72 Super Spot Beam LED Video Light Panel

Chris writes in and shares a video about a few unusual LED Video Light Panels. The difference with these panels compared to others is that it has a very tight spotlight effect and is advertised as a 'Super Spot Beam' LED light with only a 15 degree spread. Most LED panels attempt to spread at 150 degrees or more. So why this thing requires barn doors, i'm not so sure. Does this mean it has a further throw than standard LED panels? Possibly.

72-super spot-372-super spot-6

I'm not sure i'm totally sold on the idea for the kind of projects I work on, but there seems to be a good interest from others. AC adapters and light stands are included, along with a travel case. Can be powered from V-mount batteries, and even more specs of what's included can be found following the link via eBay (click here).

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22 thoughts on “72 Super Spot Beam LED Video Light Panel

  1. Waleed

    the lights are amazing and i tried 130W V mount battery and it lasted three hrs then light started to fade down.

    overall its nice light

  2. Robert

    Yes I have the same problem , both lights will not run on the v lock battery set up , so I have email them back, as I need battery power only.

  3. I have used here lights and they are powerful, but they seem to be way too big as the casing is very large and he electronics inside occupy quite little space. I think tey could be made more compact.
    Also, I hooked them up to a v-mount battery the lights didnt go on and immediately got a puff of smoke out the back. Pulled the battery off as quick as I could. And when I next hooked them up to the wall the light intensity was much weaker.
    Seems there is something wrong with the circuitry...

  4. The seller got back to me regarding how much the light would cost if purchased without the stand. Apparently leaving out the stand doesn't change the price of the item, but does drop the $60 shipping charge by $12.

    I'm not sure I'm up for spending over $400 for such a light until I see more reviews from other people who have it. How bright is it really? How close to 5600ºK, and how bad is the CRI? I could probably build a 400W HID lamp for that price, not that HID and LED are the same thing.

    I would like to inform you that we provide stand free of cost with this light. As you do not want stand with this light so there is no price reduction in product cost.Only shipping cost will be less for this light.

    Following is the invoice for your reference:

    Cost of 1pc Beamlite-72 super spot 15 degree: US $357
    Shipping cost(Without stand): US $48
    Total: US $405

  5. Regarding brightness, I've got the Fotodiox Pro LED 508A, and think of it as being pretty bright. The specs for the Ikan 508 LED light (which I think is the same) list it at 2508 lux at 36". This "super spot" has almost 8X that number at 19690 lux at 36". Lux isn't linear, but that sounds like a big jump.

    I also tried to figure lumens. I calculate 980 lumens for the 15º super spot, given their lux figure at 48", and 885 lumens given their 36" figure. Their 12" figure has to be wrong (comes out to 215 lumens). Used this calculator:

    In any case, I'm not sure how to read these numbers. But it sure seems like it's likely brighter than the 508A. Anyone want to post a quick crash-course in understanding these ratings?

    Herb, I sent them a message on eBay asking about the price if the tripod stand is left out. Am waiting to hear back. If the price drops a bunch, it'll be tempting.

  6. Jesse

    So at first glance these seem to employ a few large leds rather than many small ones. I purchased a light that used 6 really big leds and while impressed with the output, it casted horrible multi-shadows.

  7. Bernd

    the official lux ratings for these lights can be found on some shop websites and are a bit weird:

    Flood: 32925 lux in 12"(!) distance / 13148 in 24" / 8070 in 36" / 4304 in 48"

    Spot: 38736 in 12" / 20444 in 24" / 12374 in 36" / 7532 in 48"

    Super Spot: 43040 in 12" / 30773 in 24" / 19690 in 36" / 12266 in 48"

  8. @Bernd: I don't know, maybe I'm that strong that I couldn't feel it? 🙂
    Even with the V-mount battery it didn't feel more than 4-5kg.

  9. Matt

    Any chance anyone knows the output in LUX of these lights. Just trying to see how they stack up against other similar led lights, especially the F&V r300 and their studio lights.

  10. Bernd

    thanks a lot for your information about the weight! It's a bit strange because several websites where these lights can be bought state a weight of 5.2kg and I even contacted the dealer who confirmed that 5.2kg is indeed the weight of one light only, with the complete kit (accessories, bag, tripod included) weighing 9.5kg. But I have no reason to doubt what you said, and about half of the advertised weight seems more reasonable anyway.

  11. Herb

    I have exchanged emails with these folks in the past. Tell them you want the light WITHOUT the stand. The price and especially the shipping are greatly reduced.

  12. Here is another set of similar lights ("super powerful LED"). I haven't found any further information about them out there.


    It's an interesting idea with small form factor and I'd love to see them in action.

    Alan: Thanks for the video! I purchased my set solely based on your detailed review. I couldn't be happier with them.

  13. Dan

    Do you guys think that the 15 degree beam angle spot versions would not work as floods with the diffusion filters? Or does it just cut down on the output too much? for me, I think I would prefer to have the ability to spot something and be able to diffuse the light rather than only a wide angle spread pattern.

    Has anyone seen the 15 degree panels in use, and how tight their throw pattern is at a bit of distance?

  14. Shipping is really expensive, but quite quick. When I buy something from India or China, I look at the total price as the postage from these places is more often than not is too expensive!

  15. Hey everyone. I'm the guy in the video. I've now used theses lights for quite some time and absolutely love them, not getting rid of them any time soon. by the way, my lights are "flood", the other ones are too directional for universal use if you ask me.

    Bernd: The lights are definitely not 5kg, I think more like 2-2.5kg, as you can see it in my video it was not difficult to hold.

    PS. Emm, thanks for sharing the video, could you add a little link up to my youtube please? Thanks dude!

  16. I recently received a set of two of these lights (60 degree flood). I am actually very impressed with them. They are quite powerful and put off a good amount of light even with diffusion. They lean towards the green end of the spectrum but adding a little magenta with a custom WB fixes that quickly. The build quality seems to be very sturdy. I can't imagine I'll be breaking these any time soon. I haven't shot much video with them yet but they have performed well in the stills that I've shot. At 15ft I get great exposure with 1/50 second shutter speed, f2.8, ISO 500. At 3ft I've gotten 1/250 second, f11, ISO 100. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the purchase. Purchased from eBay, they took 4-5 days to arrive from India.

  17. Bernd

    There are three versions of this light available: 15 degree Super Spot, 25 degree Spot and 60 degree Flood. But note that with more than 5kg each, these units are quite heavy for LED lights, because similar lights from competitors usually weigh 2kg or less.

  18. Austin

    Hm will have to take a look at the video later but still the idea might not be half bad, maybe for interviews mixed with some of the 160 led panels as a kicker or back light? The 15 degree spread is really and interesting choice though.

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