$99 dollar Audio – Zoom H1


What's going to be the hottest selling item in the DSLR world come July 30th? Well It's not going to be a DSLR. I predict the hottest selling item is going to be the new Zoom H1 portable audio recorder. C'mon for $99 dollars, and it's portable size, it's the perfect recorder for DSLR shooters. It's not going to match the many inputs of the H4n, or have as high quality, but it'll do the job where the H4n can't. One of the things i'm already thinking about is using these instead of wireless receivers on a Bride or Groom. Given the right lav microphone attached, these will run much much cheaper than any wireless set and guarantee to provide a high quality recording capture. More information can be found on the Samson Tech website.

But if I were you, i'd start getting on the pre-order list where available. It's already showing up on the BHPHOTOVIDEO website, Keep checking this article and click here when it comes around.

5 thoughts on “$99 dollar Audio – Zoom H1

  1. Daniel

    A guy on youtube tested out the H1 side by side with the H4n and the audio quality was almost identical. he also compared with the H2 and that was the only one that sounded noticeably different.

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  3. J Hanna

    So I'm a little confused. I only recently started looking at sound options for my t2i.
    Will I be able to plug the H1 into my t2i's 1/8 jack and get synced sound or will I have to sync everything in post later?

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