323 Style Mini Quick Release – Fail

A review of the recently posted 323 style quick release adapter. If you managed on receiving one of these, it's time to contact the seller about listing some improper specs they seemed to have just copied elsewhere. [Thanks Ed]

14 thoughts on “323 Style Mini Quick Release – Fail

  1. well, i ordered one, and it was perfect to attach to my (real) manfroto friction arm (which has a threaded hole at the end) so thanks a mil!!! Gonna buy a couple more probably

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - No there was no image, and they provided the exact same details as the real Manfrotto which was totally incorrect.

  3. SkunkWorks


    Yeah I meant just shove pretty much anything under there that's thick enough and has a hole in it 😉

    ... piece of plastic or aluminum, fender washer maybe? Hard wood? Anything you can cut to size and put a hole in.

  4. Jason

    They just told me they would credit me 9 dollars(I bought three of these quick releases) so that I could buy a set of three bushings for them.

  5. SkunkWorks


    Yeah you could just put a tapered head bolt through it for certain things. For example...

    - slider carriage platform (either threaded or with a nut on the underside and using a bottom shim to make it flat)

    - jib/crane platform (either threaded or with a nut on the underside and using a bottom shim to make it flat)

    - shoulder rig platform (either threaded or with a nut on the underside and using a bottom shim to make it flat)

    - Flycam/Glidecam type top stage (with a nut on the underside and using a bottom shim to make it flat)

    But it's not going to work on things that already have a male threaded stud it needs to mount onto.

  6. Billybob

    It not being threaded actually works better for my personal needs. As long as the camera will stay on then I have no problems.

  7. SkunkWorks

    was just thinking about what I mentioned above about shimming the 323 style adapters and realized that might cause the threaded stud on whatever you are mounting them to to not reach all the way through to the adapter base female threads... in which case you'd just be better off getting the 394 RC4 if you need a flat bottom flush mount.

  8. SkunkWorks

    I wonder if the Calumet ones are compatible with the Manfrotto? They're double the price of these useless ebay ones but still quite a bit cheaper than Manfrottos.

    Even if the Calumet are not compatible you could still go with an entire Calumet system which makes compatibility moot anyway... as long as they are threaded and they do seem to be (with reducer bushing as well)... you could confirm that with Calumet.

    Still doesn't change the fact though that none of these, including the Manfrotto, will sit flat on a surface unless you shim the bottom area excluding the quick release latch.

    Like I already mentioned in the other thread, I want ones that sit flat on my Flycam, jib, crane, slider, shoulder mount etc. so I just decided to go ahead and spend the extra cost on the Manfrotto 394 RC4 and look at it as an investment... I'll always use them no matter what I'm doing and they'll probably last forever. And, really, compared to the cost of even the cheapest of some of my other accessories I've purchased like lens filters, batteries, lights, fluid heads, bla bla bla, spending a little over a hundred bucks to acquire 3 of these is not that bad a deal for peace of mind and hassle free operation.

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