Latest Gini Follow Focus – iFocus Review

Here's a closer look at Gini's latest Follow Focus a.k.a. 'iFocus'. Having been a huge fan of the Cinevate Durus design and quality, it was very obvious where Gini was getting inspiration from. I took the chance of ordering this latest FF knowing that it would be good. Especially since it's a custom designed gearbox and not the ol' Huco plastic Box. The craftmanship on this entire FF is like any other Gini part. Flawless machining, quality anodizing, and smooth finish. Absolutely no plastic on this follow focus system (except for marking ring).

find-price-button Gini iFocus DSLR Follow Focus

The marking disc holds strong with 4 powerful magnets. The hand knob (obviously influenced) is large and comfortable with a standard mount in the center for a whip or crank. The Gini FF gear is 'reversible' and can be used on both left and right side of your rig by removing the rod clamp and swapping the position. The design is tall enough to hit lens gears on a variety of different sized lenses - No riser required (a problem some FFs have because they aren't designed tall enough). To put weight in to perspective, the Durus is 19.4 ounces and the Gini iFocus is 19 ounces, both very solid units.

Gini Follow Focus-0138
find-price-button Gini iFocus DSLR Follow Focus

The one thing that Gini falls short on is the marking disc pointer. It can only be used at the top position and makes it hard for you to see if you're standing from behind the camera. It would be nice to see that changed in future versions, and a couple of hard stops would make this one hell of an FF. Of course, I jumped on the deal early, but who knows where prices will be as this FF becomes more popular. You can find the Gini Rig parts following the link (click here).

Gini Follow FocusGini Follow FocusLens Gear Gini
find-price-button Gini iFocus DSLR Follow Focus


55 thoughts on “Latest Gini Follow Focus – iFocus Review

  1. daniel

    IS this FF still to the standard in 2015? Or are there better options for that price now? I can grab one for 100 euro. take it of leave it?

    Thank you

  2. mk

    The follow focus I received from Gini Rigs arrived with a MAJOR FLUID LEAK from the gear box.

    I wrote GIni Rigs about the problem - at first they ignored my emails, but after months they finally wrote back and said.... we don't make any warranties on our products.

    so BUYER BEWARE, if you buy this you may end up with a useless piece of junk and be out several hundred dollars.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Garth - We don't usually buy Gini products unless it's on Auction. You'll find those products in his auction and much lower prices.

  4. Garth

    Hi there, I was wondering if the Gini is still best in this price range oor if the lanpare has it pipped. Gini Ifocus is now $600!!! (ebay)

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - You can use low profile lens gears like the ones from Jag35 (seen here), but for smaller lenses you'll need a gear with a wider diameter like these Follow Focus Lens Gear Sets.

    The larger ones have to be removed when it's time to pack up your lenses, but the low profile ones can pretty much remain on your lens.

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