Well questions about a Canon 60D Timer Remote / Intervalometer are coming in. The camera is a hybrid of T2i and 7D bits and pieces. The Canon 60D uses the same battery as the 7D but uses the connection type for the Timer Remote as the T2i. Shown in this video:, this mini jack connection appears to be exact same one to be used as a simple remote shutter cord or get you started on your Canon 60D Timelapse Photography. When I get home from my drive i’ll test it out to confirm with a video, but i’m pretty sure it’s the right one. In fact if you click on the image below, the seller is already posting compatibility with the 60D.

canon 550d timelapse timer remote
find-price-button Canon TimeLapse Timer Remote Intervalometer for Canon 60D / 550D / T2i / G12

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