3D Video coming to a DSLR new you

So i'm getting calls from all the non-techies in the family asking me about 3D televisions. I guess Samsung made their big announcement to be the first LCD with the guts to display real time 3D Video (with the glasses of course), and now everyone wants the latest gadgets. Well DIY 3D photographers or videographers is nothing new. There's plenty of tutorials on setting up two cameras side by side a few inches apart to get that 'stereoscopic' view. Even YouTube is hosting tons of 3D Videos online made from DIY'ers.

If you're a one camera kinda person, you can probably get away with some of the special Stereoscopic lenses designed for DSLR's. They've been around for a while and normally it was used for photographs, but times are changing and DSLR's can now shoot video. Should be a fun thing to look into as a project. You can grab a DSLR 3D Lens cap for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Minolta here.

One thought on “3D Video coming to a DSLR new you

  1. james davis

    youve got a picture of a 3d converter in front of a normal lens in the article above. know where to get that still?

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