Cheap Matte Box – DON’T DO IT

Alright, when I see an item that's super duper crap not good stuff, it's not mentioned on this blog. Unfortunately I think i've received a hundred emails about RJ's new 'cheap' matte box and everyone seems so excited about it. So I feel I need to throw out a word of warning. I'm here to tell you it's terrible! not very good. Don't do it!

This is literally the first time i've posted a blog about something to say that it's a total waste of money (ok maybe my second time). In fact, I've seen this thing up close and personal and my suggestion is to try to avoid it at all costs. I don't think it should even be considered as a 'Matte Box'. It's barely even a decent sun shade. The plastic designed panels could reflect light back into the lens. It holds no filters so what's the use? The clamp will fall apart on you the first day with plastic knobs. There's my personal input and for those who might have bought into it, you might want to ask for a refund. Currently it's being sold pretty cheap through a seller jinfinance found below. Avoid buying is my take....

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56 thoughts on “Cheap Matte Box – DON’T DO IT

  1. Andi

    I'm German, sorry for my bad english :)

    I completely agree to jerry...
    furthermore, I do not understand why the color is a problem... my product was perfectly matte black.

    The quality is reasonable for the price. I do not understand these wannabe pros.

  2. OK........I bought a similar one from Neewer for $17.95. I really don't understand what the problems are for all of the commentators. What did you expect? A $400 matte box for under 50 bucks. Spray the flags flat black and screw the filters into your lens and there you go! If you don't have time to use screw in filters...then buy the $400 matte box.

  3. Holly

    When I saw the prices, WOW. So, I decided to build my own. A little EBay, a little HOME DEPOT and a lot of work.
    And BAZINGA, The home brew bellows matte box, with filter holder. It's nothing to write home about, but it works.

  4. MaC

    i have on of this. Sprayed it black mate inside, and glued a cokin filter holder on it. Works like a charm!..and its cheap! :)

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