Attica – Canon 7D & 50mm Timelapse

I really enjoy Timelapse videos. I think mainly because you have to be both Photographer & Videographer to pull off something awesome. You have to prepare yourself to be in a mindset to not only take good looking pictures, but get the settings right for when you convert those images into a video. One of the hottest Timelapse videos on Vimeo, gaining steam in the last 4 days, is Attica by Alexandros Maragos. Shot with a Canon 7D & 50mm, comments on the Vimeo page state most of the shots were taken at 0.8 seconds exposure & 1 second intervals translated back into a 24fps timeline. Wow that's alot of pictures. All I gotta say is skills....much skills.

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2 thoughts on “Attica – Canon 7D & 50mm Timelapse

  1. LeftHandedPanda

    The visuals were wonderful. The music though really got to me the most. Very relaxing. The kind of music you'd here in a Sci-Fi. Maybe I'm thinking this because I just watched Moon yesterday.

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