$31 Dollar Sony A7s Cage PreOrder


If you're just looking to mount a few accessories to your new Sony A7s (A7/A7r) camera this new SmallRig Half Cage should give you that added flexibility. It might even be a good little half cage for other small cameras as well. Retail price $62 dollars, but if you pre-order now they're offering it up for just half the price at $31 dollars (click here).

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11 thoughts on “$31 Dollar Sony A7s Cage PreOrder

  1. John

    Went ahead and ordered one too. Way too cheap to pass up.

    I own a lot of smallrig parts and they are all machined really well. Best bang for the bucks.

  2. Got an email this morning from Smallrig, stating that they're hoping to start shipping these things by Nov. 5th. Just thought I would give everyone an update. 😀

  3. I placed my order this morning. If it's built like the rest of the smallrig stuff, it should last a long time. $31 is too good of a deal to pass up, regardless of how long it takes to ship.

  4. Dave

    Does anyone know when these will ship? Looks like an awesome cage for the price, but Smallrig's website is devoid of much needed information...

  5. Given the cost of the A7s (pricey!) and the essential need for a recorder to be hooked up if you're doing 4K, I think there is no way I'd trust it to any cage which doesn't have locking pins for the HDMI cable.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan G - It's all metal and excellent machine work. Really great stuff, I use their EVF mounts and a few other bits.

  7. Ryan G

    Emm- Have you used these cages before? What's the quality like? Is it anodized aluminum? I just bought the Movcam a7S cage, so I'm not sure if I really need a second. $30 seems like a great deal though, even for a half-cage. Even full-price seems like a bargain considering some of the prices on the market.

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