$4 dollar Handlebar Clamps = Tripod Mounts

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Woohoo! Happy these guys came in, I was waiting a few weeks for these. These are handlebar clamps for a camera with a standard 1/4 x 20 thread. These are going to work great for a ton of my DIY projects. Funny, I don't see anyone using them for the idea I have. I'm planning on using them on my Tripod Legs. They run less than $4.00 dollars each. I'm going to use these Handlebar clamps along with a simple L bracket to make a mount for my portable HDMI LCD.

Using these clamps, I can easily attach it directly to one of my Tripod Legs and keep the monitor close by and handy. In fact, I can use these clamps to mount other things to my Tripod like my Zoom H4n. I like this method better so If I need to dismount the camera, the LCD monitor or other accessories that I don't want to run with can stay put. The idea for the monitor stand is to use 2 clamps along one Tripod leg. The L bracket will be attached in between both clamps giving me a solid mount that doesn't shift. I'll show more as soon as I can spend some time in the garage, if you're interested in these clamps, you can buy them here.

6 thoughts on “$4 dollar Handlebar Clamps = Tripod Mounts

  1. Josh

    I know I'm a bit late to the game, but did you ever complete this project, and if so, is there any info on it available?


  2. Emm

    Post author

    Just updated the article, so links should work. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, they are plastic.

  3. Dixon

    Are these metal or plastic?
    I need some similar brackets that can hold about 7 pounds, but will be used for an expensive lcd monitor about (4 lbs) with a heavy (2lb) battery mounted. Not sure Id trust plastic. Also, do you remember the manufacturer of them, seems like the ebay link you provided no longer exists. Thanks in advance!

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