Z96 Dimmable DSLR LED Video Light vs. 126 LED

Quick over view of what to expect from the Z96 Dimmable DSLR LED Video light that everyone is raving about. As of now, since it's fairly new, it might run you about $20 dollars more than the 126 LED lights. I personally think that $20 dollar difference is well worth it, considering you'd be buying a $400 dollar unit similar to this from the brand names.

The Z96 carries many of the same features that make the 126 very popular. Dimmable lighting, multiple battery sources, LED technology, and cheap cheap cheap. Originally LED video lights were hitting the streets for over $400 dollars, so even thought this is NOT as cheap as the 126, it's still a bargain you can't complain about.

It's smaller, but feels more solid than the 126 LED video light. Smaller is nicer since it doesn't take up bag space. Too much spotlight is offending to your subject, so it's very nice that the LED's on the Z96 (even without the diffusion panel) work better than the 126 LED. The adjustable shoe mount neck is a much better design as well. Not as tall, but definitely solid enough to keep from adjusting off position. I like everything about the Z96 and the additional price I feel is well worth it. The 126 has been a solid performer for me and I currently own 3 of them still in use today. I haven't thrown the Z96 around as much so we'll have to hear about the long term durability. For now when i'm ready to work, this Z96 is the one LED video light i'll always grab first.

Note:If there are clones of real products, it's not uncommon to see a 'Clone' of a 'Clone'. We see this already with Battery grips. Mine is solid quality, fast shipping, great price. Here's the seller you should be buying from if you're considering purchasing the Z96 Dimmable LED DSLR Video Light.

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[Update] Other links if the top one doesn't work Click here for Z96 Video LED Light


132 thoughts on “Z96 Dimmable DSLR LED Video Light vs. 126 LED

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @BrianJ - Should work fine, just make sure the power tip works. From the specs it looks like it will.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @brake - Those energizer and duracell are still alkaline batteries which only work for so long. If you can't get the Eneloops, I would just invest in a good li-ion battery like the Sony and you should be good.

  3. brake

    Thanks Emm!

    But the video is down...

    So what were you suggesting then if not the Sony batteries? Should I basically just try better brand batteries like Duracell or Energizer then? They have some pretty snazzy ones out these days that I've seen at the supermarket!

  4. brake

    Thanks for the reply Emm!

    I'm sorry, I'm such a newb! You mean those Eneloop batteries right? I've never seen those in my life and I'm not even sure I can get them in Australia. I could get some online but I'd much prefer to buy some test batteries locally first just to determine that my unit isn't faulty.

    So the question for me is: Can I get another type of stronger battery for testing first? If so, what kind should I get?

    The batteries I was using were Phillips long life r6 um3 AA zinc carbon 1.5 volts... these ones: http://www.amazon.de/Philips-R6-UM3-Carbon-Battery-Blister/dp/B00009M6WJ

    Pretty sure they're just your stock standard el cheapo basics batteries.

    Thanks again!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @brake - Sounds like your batteries are too weak, or you have a defective unit. You really have to have a good battery to run it full power without strobing.

  6. brake

    I'm hoping someone can help me out here? I ordered one of these from Greenlife and just have a question about it. I'm hoping someone can help as I don't see a mention of this anywhere else!

    I seem to get an extended and unwanted strobe effect when trying to use this as a constant light as bright as it will go, I'll try to explain:

    My goal is to get a constant light as bright as I can, no flashing or strobing. Once the light gets into the strobe effect the actual light doesn't get brighter, it just strobes faster etc, I want that level of brightness but as a constant light with no strobing. So I turn the dial down until it stops strobing and the light is the same level as brightness as the strobe setting, so now the light seems constant/solid but only thing is that after a few minutes it will strobe once (not a flicker, a quick flash, just 1 strobe, quickly off and on etc) which ruins shots.

    This basically means I can't use the light as a proper light source at the brightest setting becuase it will strobe once after a few minutes...

    Has anyone else noticed this or did I get a faulty unit?

    I hope this makes sense!

    Thanks a bunch

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  8. Grok

    NOT buy Z96 from “yespainting” on ebay. Seller have a good rating, but sent clone of Z96. Product description is deceiving.

  9. Lee

    just to avoid any clones the ebay seller I should purchase this from is greenlight correct? At most retailers this sells for $170 so saving $100 sounds pretty good to me.

  10. Edward Calabig

    Is there a way to vertically mount this on your camera's shoe? I'd like to stick this in my thinktank hydrophobia's flash compartment :)

  11. yalt

    I use the sony np-f970 and np-f550 battery ,they are very good!!

    my item is 4pcs z96 with the stand , I like the sony battery plate,comes with the Dc cable ,could fix on the led light.

    often, in order to save hand, I take the plate and only one 970 battery to power my 4pcs z96.

    I think the sony battery and plate is more flexible.

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  14. CF

    Shitty shitty... F*** F***... Ordered 2! Sorry for the cussing... Had to lol.
    Just became a z96 owner as a result. Oh well... Spend and learn!!

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  18. Bryan

    Reference to my earlier post (#98). Found Sony L series plate can be modified to take M series batteries. Just requires taking a few mm off one pair of the securing keys (closest to the battery compartment latch). With an NP-FM50 the Z96 was still going strong, with no flicker, after 1.25 hours - not that I'd use it for that long at a stretch. Great little light. I also like the convenience of being able to slip other gels behind the magnetic diffuser plate.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @shadows44 - Yes many lights will flicker if they don't receive the correct voltage.

  20. shadows44


    Thanks a lot for the video !
    Just a stupid question about the flickering issue : from what I understand, this is not linked with the Z96 itself, but with the technology & hardware involved ?
    In other words : I guess every LED video light on the market (including the 126 LED) will have the same issue ?

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  22. Bryan


    Got my Z96 last week. With Duracell 2450 mAh NiMH AA’s I’m getting only 25 mins before permant flicker sets in at full power. Are Eneloops any better?

    Also, was hoping that Sony M series LiION batteries would also fit on the L series attachment, as I have a few M’s plus charger from my old Sony DV cam. But no such luck. Anyone know of an ‘M to L series’ adapter plate that could be used ?


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