3 Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount

HiFly Camera DSLR Gimbal

Brushless gimbals have been in use for aerial video, but with the shrinking size of quality cinema cameras, many feel this could bring a big change for handheld type shooting. In the last few months there has been an explosion of various brushless gimbal stabilizers, including some affordable DIY options over on eBay. One example is this kit called the HiFly 3 Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Stabilizer.

The HiFly is offered in various bundles, but the complete kit comes with everything you need to get flying, but leaves one final step up to the user. The final step required for these type of stabilizers is programming the parameters into the Gimbal controller. There's some additional information on the product listing page on how you can tackle programming the gimbal, but curious if anyone out there is already tackling this type of project? You can see other brushless camera gimbals showing up on eBay (following this link).

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148 thoughts on “3 Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount

  1. Stan

    every one. I have CAME 7000 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal DSLR Handle Carbon Power Motor Controller.
    I've got VERY hard time to calibrate the gimbal.
    I'm open to any help
    [email protected]

  2. Ryan

    Hey @johnny, can you put in the link for the gimbal you ordered that worked right out of the box? Cheers

  3. Johnny

    So, I got my $600 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal DSLR thanks to a link above (from the blog article), it was $700 and it went down to less than $550, it said assembled, so I ordered it. It came and tested it, it works! (without doing any software calibration yet), so I'm happy, now I have to figure out a case for it, any recommendation?

  4. Tatsuya

    Hey guys, almost took 2 hours to read all you guys comment and even trying to join the FB group if you guys allowing me? (Darren Chong) I'm thinking to get one of it as well but not the expensive set. Roughly 1.2k below but the thing is so frustration when assemble the controller and aligning balance. I were thinking to attach it on my shoulder rig with follow focus. Did you guys have any idea?! Your advice and suggestion is much appreciate.

  5. Hi
    I just received mine... it looks like the same but not realy the same. I bought this one https://www.funtobuyonline.com/3-axis-dslr-brushless-gimbal-glass-fiber-handheld-camera-gimbal-w-gbm5208-3-axis-controller.html for 600$ (one day before they dropped the price to 539$ πŸ™
    Anyone have experience with this one ? There are no instructions at all ... if somebody could send me pics of his build (or instructions manual) it would be great.. just to figure out what are the plate delivered with... it seems it is a plate for another board than the alexmos provided

    I will update my build and other informations as soon as I can test the motors and the board... hope it works :)but I don't expect anything for the moment at this price ...

    Thank you in advance for your precious help

  6. Hey I've got few final questions before buying this gimbal


    I've read all the comments on this post but I would like to claryfy this. How does 180T motors run with Alexmoss board? Any one had any issues?

    Also I'm going to be using d800 with 24-70 lens
    will this motors support it? What kind of cameras set ups are u guys used with this gimbal with good working performance?

  7. Derek - on your joystick.. I've been trying to get one to work as well. I bought a "raw" joystick controller (unboxed/pre made) but the same one dual potentiometer thats in the ones being sold. Wondering if you have taken yours out of the black box? I'm trying to figure out if I need to run 5v power through the joystick? If you or anyone else has made their own joystick - I'd love to see the setups. Thanks for all the info on here.

  8. Eric

    I'm completely new to this, but also very interested πŸ™‚

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but is the controller absolutely necessary if I just want straight steady motion?

    Is the controller only necessary if you want to be able to pan an tilt, or do you need it to actually stabilize?

  9. Ryan

    @bitnaut what you could do is setup a dummy account as bitnaut on facebook with no info about you that way you can comment on the page as well since you have alot of knowledge in this for sure. I've set up a couple dummy acounts for this reason back in the day then i just made a personal one and was done with it lol Let me know man. email me. [email protected]

  10. Chris

    Hi all BG1 users,

    I just purchased this gimbal and I'd like to know what are your PID with alexmos controller for a 5D MK II ?
    Could you show the way to fit the controller on board ?


  11. bitnaut

    @ryan, is there a way to make the Facebook page public so you don't need an account in order to read it? I don't have Facebook.

  12. Ryan

    Here you guys go. Feel free to add this to your likes πŸ™‚ We will be able to view real time comments and updates which is a great thing you know...Im checking into getting the comments exported and onto the fb page but i do have the link referred at the fb page just incase.

  13. bitnaut

    I did as above with putting IMU wires through some ferrite cores I bought...also did it for the motor wires just for safety πŸ™‚

    No i2C errors at all!

  14. bitnaut

    From dasrustler on RC Groups:

    "Thought of listing a few tips on setting up the 3rd axis board

    1. VERY IMPORTANT - Use least amount of heat when soldering ~ 300F. specially the daughter board. Be quick as possible and make sure the solder flows freely to the opposite side.

    2. Quickest method
    1. Solder the female 5 pin and 6 pin headers to the driver board (the larger one)
    2. Cut the male pins to size, insert in to soldered female headers
    3. Place the daughter board on top and finish the soldering.
    3. The power tabs (Lipo & Ground) - This is simply a pass thru (Just like a 'Y' harness / Parallel connection) and nothing special. You can route power any way you like. No, you don't need to have 2 sets of power leads connected to the 3rd axis board unless you are using it as a power pass-thru.

    4. Yes, you need ferrite rings at all locations where the IMU wires connects to the boards (both 2 & 3 axis). Please do yourself a favor - Just add ferrite rings and test for I2C errors BEFORE TWISTING THE LIFE OUT OF THE IMU WIRES.

    5. If you are calibrating or doing anything IMU related: Both boards needs to be powered from an external power source. If you connect USB only all lights will be active but will notice tons of I2C errors. Yes USB Only worked just fine when using 2-axis only board.

    Some common questions I get daily.

    Hope this helps"

  15. bitnaut

    @Jep No, that's for servo motors not brushless DC motors which is what we have on the Aliexpress/Famous Hobby rig.

