$6 dollar HDMI Splitter

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Thanks to Joseph over at ShadowMindProductions.com for the tip on this $6 dollar HDMI splitter. Joseph mentions there's no video lag between monitors during his tests. Now you'll be able to use an external monitor for camera operator, and if you want, a larger one for the the director. I'm sure these are going to come in especially handy once those EVF - electronic view finders become the norm. This way you'll be able to frame and compose, while the EVF might help you focus a bit better. Here's the link: HDMI Male To 2 HDMI Female Splitter Adapter Cable

9 thoughts on “$6 dollar HDMI Splitter

  1. Dole

    I'd like to have confirmation as if it degrades the quality of the signal, like downscaling from 1080p to 480p, as it happens in my Lilliput monitor HDMI passthrough. (am I doing something wrong? Using a 7D, so should be fine.)

    Currently looking for a way to have both signals at 1080i. Any ideas?


  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Carter - This article is pretty old. I'll have to dig one out if I can, but I don't think a splitter is required to be powered.

  3. Carter

    my understanding was that an hdmi splitter had to be powered, no?

    Also, I can't seem to find anything like this online now... except for the powered Jag35 unit. Is that the best solution now? Please advise. Thanks in advance, emm!

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