4 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop CS6 Available

  1. elph

    I'll also be going the creative cloud route.
    $30 is a steal, and only after 4.5 years of paying will I pay off what it takes to get the master $2600 version (CC has a few more items going for it too).
    Unless you have the master collection or are fine with your current suite, you probably won't need cloud. But more many people, many of both who own a single product or none at all, Adobe is really appealing to them with the $30/50 offer.

  2. I too will be going the Creative Cloud route. Hope it works out well. $30 is fine with me and I like the fact that I'll always be updated.

    I didn't upgrade to CS5.5 because it was going to cost me an additional $300. All I wanted was the Warp Stabilizer.

    Hopefully Creative Cloud works out.

  3. Harold

    I'm going to try their new Creative Cloud thingy and see if I like it. It will cost me $30 a month for the first year and gives me access to everything they have. Sounds good, but we'll see. I use PS, AE, and Premiere and I like the idea that any update or improvement is pushed to me. In the past they would do that .5 thing and I'd want that feature but not want to fork over another $300 bucks so hopefully this does it.

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