  16. bitnaut

    @Derrick I'm not at the hooking up the motors stage yet.

    I'm just trying to calibrate the IMU with the 3rd axis board connected to the main board and the IMU and then the main board connected to USB. That's it. No power other than what is provided by the USB.

  17. Derrick

    @Bitnaut...yeah, I've done all the above. But tinkered a little yesterday and noticed a screw was REALLY hard to unscrew. I don't know it they manufacture with machines or what but I looked as if the carbon fiber was pushed through the hole of the screw and sticking up into/contacting the motor wind. I havenet taken the yaw axis apart yet but it seemed to improve a little just by backing that screw out almost completely. Try unscrewing the screws until they're almost out but still able to hold the motor in place and see.

  18. bitnaut

    Well, I recieved my Alexmos board with 3rd axis option today. Put it all together and the main board with IMU works when I connect it to the USB port and connect via GUI. However, once I hook up the IMU to the 3rd axis board and then another IMU cable between the 3rd axis board and the main board, the I2C errors go through the roof.

    I've confirmed that the IMU cables are fine since they both work with only the IMU and the main board so, according to people on RCGroups, I need to twist the IMU cables so they're braided and if that doesn't work, find ferrite cores to loop the IMU cables through to cut down on the errors.

    Well, the wire braiding didn't work so I guess I'll have to find ferrite cores at the local electronics shop tomorrow. πŸ™

    If that doesn't work, then perhaps I have a dead 3rd axis board. GAH! πŸ™

  19. Ian

    @Bitnaut - Thanks for that. Great idea for the monitor mount. Also great to hear that the anton bauer will drive it all day! I'll have to look into that setup.

    I ordered a lipo, but now I'm thinking it's the wrong one. Just realized there are 3s and 4s batteries. Is anyone else using a 3s 5300mah?

    Here's a clip from Kavi from the Facebook page @Derrick gave us the link to:

    Brushless Gimbal Tuning woes & Supply Voltage

    Many don’t realize the importance of the voltage supplied to the brushless controller. Maintaining a steady voltage is critical in order for the PID’s to work properly.
    The 7805 regulator (Referring to Alexmos Board) only regulates the power to the ATMEL chip and the FTDI (USB) chip. The motor drivers dump whatever the supply voltage to the motors. Taking a fully charged 4S Pack (4.2 x 4) @ 16.8V and tuning the gimbal and doing a test @ 15.6V will result in unexpected behavior. Power setting not (P) @ 16.8V is not the same @ 15V.

    On smaller gimbals the best practice would be to reduce 4S (16.8V) down to 12V using a BEC with at least 7 Amps. If you are running 3S, a BEC would not do much when the pack starts to drain since majority of them will not boost low voltage back to 12V.

    The ideal would be to use a buck-boost regulator at the voltage of your choice and a minimum output current of 8 Amps.

    So next time, before you pull your hair out, thinking that the tuning is off when the gimbal jitters or act abnormally, check supplied voltage to make sure it is within acceptable range.

    Hmmm... I didn't think the battery was going to be the complicated part.

  20. Ken T

    So the ebay seller has given me a kind refund of $80usd to buy the 3rd axis board locally and will ship out the remaining missing parts.

    Overall quite happy with the effort of resolution but annoyed for the mix up.

  21. Ken T

    @Brian - Got mine from womarts too, please check carefully as I have missing items, also did you receive the third axis board as I can't tell from the pics.

    Also, my cables for the motors are plaited/twisted with an end connector and are quite tidy, don't know if you unwound them.

    This inconsistency is not worth the 'package' deal. Nothing has really been assembled or soldered to make it an 'easy install' and it's just like buying them separately.

    For future ref. to anyone buying this, get it from Aliexpress!

  22. Ken T

    Hey Guys, I bought the item in the end from Womarts as I have been having too much trouble sourcing the controllers locally and would take a while to arrive from abroad.

    Some good and bad news, Good news is that the gimbal is solid and well machined, the same rig from aliexpess.

    BAD news, 4 x Clamp sets, 2 x Long Screws and 3rd axis board MISSING! The controller is Alexmos v2, but a clone, I have successfully updated the firmware though.
    I have still been able to assemble but have to sacrifice some clamps to position in the vital areas.

    It seems womarts does not deal with this directly and has his shipping agent to do so, blaming the shipping guy.

    In the process of resolving this so let's see how it goes.

    I may just be the unlucky one here.

  23. Jep

    Hi guys! I've been following this thread right from the start. And I too am jumping the wagon with aliexpress. @Derrick, so you think the links you sent out for the alexmos boards are good to go? If so, I'd order from them. @Everyone: If not, any other sites where we can buy better ones?

    Saw this guys vid too. It's in french though. Tying to find a way to translate what he's saying but looks like he's got good input on this thread. He has a couple more vids so check them out:


  24. Derrick

    @fortunerox...Looks like the same one in one of those diagrams I sent you. Check again and maybe try to connect once you verify.

    @Ryan...I'm in this one already.
    httpss://www.facebook.com/groups/TBCGG/. It's about brushless gimbals in general but there are some of the ones were dealing witt also. I could however see you starting one dedicated soley to our model(s). I'm all for it! Les go!

    @Bitnaut...Yeah I dunno if they'd have to be super accurately synced would they? Can't be THAT much off as to hinder each other I would think.

    I talked to Flash on the forum and right after I posted my problem he posted he suddenly was having the same issue. lol

    In that vid he mentions he has the 5208s. I think that manner of hanging the cam is odd...don't see how it could work actually as the gimbal/camera leverage is multiplied tremendously. It'd be interesting to see.

    @ Brian...Nice..Xmas in september! lol. Motors aren't mounted? Hmmm...looks like a bit more building than I had to do, fun none the less.

