(2)pc 500 LED Video Light Kit with Stands

Thanks to ceevisionzfilms for pointing this out on Twitter. It's a set of two dimmable 500 LED video lights + Light Stands shipping from a USA seller. Divide all the pieces up and this 2 piece LED light kit is a pretty nice deal. If you know of better pricing for an LED light kit, leave comments. You can check out this deal following the link (click here).

500 LED Video LIght Kit with Stands
find-price-button (2)pc Dimmable 500 LED Video Light Kit w/ Stands

[Update] Shared through the comments, here's another link that might be a few dollars cheaper too: https://www.ebay.com/2x-Lighting-Stand-2x-500-LED/230683764?pt=LH_&hash=item352e7f5

26 thoughts on “(2)pc 500 LED Video Light Kit with Stands

  1. Derek

    Had a chance to test the lights over the weekend using the Canon LP-E6 battery and was surprised to see that it ran all 500 LEDs at full power for 30 minutes before shutting down half the panel.

    It didn't appear to dim at all before shutting down half the lights.

    So in a worst case scenario, you could run the light constant for a half hour before you'd need to either swap out the battery or plug it it.

    Here's what I used to power it:

    Jag35 XLR cable: https://jag35.com/products/cables/xlrcable.html
    Jag35 LP-E6 battery plate: https://jag35.com/products/power/lpe6plate.html

  2. Derek

    So I finally had a chance to test out the small battery pack with these lights. It appears that the lights don't like the battery pack. They'll stay on for a few seconds and then shut down.

    On the flip side, I was able to power them with my lp-e6 battery without any problems. So that may be my wireless solution, although I'm going to need to test out the run time before I go all in.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Derek - I've seen those weird textures from the silver barndoors. I agree, painting them black might help. You could also try some black sticky contact paper (matte) if you don't like paint.

  4. Derek

    @emm looks like it will work. I had a box of random cables in my office and was able to put something together. Voila! We have light! Unfortunately the battery didn't have a full charge so I wasn't able to see how long it would last, but I can tell you that it will shut itself down if it isn't getting the power it needs, rather than slowly dimming.

    Another thing that I noticed was banding in the shadows as you close the barn doors. Not really sure why they went with a textured chrome inner barn door, but I was getting very defined bands from light to dark as the light trailed off. It went away when I opened the door further out.

    I might just disassemble the doors and give them a coat of black, since the banding makes the doors somewhat useless.

  5. Derek

    Found that jag35.com has a cable that appears to work. I've ordered them and they should arrive withi the next week or so. I'll keep you all posted.

  6. Derek

    For clarification, the unit is XLR 4-pin male, so you'd need to either find the female 4-pin or get an adapter.

  7. Al

    Hey guys - quick question, I've been renting an Arri kit (2 350s and 2 150s) with a couple of soft boxes, for some interviews and documentary work but I'm looking for something a little more portable. Typically I only end up using one 350 and the 150 for rim light. Curious to know if these would be a good fit for me, maybe adding a softbox to the mix etc.? I've been looking for a daylight kit and this good be the ticket.


  8. We bought a bunch of these a year ago and haven't used our tungsten lights since. So far they are standing up to abuse well.

    We usen them for both video and photography work, because they are daylight balanced they also play nicely with available light.

  9. Austin

    So would these be something worth buying as a hood lighting kit for short films and such? Been wanting to get in to lightin but haven't a hard time findin good lights that won't break the bank

  10. Dan

    I'm thinking about getting this one instead..

    Do you think it would work with an xlr adapter

    and a 12V rechargable battery??

  11. So Here is the real deal guys.
    I just got one of those shipped home (france) for free from Hong Kong.
    1900 LEDs 100watts for less than 300 Dollars

    A friend of mind tested them for me (I am not home yet) They are plain but rugged but very powerfull. They are a bit thick also but apparently they give out as much power as my 1000 watts Tongsten at home...


  12. Laurens

    Not only is shipping to Europe expensive (which makes sense), but you never now if the lights will work on 220V.

  13. Oh! Nice. Emm I haven't used LED lights so far. So wonder if two of 500 is enough light source. I mean powerful enough.

    How long do these lights last, if a single little blub gets burned or fussed is it replaceable? Pardon me if I am not making sense.

    Man I need to get a restraining order. But my hand itches. I guess I will sleep and think over. Come morning my elephant guns will have decided.

  14. DoomDesign

    Too sad they're not shipping to Europe 🙁 it's almost impossible to get those inexpensive led light kits over here in Germany... Maybe one of the people here know about some sources in Europe to get these for about the same price as in the u.s.?

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