4 ft. Jib (Crane) Camera Movements

So many people want to go with the biggest and baddest crane/jib ever, but later find out it's just too cumbersome to be useful. My advice is to get at least two cranes, and start with the smallest and lightest one for your camera. You'll enjoy using it more often, and if you need something bigger you can buy your second one later, and trust me you'll still end up keeping your smaller one. Also having a lighter setup will allow you to use dolly tracks for both rolling and vertical movements at the same time.

A majority of the small Jibs around 4ft. don't have tilt functions, but I specifically went to these cranes because I found myself not really using it. The video above from Vimeo member Meld Multimedia is another fine example of movements that can be had with a lightweight 4ft. jib. Unfortunately the version he has is out of stock, the version I have is out of stock, so the next best budget option would be from the ProAm line which has had excellent reviews for it's price. [Thanks Jason]

ProAm Cranes
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21 thoughts on “4 ft. Jib (Crane) Camera Movements

  1. I really want one of these. Is everyone getting the 4ft one? I saw a bunch on ebay in different sizes. I think the 4ft is what I need but does it come with everything I need besides the tripod? If not let me know before I order.

  2. getem

    @Emm IM trying to mount my camera to the jib , but I have no idea how? Do I need some kind of specific tripod plate?

    All of the plates I have the screws are not long enough???????

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Seth - You can find it here. Just click on image httpss://cheesycam.com/mini-metal-c-clamp-for-mounting/

  4. Seth

    Hey Emm - What was the quick clamp that you used in your original 4' Jib video, that quickly clamped on to counter-balance the jib in addition to the weights? Can't find your video anywhere. Thanks!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Pichado - Good to hear it will mount. The whole setup is fairly lightweight which makes it much more field friendly.

  6. Okay, now I'm stoked - I was able to use my Manfrotto ballhead to mount the entire thing on, even with appropriate counterweights.

    I played around with it last night, but I'll use it outdoors tonight and see if I can get some footage put online by tonight!

  7. Swester

    Haha - this post JUST reminded me that I ordered this over a month ago...

    I just checked - expected delivery next week! I'm excited all over again!

  8. Chris Pichado

    @Jason Hahaha, I wish I had seen your post last night. I figured 2x 2.lbs weights would do (roughly the weight plus half of my 5Dmkii + 17-40L), and... Yeah, way off.

    Also, all 3 of the fluid heads I've tried so far have all failed to be strong enough to hold the weight without turning and "panning down".

    Any suggestions on a sturdier head? I'll try my Manfrotto ballhead today - it's a beast.

    @Jeff I ordered my jib on June 17th, and received it July 12th. I dont know if that's sooner than expected, but unfortunately I think I ordered mine a day or two after the seller started putting a month-long raincheck/backorder on them.

    It's pretty slick though, well, once it works (I hope!). 😀

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - The crane would move with just a bit of pressure. I'm sure someone out there is going to try, but I don't think it would work well.

  10. Michael

    Can you just put a fluid head on the front of the jib and front operate fora tilt function?

  11. Jeff

    @Chris Pichado and @Gautch

    How soon after you ordered did you receive it? I ordered mine on 6/27 and wanted to know if people are getting them sooner than anticipated.

  12. Chris, make sure to get enough weight. That was my mistake at first. Took about 20lbs with a 7D and a Tamron 17-50 2.8

  13. Paul

    I have the proAm 4ft jib, great product, only thing is you have to find a tripod that will hold it well. We have a manfrotto 501HDV with a set of good legs, but the ball-type center scares me sometimes. Also not something you want to use when you're a one man crew like me, scary to walk away from 60lbs attached to your camera 😛

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