    @Ian...I said the same thing about Flashervns vid...then the next page or so he said HELP! lol...Same issue. I think in the vid he may only have been operating on 2 axis.

  25. Ian

    @bitnaut... Thanks for the links. The @flashervn test footage looks great! He has quite the intricate setup so please let us know if you manage to get any hints and tips out of him.

    hmmm... that's kind of what I was wondering about matching the speeds of the two x axis motors on the Red Rig.

    @Brain... Congrats! Let us know how the assembly goes!

  26. Hey Guys!

    Today fedex dropped me the gimbal.
    I did not have time to assemble it, i just opened the box to see what s inside.
    Well everything is OK, i ordered from Womarts, the FULL SET, for the first look, i got everything.
    I will going for a shoot tomorrow and now its midnight here, so i hope tomorrow night i can assemble it, and i will make more pictures.
    here are the pictures (i will upload more here later)

  27. bitnaut

    Gah I'm not on Facebook.

    The thing with the Red rig and the two smaller pitch motors is that people on the RC group have been discussing how to get the motors to synch because even if they're the same motor, they still run at slightly different speeds. I don't think I saw a solution to that problem or they're just living with the out of synchness...

  28. Josh

    @Ryan I think thats a great Idea! I am still in the process of setting up my gimbal. We finally got the wiring done but have yet to balance and program it. Once I get it the way I like it I will definitely be posting videos on it.

  29. Ryan

    Hey guys. What's your thoughts on me setting up a facebook group so we can have instant communication and pictures and video and all that jazz? I'm not saying Cheesycam isn't a good of communication it's just delayed lol. LOVE CHEESYCAM btw. Let me know if yall want something like that. I'll set it up. I'll just need everyones email addy to invite, i think...

  30. Ian

    @Derrick Always the way. Can't keep up with the tech in this industry. It might be a good thing to start with the one you have anyways. Anything you learn with it will directly apply to any bigger model. I bet if you can get that flying, you'll have no problem selling it.

    I emailed the guys at Aerialpixels Shop and they too said the Alexmos with 3rd axis should work fine on this Red Rig.

    They aren't releasing it for another 10 days though, so I'll keep looking further into it before I order.

  31. fortunerox

    @derrick this is what I got with mine.


    Like I said, my apologies if this has been covered already, just new to all of this stuff and getting a little frustrated.

    I've also ordered a joystick and a bluetooth unit as well in hopes of getting an android device onboard to tune it.

    I guess I can start by getting everything wired up and moving on from there. What can I do about firmware? is the one thats supplied on this adequate? can you even tell? I've been looking at a few other controllers as well, should i consider something else?

    ANy info would be great,thanks for the help!

  32. Ryan

    I'm now considering the Red Rig I mean just in case if I need to shoot with a heavier camera, not bad. Thanks Derrick,,AGAIN!!!

    I'm also considering something like this > https://jag35.com/effkit.html I'll be shooting alot of shallow depth of field stuff like for portrait video and modeling so I'll be in continuous follow focus mode lol.. Does anyone know if this would fit on it with enough clearance without throwing off the balance?

  33. Derrick

    @Ian...from what I've been seeing the Alexmos is what some use but I don't know if they're modded boards that just use the firmware or what. I hadn't looked much into that but should I get serious about switching to it I'll dig deeper. If I come across something I'll let you know. I'm kind of interested to know now.

  34. Derrick

    I'm considering it...but I just bought this one so would have to sell first....hate when that happens, lol.

  35. Ian

    So I looked into the Red Gimbal rig. Apparently there are 4 motors. They claim that the Alexmos controller with 3rd axis will in fact work with this unit. This is what they sent me:

    Bigger motor is: Iflight 8017-120T
    Small motor is: Iflight 5108-120T

    So there are two big motors and two small motors on the x axis

    I did cancel my previous order as it hadn't gone through yet to consider this heftier rig.

    Anyone else considering the Red Rig? Thoughts?

  36. fortunerox

    i've had mine for a few weeks now, and I have no idea how to get this thing wired up. I got the more expensive set up on ebay from womarts, but having trouble finding a correct wiring diagram. Am I am idiot or do I need another controller that has a diagram thats already online?

  37. Bitnaut

    @Derrick Yeah exactly! Balancing is a bitch especially if you're going to be using different cameras and/or lenses during a shoot.

    Looks like the main difference is 2 motors for the pitch axis but they don't specify if they're using the same motors as our setup or the bigger motors that have just been announced.

    Ah well, I'm not going to worry about it until I get this one working.

  38. Derrick

    @Bitnaut....It would be easier if you didn't have to loosen as many screws also. Makes finding the balance point tough because too loose and things flop around, too tight and you over shoot the balance point by having to push too hard.

    FYI: For those wanting a RED EPIC/SCARLET gimbal Aliexpress just sent me a notification that they have one for order!


  39. Bitnaut

    Actually I was wrong in saying balancing was easy.

    At first I thought you just wanted things level but really you want to find the balance point of all axes so that the camera will hold its position no matter how it's turned or rotated or tilted. This way the gimbal motors can work most efficiently at keeping balance.

    It was a bitch finding the balance point for my dslr/lens combo!

  40. Derrick

    Not too difficult to balance. Just loosen the screws "just enough" to slide things around.

    @Bitnaut...understand on the spending..ugh.

    A "dummy" battery like the wall units for whatever camera coupled with a disconnect cord would work well. Just mount the battery on the frame and swap out to change. That way ther'd be no need to mess with the camera and have to rebalance...hmmm.

  41. Ian

    @Bitnaut Great idea about a quick release plate. Might even be able to make some markings on the plate to show what position it needs to be in depending on which lens is being used. I'll play around with that when it arrives. Have you hooked up the Alexmos controller yet? Are you using a pc for the GUI or Mac with parallels or boot camp?

