Aputure Amaran EZ Box Kit for AI528 HR672 LED Panels

The Amaran HR672 and AI-528 LED Video Light Panels from Aputure are some of their most popular selling LED Video Lights. With feedback from the community, Aputure has created a new EZ Box+ Kit to help modify that light.

Here's a short video look at the new Aputure EZ Box+ Light Angle Reduction Diffuser Kit that works effectively to give you more options to either soften your light source, or to narrow down the beam angle.

aputure ez box kitaputure amaraon ez box kit
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aputure 672
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4 thoughts on “Aputure Amaran EZ Box Kit for AI528 HR672 LED Panels

  1. OldCorpse

    OT: where can I read about the re-design of the site? How it was done, what ideas drove it etc. Thx.

  2. I sure wish they would make something with a larger surface area for the diffusion. Maybe like 18x36" or something that really spreads out the light a little more so we can get a much nicer quality of light for interviews.

  3. Gleb

    Functionality is good, but the pricing on this one is BS!! The components cost like 5$ tops, price should be half of that at most, considering it only applies to existing customers of Amaran. Couple of cheapo plastic/fabric pieces are NOT worth 1/3 of the price of the 528.
    (That's it, I had to let it out)

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