Aftermarket Panasonic GH3 Batteries

I've had decent luck with aftermarket batteries with my Canon DSLRs and even with my smaller point and shoot cameras. Now with two Panasonic GH3 cameras, i've been looking to add a few extra batteries to the kit. I've been hesitating because the OEM batteries run about $80 dollars each (found here). So now i'm happy to see a few aftermarket batteries becoming available for the GH3. They claim to be decoded for the camera to read proper battery levels, currently run for about $20 each or sold cheaper in bundles with optional battery chargers. You can find these Aftermarket GH3 Batteries via eBay (click here).

Aftermarket GH3 Batteries with Charger Battery DMC-GH3
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19 thoughts on “Aftermarket Panasonic GH3 Batteries

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @les - Sorry to hear about the DOA. I had two GH3s at NAB2013 with all of the aftermarket batteries on hand. No issues with mine so far (crossing fingers).

  2. Henry

    A word of warning, don't update firmware with third party batteries in your camera. Due to the inaccurate battery level indication on non OEM batteries, while updating your firmware the 'apparent' battery level goes from half full to dead in an instant. Leaving your camera in 'brick' state.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Sotiris - Just got these in today and yes they do indicate power status. They are also charging on my Panasonic OEM chargers. So far so good.

  4. Sotiris

    When you get them can you tell us if is true that they have a protection circuit? And if they indicate power level on the camera display?


  5. Sotiris

    I purchased a second OEM battery from panasonic (62euros) and i am thinking to buy one cheap just in case of emergency...

  6. Emm

    Post author

    I don't think I can say any of my aftermarket batteries were as good as OEM, but they lasted long enough for me to knock out more projects than I can count over the years. Running up to three cameras to cover events means we were at least packing a dozen spare batteries. In OEM battery prices that would cost about $960 dollars. In Aftermarket prices it would total around $240 dollars. If you wanted to rent 12 batteries that would total $144 dollars.

    If you had to only buy one spare, you could go for the real deal. If you have to have enough batteries to last during your projects, the aftermarket ones will solve the problem and may even be cheaper than renting spare batteries. Definitely paid for itself over time in all my use cases.

  7. urban runoff

    i had good luck with aftermarket batteries.
    the ones for my panasonic camcorder (wasabi) were awesome
    the no name i use in my sony rx100 are just as good as the original.

  8. Alberto Respezzo

    I've found that even good knock-offs are never quite as good as the real thing. I bought a few batteries that DVXUser used to sell for my Panasonic HVX200, and they could not hold a charge nearly as well as the real deal. Now there are two things I never screw around with- batteries and memory cards.

  9. I had several non original batteries with the GH2, they were never as strong as the originals and sometimes I had to put them in and out a few times to make it work. Overall it was a good value though.

  10. Andy I

    Are these GH3 batteries any good though? The fake Canon ones I've bought in the past are noticeably weaker at holding a good charge. They die a lot quicker than my OEM batteries. At 1/4 of the price I'm tempted to try a few out though...

  11. Gorlos

    I've also had knock-off canon batteries which did not fit the compartment had to be pried out with a letter opener. Sometimes the knock-offs that I use make my rebel distinctly hotter than the genuine batteries. I've since got a cheap grip to put the batts in so that they will fry the grip and not the cam. Anyhow, I do think that the prices are not inflated purely for profit for the genuine batts, although that is part of it.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Vladbox - Yes i've seen some information about this. I have no experience with the D5200 at this time though.

  13. Vladbox

    Hello Cheese man, have u seen the comparison in low light between the Nikon D5200 and the 5D MIII? I believe it warrants a test and/or an article in your blog.

  14. Carlos D

    For what its worth, a knockoff battery fried my hacked GH2's internals and I had to send it in to get repaired. I've had good luck with Canon ones but I don't think I would purchase them for a Panasonic again.

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