  42. Bitnaut

    @Ian I found it fairly easy to balance the gimbal with my D800 and 35mm f/2 lens. You basically slide the mounting plate front to back and side to side until the camera sits level in both roll and tilt axes.

    If your camera's battery is accessed from the bottom then you'll probably have to remove it. Might be handy to put a quick release plate system in the camera mount area but it would add more weight on the gimbal.

    As for the Anton's, the weight isn't too bad. I was just trying to reduce spending and hardware accumulation. πŸ™‚

  43. Ian

    @Derrick How easy/difficult was it to balance the camera on the gimbal? Can you access batteries on a dslr while connected to the gimbal or will the camera need to come off and be re-balanced?

  44. Ian

    Well... My cards are all in. Ordered the rig and 5300mah battery and charger from Aliexpress yesterday and the Alexmos cards are well on their way.

    @Derrick Thanks for the tip with the Alexmos card.

    @Bitnaut If I understand correctly the Lipos are usually used due to their power to weight ratio. An Anton Bauer pack will probably add quite a bit of weight, but let me know how you find it as I have a few of those.

    Is anyone up and flying with this rig yet? Feels as though this is the frontier of 3 axis handheld rigs. haha

  45. Derrick


    It's like a "slipmat" I assume to keep the camera from drifting side to side despite the fact that it's screw onto the plate. Too thin to really dampen vibration.

    China does seem to arrive quickly...go figure. It's all about the path of travel I suppose.

    Antons will work I suppose but aren't they heavier?

  46. Bitnaut

    @Derrick I was wondering what that thin sheet of rubber was for πŸ™‚

    I look forward to seeing everyone's progress. I find it funny that I was able to get the rig from China faster than the boards from the US...still waiting for the boards.

    Instead of using LiPo batteries, I'm going to take a chance with my Anton Bauer Dionic 90's since I have proper connectors and cheese plate mount for them. Somebody tell me I'm crazy before the boards come in! πŸ™‚

  47. Derrick

    Hey guys...Well! I see it got busy over here! lol

    @Ray, you're welcome brotha. Anyway I can help. That's a cool pic of the gimbal. Funny how just a cool pic makes you wanna buy stuff. I wanted to buy it all over again! hahaaa. I have my SmallHD DP4 on mine.

    @Ian...Yeah I didn't know if the problem was the motors or not but glad to find out the latter. Like you said, I'm hoping its the board. I'll get to the bottom of it.

    Either battery is good, the 5300mah will just last longer but weight a smidgen more.

    FYI FOR ALL...If you wind up having the same issue with the 3rd axis also check your motor screws. One guy had the problem and he found that a screw was pinching or pierced one of the wires causing contact with the carbon fiber. I visually checked and could not see an issue but I will dismantle to look further.

    @Ryan...No problem man, glad to help. That's what this is all about. I planned on posting by now but with the problem and the film I'm working on it's been tough. P{Lus I am so bent on getting it working fully I haven't taken it out yet. Not vibration needed. It has a thin rubber sheet which comes with but I guess it's more for preventing camera slide? But i don't see/feel vibration in the rig...haven't actually looked for it but I've felt it and it's stuck out on other things like copter frames. so nothing as of yet which is a good thing.

    @Ken..Should handle 7D w Tokina fine. I have my 7D w Sigma 30mm and it could certainly handle mush more. Also...AGREED w Ian on going with Aliexpress. They also have responded to me when emailed in a day max, generally less.

    @Brian...Mine was in customs an out the next day...Ohio I believe.

    Talk soon gents!

  48. Ian

    Can anyone explain which battery would be best? 4400mAh vs 5300mAh? Is one better than the other?


  49. Ian

    Alexmos controller and 3rd axis expansion are available again at aerialpixels.com for anyone who was waiting for them to re-stock. Just ordered mine this morning.

    @Ken - I would go for Aliexpress. When you're talking about a rig like this I'd say it's worth the extra to go with a company that has been producing a high quality product. The reviews are 5 star for their rig. Personally, this is going to be quite the learning curve and so the last issue I want to deal with is a flawed rig. Of course that's just my opinion.

    Really appreciating everyone's input. Keep the posts flowing!

  50. Ken T

    I was also wondering about balancing the rig, with extra attachments like LCD, does it effect the balance? or is it just dependent on the lower frame which holds the camera?


  51. Ken T

    @Ray The Gimbal looks great! How did you get black grips?
    @Brian - please post up pix from womarts - really would like to see the set up, cables and controller.

    Thank you so much for the links, I have spent quite some time researching and can't wait to build it up and configure the GUI, I'm UK based and can get the controller & batt from here - just hope I don't have any problems with the 3rd axis.

    Still deciding if I should go for womarts or aliexpress...

    Hoping it can fly my 7d with tokina wide lens.

  52. bitnaut


    What do you have mounted with the camcorder battery in the upper right hand corner of your gimbal?

  53. Ryan

    @Derrick, Thanks for the response and help. Can you post a video on some type of footage from your rig?Does it need some type of vibration reduction or does it handle well>?

    @Ray, Where did you get that batter thingy. What is it for?

  54. Ian

    Hey Derrick,

    I can't remember where I read that someone was having issues with the 180t motors with the Alexmos controller. I'm glad to see you've found otherwise in your rcgroups discussions. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your board. Hopefully the new one will confirm your current one is defective and you'll have your rig up and going in no time.

  55. Received mine from Ali Express yesterday.... well packed and looks to be in good shape... going out of town for a week so thats about as far as I am going to get.

    Thanks for the good news about AlexMos and 180t motors Derrick

  56. bitnaut

    I received my gimbal frame from Aliexpress today...that was fast shipping considering it was a holiday weekend and I ordered Thursday night πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I managed to put it all together without any instructions: just look at the pic on the product page. And, managed to balance the camera/lens (a Nikon D800 and 35mm f/2 in my case) in the gimbal frame.

