5D2 V-Mount Battery Shoulder Pad

DSLR Rig Battery Pack

Just a few days after I decide to pick up the redesigned shoulder pad, they show off their V Mount power solution. If you're not familiar, these types of adapters are virtual power stations for your entire rig. Using high powered V Mount batteries (like Sony or Anton Bauer), you can power up all the mounted accessories from LCD Monitors, LED lights, Portable audio recorders, and even down to juicing up your camera. The V Mount battery can be quickly swapped out with another to keep you running all day instead of having to deal with multiple battery types and chargers. This setup can also act as a counterweight on rigs, so instead of having useless dead weight, you've got a functional piece of gear.

V Mount Battery Pack

This V Mount power station has a built in HDMI splitter so that you can run two monitors, (2) 12V outputs, (1) 7.2V output for your Canon Camera, (1) 5V out, and even has (1) 5V USB port out to charge your cellphone. The kit comes with (1) V Mount battery, (1) V Mount battery plate (which also acts as the charging station for the V Mount battery), and the redesigned Shoulder Pad (the one I just bought). If you've shopped for DSLR Rig V Mounts + Battery Packs, this kit is very interesting. Additional close up images and information following the jump (click here).

DSLR RIg V MountScreen shot 2011-07-09 at 8.06.14 AMScreen shot 2011-07-09 at 8.06.38 AM
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17 thoughts on “5D2 V-Mount Battery Shoulder Pad

  1. Ignacio

    Can some one post a picture of the shoulder rig w/batt actually connected t the camera? Please show battery port detail if possible

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ciaran - Hmm. Good question. Actually I thought the H4n could be powered via USB too? So you don't even need the barrel connector. The mini USB cable should work fine.

  3. Ciaran

    Hi Emm,

    Just bought the power station and a couple of these v-lock batteries to power 2 cn600s. Was pretty impressed how many hours I got out of each one!

    Have started using it on my rig too, am trying to find the best way to power the h4n. I can go usb to 5v barrel jack or simply jack to jack. I struggling to figure out what sized jack the h4n will take. Any ideas on the best cable that would work?


  4. Jesse

    What worries me about these v-mount and AB battery solutions for dslr solutions is that the output for the camera is 7.2v...canon batteries and battery solutions such as those from switronix output 7.4v...why the disparity? and what does it mean for shooters?

  5. Dennis

    Hi does anyone have an idea how to connect this battery with the 5d? I ask the seller via ebay but he answer that he has no idea.

  6. Ive also been eying this piece of kit, but have been trying to shop around for something similar from other companies. To my ignorance as to what Im really searching for, I cant find anything. Do you guys have any thoughts as to what else is on the market? Im sure its a great deal, but I want to do more homework before I shell out +500 bucks on a Chinese solution.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @D - Since this mounts on 15mm rails, this battery tray could also be located behind the back with two 90 degree clamps.

  8. D

    It wouldn't act like a counterweight though. I have the switronix shoulder mount, and I bought it with a v mount. That would be the ideal placement for a v mount, flat on the back And behind the shoulder.

  9. Diesel

    Imho..both are pretty good options at their price points. In line with the Jag35 but a bit more flexible since you don't need the conversion cables for output options. 16000mah...nice!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Jarrod - Yeah for the price of the Shoulder Pad + V mount Power Tray + Battery, this new one is not too bad.

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