Canon EOS T3i Received and Zoomed

The Canon T3i is in, and so far looks very close to a Canon T2i. There is one cool feature that none of the other Canon's have and it's the 3x-10x Zoom feature. The T2i and 60D had something similar but could not perform this while shooting in HD resolution. The Panasonic GH2 already had this feature built in, so it's nice to see Canon stepping up with the same.

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The new T3i has this Zoom ability that can only be used in 1080 either 24fps or 30fps. You can't use this feature when shooting in 720. It's not a hard set Zoom factor, as you can start at 3x and slowly work your way to any Zoom in between all the way up to 10x. For people trying to find a solution to shooting far (wedding guys?), this new feature can essentially change my 100mm F/2.8 into a 1600mm F/2.8. So a simple 50mm F/1.4 can become a 500mm F/1.4. You see where this can come in handy? Oh and because my 100mm is one of Canon's finest 'Macro' lenses, the 10x feature on this lens is 'INSANE!!'. A must see, I mean seriously this is where this feature really really shines. It's crazy....

Let's hope Canon has the ability to throw this feature in via Firmware updates to our older cams, but don't hold your breath.

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58 thoughts on “Canon EOS T3i Received and Zoomed

  1. This sounds REALLY stupid but does the digital zoom only work for taking video? I am a newbie with the DSLR things and I got this camera and am still learning. I'm wondering if I can use the digital zoom when taking photos. I'm thinking you can't because I can use it to zoom but then when I take a photo it comes out just as far away as it actually is. I don't know if that makes sense. Help?

  2. MovieBuff

    @Fabdex I tried to post this "T2i ML firmware zoom request" on many youtube comments sections. Let's try to pass the word around and try to contact the ML programmers and initiate a firmware update with the 3x - 10x zoom for the Canon T2i.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @JSS - The Zooming feature is pretty cool, best when used between 3x-5x. If most of your videos require a distance, this could save you some cash on long lenses. There's many great features in the T3i and I know several people who are still using the T2i and making good work from it. The 60D would appeal to those who are into Photography as well.

  4. JSS

    Emm, sorry to go back to an older post but I'm trying to decide whether to get the T3i or the 60D. It's this zooming feature that pushes me towards the T3i as most (70%) of my work would be video. With your experience with both cameras have any advice to offer? Thanks.

  5. Emm

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    @mojo43 - That's not correct. If you took a 2 megapixel image and cropped just the middle, it's no longer a 2 megapixel image. These cameras have over 18 megapixel chips and uses a certain portion of it to zoom in and save it as an HD file. Once it's saved as an HD file, you can't crop it and expect it to still be an HD file.

  6. mojo43

    I don't understand what everyone is so excited about? Can't you just take your video and zoom in later in post processing and have the exact same thing?

    It is digital zoom right?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @terry_mickie - Yes would work with FD lenses as well. FD 85mm F/1.2L? Wow rare lens you're talking about...

  8. terry_mickie


    Since the zoom feature is a software thing and not a lens thing, would an 85 1.2 FD mount work considering it's manual? (As I hold my breath........)

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