    Now just need the boards to come in and let's see what this puppy can do! πŸ™‚

  57. Derrick

    Just a quick update. I've been on the forum at rcgroups (which at this point most of you guys probably are as well lol) and when doing a search got only one result about the 180T motors...and from what I've heard apparently the Alexmos is fine with them.

    Someone graciously sent me a profile and upon loading the gimbal reacts the same. This is definitely an electrical issue w one of the boards. Some type of feedback. Flyduino said they'd send me a new one to try out which I respect and appreciate. I'll see what happens.

  58. Derrick

    Hey Ian,

    I'm having issue with enabling the 3rd axis mostly. I hadn't seen any info about the board not working with 180T motors. Just a mention and response on one of the forums about it. Perhaps that's my issue. I've been in contact w Flyduino and sent them a video of what's going on and I'm waiting to hear back. With the 2 axis enabled it works well albeit often needs recalibration. I'm going to reference the 180T motor issue to see their response but review wise Aliexpress has sold MANY of these and have gotten rave reviews. Alexmos being the most popular board I'd imagine many are using it with this gimbal...but I could be wrong. Matter of fact I don't know of any other 3 axis board configuration that's been around as long as the gimbal's been selling. Where did you see this info regarding an issue with 180T motors?

    With regard to the BMCC, it's a rock from what I hear, quite heavy. I've seen similar frames with a BMCC or RED EPIC attached but they may be using different/custom motor winds. If it would have a chance at supporting the BMCC it may only be with the 180T or newer high torque motors out but I'm unsure to be honest.

  59. Ian

    @Derrick... Hey Derrick. Thanks for all of your posts! Being new to this, they have been very helpful. I have had my eye on the FamousHobby rig from AliExpress for a while now. I have heard that perhaps the Alexmos controller is not capable of powering the 180t motors that come with this rig. I emailed Aleksey Moskalenko directly and he could not confirm as he has not yet tested those motors. Have you found any info on this or experienced any issues? Do you think this particular rig could handle a Blackmagic cinema camera and lens or do you think a 5d would be it's limit with the current motors?

  60. Hey guys!

    Well i already ordered from Womarts from Ebay, and i havent got a problem yet.
    He was helpful for me, and he already shipped with fedex.

    It will arrive next thursday so when i will get it i will post pictures

  61. Derrick

    Ryan...As far as dual purpose I'm unsure since I dont have much experience there...and I'm still learning here, but solder tends to be pretty durable so it should be ok.

    The joystick controller is really easy. The diagram is confusing but I found another that worked for me...albeit I'm having some general issues with consistency as well as the third axis of which I am beginning to suspect the IMU. I did have to resolder a resistor on it and maybe that's the source of my issue...maybe not. Check the diagrams below and you'll see it's pretty easy, and it does work.

    From Aerialpixels.com:

    The pink is your +5 from the joystick
    The Green is your ground from joystick
    The Blue and Yellow are the Pitch and Roll signal (VRX/VRY from joystick)

    Also I found a solution as to not have to extend the IMU cable which is to mount it directly from the expansion board to the hot shoe of the camera or vertically against the lcd screen on the back of the camera. For the latter you'd have to change the axis in the GUI from Top "Z" to Top "Y" in the "Basics" tab. I saw it done a few places, one being the link below.

    Hot shoe mounted:

    Camera rear mounted:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK7AlL4JXj8 watch toward the end.

  62. Ordered from Derricks Ali Express link August 27th (late at night) and my gimbal is already in Ohio via DHL. So you guys really need to get with it and get these things all sorted out so you can post the detailed video instructions for me πŸ™‚

  63. Ryan

    Also I see the wiring diagram and confused on how the PS2 controller would be connected to the alexmos controller and the receiver connected to the alexmos. They have overlapping wire lines which is throwing me off. You don't have them connected at the same time right? Any help?

  64. Ryan

    Thanks everyone for your input. I'll be following suit per Derricks recommendations plus the ps2 controller. THe only thing that worries me is this will be for dual purpose being hand held and then thrown on a multirotor. would the connectors take a beating after continuous unplug and plug in distress? I'm new to soldering but I've been testing out on just random wire connections and they hold firm and all. Did everyone have to extend the connection from the Alexmos to the IMU as well?

  65. Derrick

    Hey Ken,

    I think I'd steer clear of the ebay guy. Not ALL ebay but the guy who's selling this particular rig. He's using the Aliexpress pics but they told me he's not their distributor...check posts above for more if you haven't.

    As far as setup, it's not that hard. Much has been worked out by a lot of good people and diy'ers all over the globe. The possibilities of running into some issues is definitely present but people generally work it out. Check out the forum for a wealth of info. It's long but its the central place for people getting these rigs running and sharing info.

    The RCGroups Forum:

    I'd recommend getting the board(s) here:

    3rd axis expansion board:

    With regards to updates...just jump in. It's a constantly growing and evolving market but the latest incarnation is the availability of the 3rd axis boards and I'm sure All-In_Ones will be next as a few are now popping up. $ wise they are about the same as the main board/expansion combo.

    So there you have it, you're on your way.

  66. bitnaut

    Ken T...I would say if you're not comfortable with soldering, programming firmware with command-line level software, and general tinkering both mechanically and electrically, stay away.

    I haven't received my rig or boards yet so I'm just saying this from looking at all that needs to be done from what I've read here and other places.

  67. bitnaut

    Coming from the film/video world, I have a bunch of Anton Bauer Dionic 90's which are 14.8V like the 4s LiPo's. So, maybe I can rig up a battery plate that can power everything on the rig including my external monitor πŸ™‚

  68. Ken T

    Hello, really close to getting the HIFLY Kit off ebay @ $1199.88 but as I am a beginner and would like to have the whole kit, question is,
    how hard is it to balance/calibrate and set up the board with the software?

