Adjustable Umbrella Brackets for RF-602(3)


There's been some recent comments about off camera Flashes and the cheaper RF-602 or RF-603 wireless triggers. If you decide to go this route, remember that the trigger fits directly underneath the flash. Once you have this set up you can screw a light stand directly underneath the RF-602 receiver's 1/4-20 thread mount, but this means your flash can't be tilted and it doesn't provide a way to mount an umbrella.

If you want to be able to angle your flashes and mount an umbrella grab yourself an umbrella bracket for Speedlites and because the RF-602 or RF-603 receivers don't have a shoe lock, you'll need to look for umbrella brackets that have a built in shoe lock. Hopefully this will save you from buying the wrong ones. Check out the video below for more information on this. [Thanks Carl]

I'm using a few cheap umbrella holders that have locking shoes, and they start at about $4 dollars.
find-price-button Adjustable Umbrella Flash Bracket

find-price-button Yongnuo RF-603 Wireless Flash Triggers

4 thoughts on “Adjustable Umbrella Brackets for RF-602(3)

  1. jigs

    I have the same setup.
    the only solution i came up with for the trigger (on camera) is zip tie. is there a better one out there?

  2. I started with the Calumet hotshoe umbrella adapter and had a heck of a time finding the 'old style' one that you had.

    I needed the threaded screw mount for my RadioPopper PX receiver brackets as they don't have hotshoe mounts.

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