Preorder SLR Magic 50mm F/1.1 Cine Prime Lens for Sony E Mount

One of the hottest lenses right now for anyone switching over to the Sony is the newly announced SLR Magic 50mm F/1.1 Cine Prime Lens. It's said to be shipping in about two weeks for just $349. Covers Full-Frame Sensors with a geared Focus and clickless Iris Ring. F/1.1 is a pretty wide aperture and this also lens sports a 13 blade iris. Canon's 50mm F/1.4 I believe only has an 8 blade iris.

Every video shooters bag should have a good solid 50mm, and this one is far better for video use than an autofocus lens from Canon or Sony. Even cheaper (and most likely better designed) than a Rokinon 50mm. This looks like a winner in my book, but unfortunately only available in Sony E-Mount. Preorder now (link).

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VIEW-ITEM SLR Magic 50mm F/1.1 Cine Prime Lens for Sony E Mount


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11 thoughts on “Preorder SLR Magic 50mm F/1.1 Cine Prime Lens for Sony E Mount

  1. Chris

    Can't wait to see some hands on reviews from the lens. B&H pushed the expected available date back again to Dec 23rd now. Looks like B&H is the only place selling this lens right now too. Looks amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on one.

  2. Casey

    It seems unlikely that this lens will be able to hang with the Sony 55mm right? Besides the gears, I'm just not sure why you would use this over the Sony. I guess unless it's sharp at 1.1

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @seenematic - Yes they say it will cover a Sony full frame. So it would crop on smaller sensor cameras.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @VanWeddings - That's a matter of preference, but I still like to buy Canon EF because it works with other cameras like BlackMagic Design stuff. Another benefit of using Canon EF mounts is some adapters will help you out like Speedboosters or the FotoDiox ND Throttle.

    On the Sony FS7 (and most likely FS5), you can add a Speedbooster if you're using Canon mount lenses which everyone seems to be using. If you went native e-mount you would not have that option. On the Sony A7RII, the camera works best in Crop Mode, so a speedbooster is helpful too. With the ND Throttle you have a variable ND Filter sitting behind your lenses which is great for me and the small Sony or GH4 cameras.

  5. krys

    i think they said focus throw is only 180? vs rokinon 360. would that be a big issue for a lot of video people?

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