    Also, should I wait for any updates to the board or a newer version as I am in no particular rush.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

  69. Derrick

    Hey Ray...thanks. I'd imagine any battery with the proper output could be used. I agree we hear about Lipos most likely due to all these coming from an RC flight origin, but you do want to consider weight as it does add up with camera, monitor, battery etc.

    I believe the boards have a built in downconverter. In the above link to the tuning guide it says that particular board offered from tppacks.com is set with PIDs at levels to run 4S. Though I didn't get my board from them my issues could lie in my using a 3S battery so I'll try 4S and see what difference it makes. When I had the T2i mounted things were working. 7D mounted is when things got odd so the added weight/battery output "could" be a culprit. But on the other hand I've tried various PID combos. It's simply a matter of dialing things in barring any hardware issues.

    As far as the GUI yes. I'm running through an old version of Parallels on my 2010 Mac Pro. I have a Hackintosh I built which I run off SSD's. One runs OSX, the other Windows but I have to reload Windows and I'm sure it'd work there also.

  70. Derrick, sorry to hear that, keep us up to date, I am looking forward to some video. I have not had much time to read directions for the AlexMos boards but I only have Apple computers so I assume I am going to need a PC for the setup and to run the GUI software.

    The battery was something I wanted to ask about as well, I have several Sony batteries and wondered if I could use those if I got the correct battery plate. I assumed LiPo was used to save weight for heli flying.

  71. Derrick

    Congrats bitnaut!

    You can use from 2s-4s but anything above 2s you want to solder the jumper on the board. (its right on the front of the tuning guide linked below). I'm unsure about other Alexmos boards but on the Viacopter/Flyduino boards this is a necessity.


    I'm using a 3s 4400 Sky Lipo. I have it mounted below the yaw arm. It's a nice balance of size and weight and I have a couple and some 4s also.


    Just got my 2 axis joystick in today but first things first, gotta work out the quirks.


  72. bitnaut


    Looks like I'll be dipping my toes in at the deep end of the pool. Ordered the unit Derrick recommended from Aliexpress as well as the 2 boards for 3 axis control.

    One question...what size LiPo battery do you guys recommend I attach to this contraption?? I don't think I've seen anyone mention anything about batteries yet.

  73. Derrick

    @Ray...Yeah, I bailed after the second excuse. Fortunately he promptly refunded because I'm not afraid of a trip over there based on principle. I think he's trying to get them from whoever manufactures them or is trying to replicate. They are after all essentially heli parts. Aliexpress was the way to go, you'll get a notification saying it shipped in 3 days max.

    I'm in limbo right now. Had things working well except for the Yaw axis. The long jst cables are delicate. I have a feeling it got pulled and one of the leads disconnected or the thin wire broke. They're so small you really cant tell visually but I get no response from the IMU when connect by the long wire. The short wire shows movement in the GUI but it's not long enough to mount properly and the pitch angle shutters like crazy suddenly, then most recently is staying put so I'm just going to wait for some new wire (which is tough to find) and get the IMU back in position before I assume something else is wrong.

    Another option could be there some sort of interference suddenly somehow since carbon fiber conducts current but the brackets are plastic so that kinda doesn't add up as the possible problem...I'll see soon.

  74. I am glad to hear that, they had good communication and overall I feel like I would have received what I ordered a few things scared me so I canceled my order.

    1) sent me a fake tracking number

    2) Kept telling me they "could not open Ebay and use email" this is a HUGE red flag ! 99 out of 100 times when a seller wants to talk via email and not use Ebay message system its not going to end well for you.......WOMART probably had a perfectly good reason (wonder if its even something as simple as just translating from english)

    3) they made up a several stories instead of just coming out and saying they did not actually have the gimbal and it would be a week or so... "had to make new screws", "FedEx would not ship such a large battery", "ship today send tracking info in 3 days" and many more.

    4) all there sales are " privet listings " so the more I thought about it the more I realized I didn't no if all that feedback was from larger items or $1 stickers and cell phone cases

    5) kept asking me to trust them, I never said anything other than please send me the correct tracking number and I thought it was odd they thought I did not trust them.

    I think they just sold way more than they thought they would (as did the manufacturer) but it was enough to make me a little nervous so I got my money back and ordered from Ali Express (if from the beginning they just said sorry its going to be a couple weeks to ship I would have been fine with that)

    Looks like I will be flying the steady cam for a few more weeks, by them you guys will have all the issues and set up sorted so I wont have to think to much πŸ™‚

  75. Ray!

    Womart sent me a message that they shipped with fedex, i had tracking number too. So i hope i will get it soon πŸ˜‰
    What about yours?

  76. Derrick

    @Ray...that was my issue. That's why I went with a more proven route...got it in a week give or take. They ship in 3 days.

  77. Derrick

    @lio...From Aerialpixels it $149 for the main board and $79 for the 3rd axis extension.

    @DigitalCyclops..Thanks man! I may cut it down about a foot for travel but it's a great height for in-house adjustments while seated. BMCC may be a stretch...with these motors.

  78. lio

    very nice derrick.
    now i'm quite curious for some footage =)
    how much did you pay for the whole alexmos kit?

  79. Nice DIY Derrick! Just paint er Black and it'll look production ready. =>

    Hmm.. also looks like these can't hold a Black Magic Cinema Cam. Weight is around 4 Lbs without lensing.

  80. Derrick

    Tried posting two other posts but to no avail. Dunno what happened but in preparing to get the board connected I wanted to have the gimbal balanced to tweak so the sudden need for a stand came to mind. I had it hanging from a chain but wanted something sturdier and transportable so I went to Home Depot and bought pvc pieces and for $18 made the stand in the link.


    The center piece will remain unglued for takedown/portability and I'll spray it with Rustoleum Truck Bed Liner which is a durable textured paint.

