Rode Pinmic and I am thinking in buying a wireless transmitter and receiver. Is there much difference in audio quality between this and the Rodelink?

    Thanks in advance

  25. The size and price make this an excellent back up. The sound is not great, but for the price... this could save the day if another unit fails. To my ears it has some hiss, but I have noticed that especially when using my GH4.

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