3.5″ Electronic HDMI LCD ViewFinder – EVF

Just a few weeks ago this 3.5" HDMI LCD EVF was posted on this blog, and now that a few other resellers are carrying the item it looks like it's dropped down a bit more in price starting at $239 (or make an offer).

It's not the greatest EVF on the market and lacks many features of higher end models, but If you would like to see a video showing some of the features on this particular EVF, you can reference the original post (here). More of these 3.5" HDMI LCD Electronic Viewfinders are available via eBay (click here)

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16 thoughts on “3.5″ Electronic HDMI LCD ViewFinder – EVF

  1. Mike C

    I've got one of these from Freeman (aminimart). Works great...got it out to test it, but haven't been shooting video enough to justify keeping it around. Looking to do some house improvements. Anyone in the US want it for $150 + shipping?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - Not many EVFs on the market and I doubt it will compare to the Zacuto. The Zacuto will run around $900 dollars complete, while the next cheapest EVF would be the smallHD DP4 which starts around $600 dollars.

  3. Dave

    Emm - Thanks for your product reviews, as they are always informative.

    Can you comment on how the image quality of this EVF compares to a similarly priced 5-7" monitor? I've been using a friends Feelworld 7" monitor, but the image quality is horrible. I tried a friends Zacuto Z Finder/EVF combo, and the quality was outstanding, but out of my price range. I'm hoping there is an EVF option to use with my GH3 camera that will fall somewhere in the middle, but still have good image quality. Any suggestions?

  4. Mike C

    I don't quite get why people look for resolution when it comes to an EVF...EVF's serve a different purpose than playback resolution. Utilizing the Canon LCD isn't always the most practical thing, especially when going handheld on the shoulder. Having a proper EVF at the eye, parallel with the lens is often the most balanced approach. All of the offset shoulder rigs force one to use many redundant pieces (rods, railblocks, plates) just to get the camera in front, which throws off the natural balance quite a bit, and more often than not creates a very front heavy setup, which defeats having it on the shoulder. On a monopod is a different story, the LCD works great in this sort of setup.

  5. antonio pantoja

    Alex's comment is interesting.

    To me, the Canon LCD is better than any other monitor I've seen to date. MUCH sharper, especially when zoomed in. Is it comparable to the Canon LCD?

    My FS100 zoomed in looks horrible.

  6. Adam Jeal

    Hi Mike,

    No, I bought it as a cheap temporary option for my BMCC via a converter - It doesn't accept the signal from the BMCC.

    I've had it connected to other HDMI camcorders and can confirm it works fine. It is good value for money.

  7. Mike C


    Any chance you can give a quick review of your experience with it? Are you running it with Magic Lantern at all?

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