  81. Derrick

    If I am correct, by mounting the 3rd axis board on the arm opposite the pitch motor there's no need for an extended cable since the 3rd axis board "daisy chains" the cable from the main board to the IMU. Hmmm, let's see.

  82. Derrick


    "Fit" I believe so going by dimension specs...barebones of course. I think the bigger issue is motor strength. I haven't hooked things up yet but from reading around the net there's a necessity for bigger motors for beyond slightly larger than dslr sized cams. I am going from what I've read in the forums and applied common sense but have no hands on experience with these beyond an RCTimer Gopro gimbal. But I've seen custom rigs done so they may have their own motors winds for more strength.

    Another issue which is workable is cable dexterity. Cables you have attached to the cam can affect the gimbals action so you want cables with sufficient flexibility. For monitoring pro level cabling is massive but I've seen gimbals with them connected. Perhaps it's just a matter of how the cable runs. Time for Emm to miniaturize his DIY wireless rig lol.

    The EPIC being 5lbs before you even attach a lens makes it highly improbable with the included motors. But it's more compact form factor could actually help as the weight is more centralized than say an FS-100/700 which Marcus Gelhard mentions a home-built unit above that he uses so it must possible if balance is perfected since he and others have done it.

    There's IS good news AND bad news however.

    The good news: iPower has a new motor claiming to have the ability to "push" cameras in the EPIC weight arena. I tend to believe them judging from the size of the beasts! lol

    The bad news: They won't fit in the ebay/Aliexpress gimbal without mods to the motor mounts. I've come up with an idea on how I'd attempt it though. When I'm blessed with an EPIC I'll worry more about that, lol.

    Their website:


    A picture in hand of the founder of Photoship One (who btw offers a really cool and simplistic gimbal) this pic gives you an idea of the size of this beast!:


    Related thread at RCGroups:


  83. Derrick: looks good! I ordered with blue handles too!
    Now you have it, what do you think, it is strong enough to hold an epic?

  84. Derrick

    Another insight fellas...you'll have to find extended 4 pin micro jst cabling or extend yourself. I can't seem to find extended lengths beyond 6-8".

  85. Derrick

    Thanks DigitalCyclops!

    From Aliexpress it's $1068 due to the motor upgrade and even with that a bit more expensive but I felt better as they have a lot of excellent reviews. Other guy made me nervous, then they told me he wasn't affiliated.

    @Ray...I can relate. Time ticks slow when you're looking on the horizon for UPS/USPS lol.

  86. There english is much better than my Chinese thats for sure. Just have to wait and see what I get. A little slow for the next couple weeks so the waiting is killing me, probably be swamped once it shows up LOL

  87. Derrick

    Got mine today and put her together. Took about 45 minutes taking my time. Loose fit them tightened things up. I'll have to put it aside for now but will start on the boards later tonight. A couple pics are below. Sorry for the quality..iphone, low light, stuff haps lol.

    As opened: Well packed!

    Parts laid out:

    Front angle:

    Rear angle:

    The tolerances are really good. Loosen the screws well, or totally disassemble each assembly if you don't want to "shave" a wee bit of the clear coat off. I'm talking a smidgen of a millimeter. It's a nice size/weight. Not too big, but not tiny. You get the sense and feel that it's a pro level rig and it is. Time for a square Pelican case. I'm no carbon fiber expert or anything but well worth the $ from my view. Came with a ton of extra screws and clamps also, and two plates and screws for the boards, velcro straps for batteries, motor wires are braided...sweet.

    @Ray...Cool..gotta get to setting mine up in the next few days. Should be an adventure. In pre-production on a project right now but I'll sneak it in because I want to use it for it in Sept. But just let me know! lol. I'm expecting to do the same when I get a nice sized jib. Got a diy one, I "may" experiment with mounting to. I thought about building a stand...dunno know yet. All depends on time.

  88. Ray: I ordered from Womarts too.
    Yeah, i also have small problems with the communication, he is not perfect english, but its OK.
    I asked Womarts about the controller and he said its come with Alexmos controller.
    Also he said they going to ship it on monday. I am in europe so it will take a little time to arrive.

  89. I bought mine from WOMARTS


    Good feedback and built out of heli parts from a big hobby manufacturer in China so in theory I should be able to make repairs as needed. If you can wait I will post all the info like shipping time, packaging, fees and quality of parts once I get it.

    Some things I do not like are the language barrier and the privet listings, so if you can wait I will let you know if its worth the risk.

    Derrick good find on a stand, it looks great for home or studio .... but I am going to make a set of arms like it has but I want to QR plate them to my 30lbs beast of a tripod/head in the field. Oh I am in South NJ and Philly all the time so if I get stuck setting it up I may show up on your doorstep looking for help πŸ™‚

  90. I bought from Ebay seller Womarts, is that who you bought your from?

    I think its just a language barrier but I had some trouble asking specifics, I purchased the one with controller before finding all the instructions and information on the AlexMos

  91. Derrick

    Hey Brain! I ordered from Aliexpress.


    It has the 180T motors and was a few more bucks. It should have a little more torque. It's just went through clearance processing in Ohio as I type and I ordered on the 18th. They shipped in 2 1/2 days. Pretty fast thus far. I'm in Philly so I'm hoping by saturday I'll get it, Monday latest. I got the AlexMos boards (2 axis and 3rd axis extension) from AerialPixels.com.

    2 axis...https://aerialpixels.com/shop/gimbals/alexmos-brushless-gimbal-controller-imu-simplebgc/

    3rd axis board...https://aerialpixels.com/shop/gimbals/3rd-axis-ext-board-for-alexmos-brushless-gimbal-controller-board/

  92. I will post info and detailed images when I receive it, I would guess its going to be a few weeks for delivery.... it came with a controller but there is so much more information about the AlexMos controller online I decided to order one (if I can find one for sale....I am already in this deep so may as well LOL)

    once I get it set up and a little time using it I will post some samples, I am just looking to add camera movement somewhat like I get with my jib and slider along with a good amount amount of walk and talk without the set up time of tracks.

