Cheap 3pc Lighting Kit Photography Samples

Just got an email this morning again asking about how I like the Cheap 3pc Lighting kit that I talked about a short while back. For the price of a single 500 LED light, you can get this set of three - all dimmable with diffusers. There's pros and cons to all lighting, this is a cheap entry level set but very flexible to integrate into any project. Since then there's been many questions about how well they work, and people wanting to see more examples. So i've been trying to show a few things that i've used them for when possible.
First I showed a video where I used it during a Zoom H1 vs. Tascam showdown here:
I think I also showed the kit in use during an EA Sports interview about the new Need for Speed game here:

Cheap 3pc Lighting Kit on set with Linda Le

Here's another lighting sample just shot last night in the studio. With just continuous lighting (no strobes) I was able to grab a few Photos for some BTS footage. Last night we worked with the fun and lovely Linda Le in which she'll be featured in a video / photo / interview profile. If you're a Comic Con type fan, I believe the anime inspired costuming is known as 'Cosplay'? I'll show you guys that stuff later, because I know we're all more interested in the Equipment, rather than photos and videos of random beautiful women.

Green Screen area

We made quite a mess of things with backdrop stands setup, several different lighting sets, a green screen area, and more. When using the 3pcs Lighting Kit off on one end of the studio I grabbed the Canon 60D with Canon 85mm F/1.2 to take a few snaps. No flashes here, just all ambient from the lighting kit. There were just two additional lights for the colored gels behind. Just goes to show it's not just for video use, but can be effective in a bit of fun photography as well. The kit comes with 3 Lights, 2 Softboxes, 3 Light Stands, 1 barn door, a travel case, all with dimmer switches. For small projects, it's a great cheap set that gives you a little bit more creativity to your projects found here:

Photos taken with lighting from cheap 3pc Lighting Kit
find-price-button 3pc 2400w Dimmable Video Lighting Kit Softboxes

find-price-button 2400 watt 3 lights Continuous Video Light Kit

Kit + Green Screen
find-price-button 2400w Green Screen 10 x 12 ft Lighting Kit


52 thoughts on “Cheap 3pc Lighting Kit Photography Samples

  1. SClaybrook

    I purchased these from Konova and just received them (I paid more than the links listed). Right out of the box, all three lit up the halogen bulb then they died - no dice. Cannot get any of them to work.

    They have a native Korean plug on them which requires me to use an adapter. Does anyone know if there could have been an issue with my adapter / voltage change that may have blown the bulbs?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  2. Wayne

    Sadly, these have been a big bust for me. I bought the kit, and right out of the box only two were working. After my first shoot, only one worked. I attempted to contact the seller multiple times with no luck. I determined that the switch/dimmer assembly was bad. I attempted to replace it with a household rheostat, with no luck, which means there must be more failures up the chain. So I'm stuck with a single fixture that I'm convinced will die at any moment.

    Oh, and the softboxes are a terrible design - especially if you've ever worked with Chimeras. I would advise everyone to steer clear of this kit and hit the casinos instead. At least there's a chance you'll get your money back at the tables...

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