Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for MAC & Windows

I literally just shot a few hundred photos of the new P&C Shoulder Rig ahem...some new product.., and now it's time to batch process these images. Unfortunately i'm sitting here with a new MacBook Pro without Adobe Lightroom installed. Feeling defeated, the next thing you know, I receive notification that the Adobe Lightroom 3 is on sale for under $30 bucks! (found here). Timing could not have been better.

Sure, Adobe Lightroom is on version 4 now, but after you step into Lightroom 3 at this price, you can always purchase the upgrade for just $69 bucks and it will still come out cheaper than purchasing the full version of Lightroom 4 on it's own. Check out the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Software on Sale via B&H (click here).
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29 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for MAC & Windows

  1. Steven

    Looking at my magnetic frame V-Finder, I see that the teased image Emm posted above is a CarrySpeed product. The branding on both products match up. Hopefully that doesn't affect the pricing too much. Still very interested in buying this.

  2. Steven

    @Nikita Pavlov

    I'd make room if I were you.
    This will be a much better solution than the Carry Speed sticky magnetic frame. I've been waiting for this ever since Emm teased it with the rx100. Hopefully P&C sticks to their usual "good product - good price - no BS" sales/marketing strategy. I'm really ready to buy this on release day depending on the price.

  3. Eyan

    @Emm you the man! Look forward to checking it out - sounds great. I couldn't see the "sneak peak" image arrggg. The pain continues 😉
    Never thought I'd be more excited to see Monday.
    Cheers Emm

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Eyan - Sorry about the delay, inventory will be available next week. Hopefully listed for sale on Monday with more information. Sneak Peek:

    Base plate attached under camera. View Finder has quick release with baseplate. Folds up as sunshade, folds down with a lock. Very long adjustments up/down/left/right to fit a variety of 3" LCD screens. Built in Diopter with Glass optics with a lens cover and reversible eyecup. I should have something posted on Monday...

  5. Eyan

    P&C rig 🙂 nice!
    Keep the goods coming. I'm still waiting on the sneaky viewfinder you showed - or didn't 😉
    I'd love to see a rig done in all polished aluminum - the color spec is very similar to those Gini jobs - which in turn are a wink to that Zacuto brand. So it's kinda been done already.
    Do an all anodized silver (aluminum) version. That would look killer!
    (just saying...)
    Just ease the pain soon tho eh Emm 🙂

  6. Pauly

    So yeah I was supposed to buy a cheap rig via ebay today..until I saw the post above!

    Sub $200 all metal shoulder rig? How long before it's available!?!?! I mean i need to buy sooon and wanna know if I can hold off on it. If its this month I think I can wait

    Any hints on availability? Love the sneek peak.

    Also wanted to say I love your site. Very friendly and helpful for beginners like me 🙂

  7. Ron Temc

    I've said it before, and I'm saying it again: just put it up for sale, and my order flies in. So you have at the very least one sale guaranteed. Love the price/quality = VALUE proposition that is P&C products! Release more, and I buy more...

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - I don't have a clue about the sub $200 dollar all metal (no plastic parts) shoulder rig you're referring to that will rival the quality of other top manufacturers, with our goal to hopefully provide FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.... I deny any knowledge.

  9. imgpro615

    i seriously thought i would come in here and see all sorts of anxious comments about the scored thru bit of text at the beginning of the blog posting...but i love what KC Gonzalez is saying...independence rules!!

    I am definitely loving that it can process videos, that will be one less trip to after effects...possibly...still learning it

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