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If you're looking around for some great fresnel lights the first name anyone usually drops is 'Arri'. Above is featuring a three piece set of 650w Arri Fresnels. I've worked with these lights on a few sets, and they are everything everyone says they are. They do come in at a pretty penny too.

find-price-button 3 Piece Arri 650w Fresnel Kit

Now check out the claims about these lights below. These are a couple of lights that i've been getting questions about, but i'm not familiar with them myself. Sometimes going by Blueline or JieTu, this three piece set of 650w Fresnels is a direct knock-off of the Arri kit going for a third the price. No joke when I say it's a direct knock-off, as it carries the same (looking) housing, and available in all the same sizes from 150-2000 watts Fresnel heads. All descriptions claim to be 'Like Arri', 'As Arri', or 'Perfect Clones to Arri'. Looking at the different retailers and sellers i'm curious as to why there isn't any negative reviews on these items.

There's not too much information about these 'other lights' on the web, but here's a video showing off one that's 'Arri-Like' going under the brand CineLight. I'm not saying CineLight is the same, but looks close enough to me and it definitely isn't an Arri. Has anyone used these, seen these, bought these? Leave a comment and share some info, since I can't answer the questions coming in.

find-price-button Tungsten Fresnel Lighting Kits as Arri

11 thoughts on “Arri, BlueLine, JieTu – Fresnel Lighting

  1. Schuyler Huppp

    Among the Chinese Arri knockoffs I have, two are 150 Watt units. One has a dimmer, which is totally crazy to me. Anyway, the lamp sockets are pin receptacles and not standard bayonet sockets as in the real Arri. I wouldn't have cared, but when I searched for spare lamps on the Net, I was unable to find any of the 150 Watt, 120 Volt lamps with pin contacts, anywhere! I contacted a couple of sellers and they basically shrugged. So I re-fitted both lights with Arri 150 Watt lamp sockets from Barn Door lighting. Basically, you need a drill press, file, grinder, machine screws, and a few other things to do it. After the re-fit, the lights worked fine, and now accept standard lamps, which are * actually available *. Another thing I discovered about Chinese fresnels is that the third wire ground lugs, which are secured to the rear lamp housing by way of a ring terminal, do not actually make electrical contact, due to the paint on the die cast housing being a good insulator. Thus if the hot wire were to short to the housing for any reason, from a loose nut or screw for example, then the user would likely get shocked. The simple fix is to scrape the paint off under where the ring terminal goes. Based on this recent experience of mine with the Chinese 150 Watt Arri knockoffs, I would recommend that people stay away from them unless they are comfortable with the simple electrical and mechanical work needed to fix them. Otherwise, they are okay. Expect a few flaws here and there, some edges may need de-burring, you might find a missing capture washer or two, things might be loose, etc. Basically, they were cheap and they work! 🙂

  2. Adam

    Just got a new Arri 650W from B & H and a Pro As Arri 650W from Steven Studios in Hong Kong off Ebay. Was wondering if the extra $264 was worth it so I put them side by side to see what I could see.

  3. Wayne Ten

    Im really curious about these lights. ANyone who has worked with both, has warned me against the clones. But I was also told, that there are more than one version of the clones available. A sturdier version, at around the same price point. In short, should I buy the clones or not? And can someone post a video review?

  4. Andy Mc

    Purchased a 150w and 300/500 watt jietu lights.

    The 300/500 watt included a softbox. The softbox and ring also fits my Ianiro liliputs.

    I spent about £320.00 for both units.

    They are fantastic. Not sure where the negative feedback is coming from. Used them over the past 8 months with no issues at all.

    True the bulbs supplied are not descent and do blow early but the light unit itself is great.

    I`ve used arris and compared to these lights there is no difference. Also all arri parts fit the unit.

    These are an exact copy just without the logo and the big price tag.

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  6. mike chenoweth

    I've got a couple of the 650 fresnels. Although nice, they're not built near to the quality that Arri or Mole are. Do they do the job? Sure. But there are tradeoffs as there generally is in lower cost repros of quality gear.

  7. reader

    Arri's just begging for someone to steal their market charging the prices that they do. Its a frickin lightbulb in a metal case, its not like they invented HMI's.

  8. Benoit

    I buy 2 of those lights on the net. I almost spend 700$ on the original 300w so I want to try the 650w ans the 150w.

    At first they seem the same but they are cheaper, very cheaper. First they send 240v lamps that don't work!

    The power cord become white after a couple of hours because of the heat. The cap to change the light doesn't close well. The screw to move the lamp on the 100w doesn't stay in place, you have to put a tape on the dimmer button. The light in the 100w is not the same as arri, so you have to search on the internet for replacement.

    Finally the plastic clamp is so cheap that it broke. I have to use a screwdriver to fix the lamp on the tripod.

    They are half the price of arri but not as good! Good for fill or backup lights.

  9. denden

    I Know this kind of arri copy ligts, arri gives much effort to push them out of the market. the company filmgear makes also copys of arri. they mostly made in china and have 1:1 the same parts as arri. you can use even original arri parts for maintenance. Their fresnel glasses are not as good as the ones used in arris. they broke after a while, but you can easily put some arri fresnels on them. The ballsts of the hmi versions are also not as good as arris, they have flicker problems and break often. but some peple i know run them wit origanl arri ballasts.

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