50% OFF – Benro TMA18C Carbon Fiber Series 1 Mach3 Tripod

It's actually a bit more than 50% OFF for this Benro TMA18C, and a pretty good deal if you're specifically looking for a Carbon Fiber Tripod. Carbon Fiber is typically more expensive as it is rigid but lightweight compared to metal tripods - which make them appealing for travelers and hikers. Another benefit (especially for outdoor and landscape shooters), Carbon Fiber doesn't get quite as cold on the hands when working in sub zero temps. 50% Off is a great deal, but think quickly as Sale Ends Today (found here).

Product details:
Support up to 22 lb worth of gear with the TMA18C Series 1 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod from Benro. Made from 9-layer carbon fiber, the 4-section legs are secured via twist locks and extend to a maximum height of 57.3". The center column can be replaced with the included short column to allow the tripod to reach a minimum height of 11.8". One of the legs unscrews from the tripod, attaches to the center column, and with the addition of an optional head converts to a monopod. The rubber feet can be swapped out for metal spikes so that the tripod can be used on hard surfaces, such as ice, or soft surfaces, like carpeting or a lawn. A ballast hook on the center column allows for the addition of stabilizing weight, and the included carrying case protects the tripod during transport. A 3/8"-16 threaded stud on the mounting platform lets you attach a head of your choice.

benro tma18c carbon fiber
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