  93. Brain

    Ray: so you got it?
    Can you please write down a small review about the quality, materials, impressions?

    What s the controller type?

    You haven't assembled it yet?


  94. I also ordered from ebay for the PayPal protection and it came with a battery, controller and wires..... Hope the controller will works out but I have been finding many people recommending the AlexMos set, not sure if its for ease of use/set up or it just works better. Any ideas why the AlexMos is so popular?

  95. @Derrick! I ordered from Ebay!
    The guy said that i need to wait 5-7 days before they ship out, because there is lots of orders.
    Which one did you order?

  96. Derrick

    @Brain...where did you order from? I ordered from the ebay vendor and it took them longer to tell me it wouldn't ship for an additional week after I'd waited a week. I ordered from Aliexpress 2 days ago and got the notice today that it shipped.

  97. Derrick

    Sorry...meant they are almost double the rez..24 poles vs. 14 poles.

    "The new iFlight 5208-Pro has 24 poles vs 14 poles on the 5208-150T. This essentially doubles the resolution of the motor gives you even smoother footage! This motor is ideal for DSLR cameras up to the Canon 5d MKiii. "

  98. Thank you very much Derrick.... the one listed on Ebay has 180t vs. 150t motors and figure I would be more than happy using it with the little ultra light 18-55 sony lens and lighter fs100 as I get the hang of it anyway..... going to cruise the copter forums for a bit then sleep on it but am now pretty sure I am going to pull the trigger in the morning.... just need to decide if I should get one with the controller boards or find those on my own, really would need a "follow mode" for flying alone

  99. Goodwill

    I'm interested in purchasing one to run with a FS700. Know where to get the extra motors? How did you build yours Marcus?

  100. This looks like it could be amazing but I am going to have to wait on some more information/directions before I order.

    Wonder if it would fit an fs100 and/or fs700

  101. i have a selfmade brushles gimbal which works with a fs700. the alexmos is good enough for that. using this for around 2 month now. the motors are not strong enough to use them on a cameratruck over 20mph but it's only the first prototype.

    here is one video were i used the fs700 selfmade bl gimbal
    intresting part begins at minute 2:00

    i can't show you some better videos because they are not released yet. so it is possible to use an fs700.

    here is a photo

    the software is not so hard to setup. you just hae to understand how every setting works. and there are some good videos out there for the alexmos boards.

    here is also some fs700 bl handgimbal stuff.
    the scene where all the guys are standing in a line was made with a 50mm lens (fs700 is aps-c) so comparable with a 80mm lens on a full frame.
    i also tried 200mm with the gimbal walking. it works. only problem is the up and down movement when the objects are closer.


  102. Derrick

    There are by the way 3 axis boards beginning to pop up.

    Even having to use two boards is no big deal. It's no different in principal to how people were/are using a a second KK2 board (flight controller) to control servo gimbals. AlexMos boards can be had for $35 a piece so two is not an expensive option. The new EvvGC single 3 axis boards are in early development and need quite a bit of tweaking and run around $45 but people do have them working. There also are other single axis boards popping up from $150 to $270.

    Take it away Emm...lol

  103. https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTg3Mzg1ODQ0.html

    this one isn't chinese's review also, the item seems different version.

    According to the korea professional cinematographer, you can get one device to control and monitor jimbal's current status, which sounds really great. (You have three function to choose. Single mode, Two people mode, Steadi off.)

    These function will be shown on the android app.

    Now, I want this so badly!!!!!!!!! where can I get this one?

  104. sarahb

    The gimbal in the picture is also missing a vibration plate. This takes the rough edges off the movement. All the more expensive gimbals have a vibration plate.

  105. lolicht

    You have to be careful, brushless gimbal is a fresh technology and if you don't go for +3k$ gimbals like Defy, Lemur, Rotorview you'll have to really spend a lot of time to make it working ... for the moment there is no 3 axis brushless controllers available so most of the system combine 2 boards that you'll have to flash (eprom) and program via a GUI (like the Hifly does). Most of the boards combine opens and close source (harware and software) so it's quite difficult to point on a precise information, and cheap system sellers don't send manual, they just assemble parts and it's to you to makes them working together ... works like Linux, you see what I mean ? Each config is different so you will have to fine-tune yours via software and GUI ... even when you swap lens, you are suppose to re fine-tune, as brushless motors are very sensitive to the GC (gravity center) placement. Most of the motors goes to 1.7kg torque, so cheap systems won't hold a 5D with a zoom ... Don't believe the sellers mentions "ready to fly" ! Just have a look at the numerous threads on the RC forum ... But still, it's a very promising technology ! Dive in with caution !

  106. Dean Barkley

    I'm looking at these chinese gimbals for my Hexacopter. Be careful though, as they often do not come with a controller board. There are two popular boards, Martinez (open source firmware) Β£40 and Alexmos (closed source) around Β£100 on top of your gimbal! Sometimes these gimbals come without the brushless motors too!!

  107. A buddy of mine purchased this last week and he is waiting on it to get here to test out. I currently have a Hexacopter with a servo based gimbal and we were going to compare the stability on the two.

  108. Yeah, i am interested too!
    Ii cant found any videos about this baby.
    Interesting why not the first thing to make a good demo video and put it everywhere.
    Also on the ebay , there is only a few information πŸ™‚
    Anyone bought one?
    If this stuff good, i am in!

  109. Now THIS is VERY interesting!! Are you going to buy one Emm? Also any pics of this thing flying a 5Dmk3 with 16-35 2.8L on it sans battery grip?


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